Catching the Moon ~ Balsamic to New Moon in Pisces

Balsamic Moon ~ March 14th -17th

I love the Balsamic Moon ~ she holds such a beautiful energy to lift our wishes into the winds of the coming New Moon. Some even say that wishes made under the balsamic Moon are more likely to come true because our needs are felt more deeply under her. She teaches us to be more aware of our fears, self-doubts and difficult emotions at the close of the moon cycle. Can you feel the old emotional cycle breaking down? feeling invokes healing

The deeper one can feel under her energy, the deeper the healing. Many times this process is unconscious and we can understand this as seeds grow best when planted in darkness. I love the weaving of the Balsamic energies to clear the space for seeding New Moon Intentions.

You may find yourself needing to rest and dream under these energies ~ making this a good time to release old habits, a time to quit bad habits. Here is a lovely ritual to work with at the end of every Moon cycle ~ 

Mourn a habit or attachment you want to release ~ then jump into bed for at least one irrational nap and let all of your feelings come up. Look at how you love this habit and why you hate it. Imagine life without it and feel the fear. Imagine yourself beyond the fear, happy, strong and free. Wander through the dark forest of all your feelings, without repressing them or getting stuck. Once you have explored them all, end with a simple clearing ritual ~ I love bathing, but you can use sage, bells, drumming etc. Now write what you want to release on a piece of paper and then tear or burn it up. Or empty an old drawer or clean a corner of your house and throw away what you no longer need. The energy in this area will sparkle! Breathe it in as an encouragement for the new you. 
As the moon wanes, awareness of what you no longer need waxes. You can see better what is standing in your way ~ but you have to slow down in order to receive this information. After stillness, new visions find their way forward and this is the beauty of releasing old habits and baggage. Using this ending of the Moon cycle for rest, releasing and preparing for seeding. Do this for one year and you will see your life coming closer to the one you’ve always dreamed about. 


New Moon in Pisces ~ Saturday, March 17th, 6:11 am PST (9:11 am EST)

As we enter the New Moon in Pisces on Saturday, we can focus on her feminine, cool, watery energy. A Moon in Pisces can bring us, sometimes painfully, aware of what we feel. She heightens not only our emotions, but our senses, intuition and imagination. As she ushers in the ending of the astrological year it adds, for me, richness for moving and clearing the old energies. This New Moon is also Cazimi Moon, meaning that the energies 30 minutes before and 30 minutes after she goes dark are very powerful. So if you can take the time before or after to set your intentions ~ they will be felt deeper. 

Because Pisces is a water element working with or in water can be a great place of healing. A hot mineral bath can be healing at the dark of the Moon to eliminate toxins, clear perceptions and open awareness. Use a cup of salt (Epsom, Celtic or Himalayan Salts, add essential oils, and candles to create the best atmosphere for releasing. Since Pisces rules the feet, I also encourage you to take time to focus on nurturing your feet ~ in the bath or just using oil and giving yourself a foot massage. Reflexology can teach give you insight into your body, so be aware of tender spots and listen to what you need. See the chart below for guidance.

For your altar using blues, turquoise, or green and use turquoise or amethyst or other gemstones that call you. 

New Moons can bring sudden insights and new ideas, so keep your pen and paper close by. Most importantly, take time to feel and give your emotions the space they need.…the seasonal shift is here and spring is in the air.

New Moon Wishes,
Moon Mama

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Moon Mama
Moon Mama

March 25, 2018

@CARE @LAURA ~ thank you my lovely Moon Sisters ~ this article was written especially for sisters like you and my love for you is big!


March 16, 2018

I’ve never been so in love with spring! I savored your balsamic moon piece,it is poetic & profound. Thank u very much!

Laura Butterfly
Laura Butterfly

March 15, 2018

Thank you for this beautiful interpretation! xox

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