The first Raw, Organic Face Creme made with the Magical Trifecta of Botanicals + Waters + Minerals ~ our organic elixir is filled with nutrients and healing properties that your skin craves. We put our heart and souls into making the freshest, healthiest and most healing skincare! All products are hand-crafted with love by skincare visionary and alchemist, Debra Haugen.

Transformative Results

I wanted to say that I have been using your face creams and hydrosols now for the last five months. I no longer have to go to the dermatologist now that my skin has almost completely cleared up. [W]hen I was around a lot of people I haven't seen in a long time everyone kept going on how I was just glowing. Ariana, Texas

I have been using Gemstone Organic daily for over 2 years and I just couldn’t live without it. My skin feels clean and fresh and nourished in so many ways. To me it’s not just a product, it’s an experience. I feel the care and intention put into every creation they offer and I get to put that into my skin! What a gift!Luna Love, Planet Earth

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