Spring Forward! Awakening the Spirit


 spring forward

Spring is a perfect season to tap into our creative juices! Nature calls us in all of her beautiful sprouting and flowering to open up to our creativity. This weekend we celebrate the Spring equinox - a day of equal amounts of light and dark… it is a time to reconnect to our inspired creations and carry them forward into the days ahead.

Spring gives us the opportunity to capture new energy, in sight, smell and touch. The air warms and as we begin to plant our garden seeds the smell and touch of the earth brings forth a surge of energy and heightens our sense of smell. The budding trees and flowers that burst from the earth and branches fill us with renewed hope and love. We see Nature at her best with her rhythms in her intuitive harmony. Seasons are here for us to learn from and follow. Spring is the magical time of the blending of fire and water, Pisces & Aries, nature’s alchemical process that brings new beginnings and plants seeds to be released in the summer.

As the wheel turns through the seasons it nudges us to remember the importance of ceremony, ritual and celebration. Many gather for the Spring Equinox,balance of light and dark, and Easter (rebirth, fertility).

Here are a few ways you can celebrate:

  1. Gather with your sister(s) and share food, dreams and visions. After sharing your food, sit in circle and pass around a talking stick, stone or bowl filled with rice, sand or salt. Each person who holds the talking piece speaks and shares and once they are done they give thanks and pass the talking piece to their sister to the right or left. It is a powerful ceremony and can put one in touch with things they did not know they were carrying!
  2. Go out in nature - take a walk, plant a garden, or just sit on the earth in your yard to connect with Mother Earth and her spring
  3. Create a mandala. Gather things over the next few days, possibly when you go for a walk pick up things that call you, seeds that have fallen to the earth, flowers, twigs etc. or anything from your home, beads, string, beans, spices etc. Gather colored pencils, watercolors or other art supplies. Using paper or an art board, gather up your items, grab some glue and create a mandala that will stir you or remind you of the creativity that you are tapping into and working with on a daily basis. Mandalas are magical, healing & so beautiful to look at and make.

  4. Take an art class, a writing class, or go to an inspirational talk on something you love!
  5. Set an intention for a change you would like to accomplish by the Summer Solstice. Write it down and place it in a safe place to revisit monthly or at the Summer Solstice - the power of intention is big!
  6. Start a cleanse - this is a great time to cleanse internally for clarity and fresh perspectives on your intentions. There are many great cleanses out there!

Rituals bring balance to our lives and can be done alone or with others.   They remind us of our heart intentions and help up us stay connected to our true sacred selves.   Let this be a season where you clean out any old stuck thought patterns and make intentional room for your desires!

Spring blessings,

What are some of your favorite spring rituals?

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