5 Simple Steps to Detox

This is a time of year when we start to feel our energy beginning to build again! Spring is coming and we know that we want to feel and look good for those days when our minds and bodies are energized by the warmth and light of spring days. Many times we want to jump into a cleanse and yet don't have the time for a full fast or deep detox...yet!

So here are a few simple daily adjustments that can support your body detox and are good for you in so many other ways too!


It may sound 'cliche' yet, skincare is a very important first step in the process of detoxifying the body. A pure, organic skincare routine can keep your skin healthy, protect you from environmental elements you are exposed to and keep your hormones safe from harmful chemicals that can wreak havoc on your body.  Head over the to the website and take our Free Skin Reading to learn more about which products can support you and your skin and receive $5.00 off on your first purchase.


This simple step will help to kick-start your organs and help to flush out yesterdays toxins! Drinking water at room temperature is important, cold water first thing in the morning is shocking to your organs. Squeeze in some lemon (or if you prefer, apple cider vinegar) and you will gain these amazing benefits:

  • Vitamin C & Potassium ~ great for stimulating your brain, boosting your immune system and wonderful for your skin.
  • Lemons (and limes) are high in minerals that can help loosen toxins in the digestive tract
  • Lemons are also high in pectin fibers which can help to fight hunger cravings. Maintaining a more alkaline diet will also support hunger cravings!
  • Want to add a little morning fire?  Add a teaspoon/or dash of cayenne pepper! The capsaicin in cayenne will boost your metabolism,  help reduce hunger, aid in your digestive health and improve psoriasis.


Moving our body daily is not something that really takes more time than one normally spends on social media these days! So drop the phone and take a walk, turn on some music and dance or do some simple stretching. Movement can release tension, help to move your toxins so they are released, and clears our mind.  Moving will help hake off that sluggish feeling we get from sitting too much. Make sure is it something you do for yourself and if you can do it outside you get the extra benefit of the exhilaration from fresh air in your lungs and on your skin! 


Your food, not just what you drink, can account for 20% of your daily fluid intake. Choosing foods that are rich in water and minerals is a great way to add energy. The more hydrated you are the faster your body can flush toxins from your system!

  • Cucumbers (96.7%) have the highest water content of any solid food and they are so delicious and easy to add to your daily meal or snack! Add cucumbers to your water ~ easy and hydrating! If you want to take a little more time, blend it with yogurt, mint and ice cubes to create a hydrating soup!
  • Celery (95.4%) is next in line for high water content.  This is not only great in salads but great for snacks and just about anytime! It also comes packed with vitamin A,C, and K. An added benefit is that it neutralizes stomach acid ~ great for acid reflux. very popular today but one that i have loved for years! I cannot tell you how much I love eating the green tops of celery! Many times you will see these delicious, nutritious tops removed in grocery stores. So when you can, I suggest shopping at your local farmers market to buy your celery with the tops full and green!
  • Tomatoes (94.5%) are another easy add to your daily diet! They can be eaten on salads, sandwiches or by themselves. Slice up the big ones or pop a sweet cherry into your mouth to get the explosive flavor as you bit into them!
  • Cauliflower, yes cauliflower, is high in water (92.1%) and also packed with vitamins and phytonutrienets that can ehlp lower cholesterol and fight cancer! These little florets can be eaten alone or on a salad or roasted to bring your mouth a satisfying crunch!
  • Grapefuit (90.5%) is a great way to start your morning or to add as an afternoon snack. Not only hydrating, but great for lowering cholesterol, stabilize blood sugars and has compounds that can help to reduce cravings.

There are many other foods high in water content, melons (of course!), broccoli, radishes, green peppers, strawberries, and spinach to name a few. I want to emphasize the importance of choosing organic produce. Eating organic is an important way to reduce the amount of toxins (chemical pesticides, herbicides, etc.) your body has to process. Today we are blessed to have organic foods that are more affordable, so please choose organic when you can ~ for your body and the environment.


Take a deep breathe right now! We can easily find ourselves in shallow breathing many times during the day and just stopping to take a deep breathe several times can really bring us back into our bodies. If you take time to do even a few minutes of deep breathing daily it can help your body tremendously. Oxygen pushes out carbon dioxide to rid our bodies of toxins. When we oxygenate our blood it can better absorb the vitamins and minerals we feed it ~ and improves the flow of our lymphatic system. Spray yourself with some Organic Gem Juice ~ it will not only help you to remember to breathe deeply, it will bring you all the benefits of aromatherapy.

Our bodies are miraculous machines ~ so give yourself a little love and detox at the same time! 

I would love to hear what your favorite ways are to detox!

Take care of you,
xx Debra
Moon Mama

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