Starflower Power: Borage Oil


organic borage for skin benefits


This sweet little starflower is actually a powerhouse herb, known as Borage. Borage oil comes from the seeds of the plant and is an amazing skin savior. You’ll find borage oil in every single one of Gemstone Organic’s face crèmes because we adore its healing benefits. So why is borage so great for your skin?

Some of the most important polyunsaturated essential fatty acids (EFA) for keeping skin healthy are from the omega-6 family, namely gamma linoleic acid (GLA). Out of all the natural sources of GLA’s, borage oil contains up to 3 times more of this vital fatty acid than the others! GLA’s are one of our skins main structural components. Our cell membranes need these EFA’s to act as stabilizers and ‘gate keepers’, protecting our skin from toxins and other irritants while safely allowing nutrients and moisture to be absorbed and stored. GLA’s balance moisture loss and fluidity at the surface of the skin. Reducing water loss and inflammation will drastically improve skin’s appearance and boost its elasticity.

Fatty acids are a crucial part of our diets, but many of us do not get enough of the correct fats from the foods we eat. Beyond that, we are probably eating some foods that actively block the healthy conversion of GLA’s in our systems! Processed foods that contain trans fats will hinder GLA transformation and can cause a deficiency that affects our skin. If we’re not getting enough EFA’s or if our bodies are not processing these acids to their fullest potential, we will start to notice skin that looks dry, flaky, dull and scaly.

Borage oil is high in GLA and is a beautiful ingredient for healthy skin. It also works some miracles on skin disorders. Eczema, psoriasis, stressed and irritated skin will all improve immensely with the help of borage oil. It’s easy to see why we have chosen borage as a staple in all of our healing face crèmes! Add this star-powered herbal oil to your beauty routine to hydrate and heal your skin year round.


~ Sara

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