Raise Your Vibration with Rose



Most of us know that Roses are one of the most popular flowers on earth, a symbol of love, passion, and peace. But did you know that roses are the most high vibrational? It’s true! The subtle bio-energy that flows through all living things, sometimes called chi or life force, can be measured in Hertz. And pure extracts from rose can measure as much as 5 times higher as those from her sister plants, like basil and peppermint. So there is more to our love for roses than meets the eye.

As living creatures made from organic materials, we too have our own vibration. Everything we choose to incorporate into our life can either raise or lower our vibration. This means that using authentic rose products like organic rose hydrosol or essential oil can be very healing in body, and in spirit. Besides being great aromatherapy and high vibrational tools, roses also carry with them amazing skin-healing benefits:

Moisturizing – Sugars found in rose petals are super soothing to the skin, and the natural oils the plant contains help to lock in moisture. This makes rose one of the gentlest skin healing ingredients, especially for sensitive skin.

Anti-inflammatory – We love the rich look of red roses, but not red skin. Luckily rose has naturally anti-inflammatory properties, reducing redness and irritation. It’s even calming to skin conditions, such as eczema and psoriasis.



pH Balancing – When it comes to keeping skin moisturized, pH levels are essential. Along with balancing pH, rose tones the size and look of pores for a super smooth complexion. It even helps balance oil production, without over drying.

Anti-bacterial – Although very gentle, rose is also anti-bacterial, which is great news for acne sufferers. It can clear breakouts and also calm down red and swollen pores.

Anti-oxidants – Why use skincare with synthesized vitamins in it when you can get them naturally, from the source? Rose contains high amounts of vitamin C, protecting and repairing skin from damage, crucial to keeping it healthy and vibrant.

We love when healing skin also helps us to heal, holistically: rose is not only amazing for your complexion, but using it actually raises your vibration! Don’t forget its divine scent is also beautifully uplifting aromatherapy. So breathe it in, body and spirit, and reap all the benefits of mother nature’s most famous bloom.

<3, Sara

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September 21, 2017

Quite interesting article,thank you for sharing.


March 03, 2016

Great article again Sari! :) Thank you!


March 02, 2016

Great Article, MoonSister Sara:)
Roses are just charming and have amazing properties :)

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