Ceremonial Chakra Baths for Self-Love

Dearest Moon Family,

I am over the moon excited to share my new Ceremonial Chakra Baths for Self-Love.  

The ceremonial baths will guide you back to your natural internal rhythm, and connect you to the core of your being. They are ceremonial baths focused on each of the seven-chakra centers that you have access to everyday all day and are yours alone!!!

Chakra is the Sanskrit word for “wheel,” and connected to energy centers in your body. There are seven chakra baths, one for each of the following chakras:

1st Chakra ~ the Root is the energy center for grounding and foundation
2nd Chakra ~ the Sacral is the energy center for emotions, creativity and sensuality
3rd Chakra ~ the Solar Plexus is the energy center for personal power and inner fire
4th Chakra ~ the Heart is the energy center for love and forgiveness
5th Chakra ~ the Throat is the energy center for communication and self-expression
6th Chakra ~ the Third Eye (brow) is the energy center for intuition and perception
7th Chakra ~ the Crown is the energy center for your connection to the Divine


The healing bath tools are created to work with all of your senses, taste, touch, smell, sound, and hearing. I believe this to be so important as we experience our world through our senses.  Many times we ignore the messages that come to us through our senses. I want you to be able to know, feel, and trust what your senses share with you while experiencing this ceremony. Let it come to you during the quiet of your bath so that you can carry that power of knowing into your daily life. I also wanted to include my beautiful trifecta of Water+Plants+Minerals. Water is a powerful healing source in our world. It prepares and cleanses our bodies for sacred ceremony and is an amazing conduit for energy healing. Adding the dead sea salts amplifies the negative ions to easily create a beautiful movement of the energies between the elements and your energy body. Experience their gifts and healing messages. Each Chakra Bath includes the following tools:

Gemstones specific to each chakra, will share their gifts and healing messages through sight and touch, both by holding and balancing your energy.   

Plant powders and essential oils specific to each chakra will share their healing properties through smell, as gentle aromatherapy, sight, by coloring your bath waters, and touch as they penetrate your skin and energy.

Colored Beeswax Candles specific to each chakra will share their lovely scent through smell and add ambiance to calm and relax into this sacred ceremony.

Herbal teas specific to each chakra to give you additional aromatherapy through their beautiful smell. They will entice your taste buds with words and guidance. 

Sweetgrass Chakra Wheel with an Intentional Bath Circle to write your intention. As you write, you are invoking the intention through movement. As you speak your intention, you embrace it through sound. As they are absorbed into the bath water, you take them into your energy body. Again, my threes are here to work with you.

Chakra Mandala symbolizes the chakra you are working with. Symbols are wonderful keys in helping you unlock hidden connections that can lead you to deeper mysteries of yourself/life. 

Bath Ceremony to gently guide you to following your own inner flow for the healing you need 

You are your best healer. Give yourself the self-care you deserve. 

I have created tools for your healing journey, these tools are not going to heal or fix you ~ that my love is what you do best! I have created these for you to find your best self, the one that you know is there but you sometimes lose. You are beautiful and strong and powerful and passionate and carry vision and dreams and love and knowing and oh my … you know exactly what I am talking about don’t you!!???? I know you feel it and know it and sometimes we need to hear it a thousand times a day to believe ..… but you can do it, find it, I KNOW YOU CAN!

These packages of love are just that ~  energy, thought, detail and love has poured through me and into these gift sets that will flow to you. I believe that ceremony is the lost art of healing and that although we do have some ritual or rhythm to our practices (i.e. taking daily vitamins or medications, exercise etc) we also need to find time to quietly listen to our own inner voice of knowing and trust what it shares with us. Ceremony is a beautiful and powerful tool to bring you into yourself.

We are all our best healers but we do need the teachings and love and knowledge shared by others.  I know that some of the biggest healings in my life have come through my friends and family. This box is from me, your Moon Sister, Moon Brother, Moon Mother, Moon Father, the Crone of Gemstone Organic. I make them with my hands, I put them together for you individually with my heart, they are full of me and my love and my healing energy that I want to share with you.  

Remember to follow your inner moon light….it knows where to go …. and be open to the magic. 

With love for your journey,



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Tyana Cambridge
Tyana Cambridge

October 10, 2016

Thank you, this is beautiful and much appreciated ?

Karen Trout
Karen Trout

October 06, 2016

Beautifully written ❤️ I cannot wait to try these baths!!

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