Managing Hormonal Skin



So along with this blog, I have started a YouTube channel named after our movement, Radically Holistic Beauty. My first video is a little insight into my own journey with my skin. I have always struggled with hormonal acne and breakouts so I decided to record a video and share the different ways I work on healing my skin. Some of the advice is simple, some of it a bit radical. 

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AND Along with giving advice, I need some from you! So please comment on the videos I have up and help me out with any suggestions or requests on videos you would like to see in the future.


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September 12, 2015

Good, good Sarita!!!


August 12, 2015

Wonderful! I’ve subscribed, and I’m looking forward to your videos. I have a channel as well (lightly lumay), and I’ve mentioned your face cremes in my empties videos.

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