Winter Essentials



[Guest Post by: Rose Heart**]

As we sail passed the holiday season, it is important to allow the breeze of 100% pure essential oils to set the right direction our journey of the season will take.   Do we succumb to the stress of shopping and family gatherings? Do we allow our bodies and minds to miss the long days of warmth and sunshine on our skin, bringing on seasonal affective disorder (SAD)? Do we allow our bodies to become susceptible to the allergies and germs caused by colds and flu? Absolutely not! With Organic Infusions 100% pure certified organic essential oils we can protect the body, while uplifting the mind - allowing us to embrace all the light and joy of this season.

When I think of women during this season, I immediately think of Clary Sage. Clary Sage essential oil and Clary Sage Hydrosol are the #1 choice to ease through not only the holiday season, but also through their own monthly season. Clary Sage can support a healthy reproductive system, bringing balance to hormones as well as balance to emotions.   Many women love to apply a drop on the wrist just before a union with their partner to remove inhibitions. Clary Sage Hydrosol can be misted on the neck to ease a hot flash.



Clary Sage

Soft, herbaceous

Bring forth

Erotic and soft

Whispering golden yellow threads

Of calm and ease

Enchanted with erotic musk

A sunset of pink and gold

Alchemy of above with below

            By Rose Heart


Now during the holiday season it is imperative that we stay grounded in the earth. During the winter months, we tend to lose touch with the earth due to trying to stay snug and warm most of the time in our homes. Apply 2 drops of Sandalwood essential oil to a tissue and inhale to ground and rebalance the mind and body. Keep this tissue handy and inhale before, during, and after meditation to soothe and uplift the emotions.



One of the best ways to use Sandalwood essential oil during this season to soothe dry chapped skin, is to mix Sandalwood essential oil with Neroli essential oil into a lotion or crème. It’s wonderful that there is a product which is perfectly united in a nourishing crème for the purpose of soothing dry and chapped skin – Organic Ruby Crème by Gemstone Organic. Where Sandalwood is known for balancing the root chakra, Neroli is known for opening up the heart chakra. When these oils are infused together, they create a figure eight, allowing the Kundalini to rise, opening up the heart to its full potential of the moment.

When searching out Sandalwood essential oil, we must always make sure that it is sustainable. Gemstone Organic sources their Sandalwood essential oil from Organic Infusions who sources directly from a sustainable farm in Australia. It takes 100 years for Sandalwood trees to mature. Organic Infusions only sources Sandalwood essential oils from farms that replant these trees for the future.



So deck the halls and your body with 100% pure essential oil infusions and not only will you be feeling light and bright, your friends and family will be embraced by the warmth of your spirit and the warmth of your essence.

**Organic Infusions is the harmony inspired, certified organic aromatherapy oil company. Rose Heart, Organic Infusions’ Founder, CEO, and Certified Master Aromatherapist, hand-selects organics from around the world to offer certified organic, wildcrafted aromatherapy oils with the intent of bringing harmony to individuals, farmers, communities, humanity, and the planet.

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