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As we head deeper into August, we all feel summer gently coming to a close. Once the heat starts to wear off and most of the wild summer events have come and gone, it’s a perfect time to take a moment and check in with your skin. Did you get a lot of sun exposure over the last few months? Maybe too much? Is your skin breaking out from the heat and sweat or is it starting to dry up at night now? The change of season is my favorite time to really slow down and be conscious of the shift in the earth, as well as in my body (and skin!). Here are my 4 tips for healthy end-of-summer skin:


This seems so simple but often times we get into routines where we keep treating our skin in the same way without reevaluating it. Remember, our skin is a live organ on our bodies (the largest one at that!) and needs to be assessed often. Don’t just get stuck with what you are used to doing for your skin. Take some time tonight before you go to bed and look at your skin objectively in the mirror. Notice any changes you might be seeing in texture, color, oil production, etc. You might need different products now than what you were using in the beginning of the summer. And while you’re in the mirror, make sure to not bully yourself or your imperfections. In fact, take a moment to thank your skin for keeping your body safe and protected from the outside elements! Then go ahead and show some love by blowing yourself a little kiss ~ xoxo


If you think of steams and you think moisture, you’re right. But steams are also one of the best ways to deep clean your pores. After cleansing and exfoliating, simmer up some organic herbs for a few minutes. Pour them into a bowl and sit under a towel, letting your face soak in the herbal infusion and sweat out any toxins left there from that muddy camping trip or crazy outdoor concert you went to. For the best results I like to try to steam at least once a week. It’s really relaxing to do right before bed. Steams are one of my favorite routines to practice because they help clear any acne and improve my skin overall, and the results are INSTANT.


Those hot summer days are fading fast so grab the ice quick! If you’ve never done an ice facial I highly recommend it. It’s easy and costs next to nothing. After cleansing your skin, take an ice cube wrapped in a thin towel and gently massage it over your entire face for a minute or two. It will make your pores appear smaller, ease acne and wrinkles, and promote blood circulation. I like to do these in the morning or before I go somewhere because of the instant brightening effect it has on my skin. For an extra special treatment and sun damaged skin, make an ice cube tray with water and a few drops of organic lavender essential oil. A spa experience can be that simple, and oh so soothing.


Hopefully everyone has still been using a night créme while they sleep…but I do know a lot of women that skip on the moisturizers in the summer, because of the excess heat. Now that things are cooling down, there is no excuse! Make sure you are washing your face nightly and applying an organic crème. Our skin is constantly regenerating and working to heal itself, so it’s really important that we don’t skip on treating it during those extra 8 hours overnight. A lot of times that’s actually when I feel my skin does its best at healing. Choose a hydrating créme with ingredients that are tailored to you. Ruby is my go-to and I wake up with a face that’s glowing and a fire inside me, ready to take on the day.

Stay tuned as the cool fall weather rolls in - I’ll be posting more about keeping your skin healthy during these seasonal changes. Do you have any end of summer tips you’d like to share with us? Comment below!


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