Gemstone Facial Steam for Inner Shine + Outer Glow

Gemstone Facial Spa

We all love herbal facial steams ~ when we take the time to treat ourselves we wonder why we don’t do it more often.  So we are upping the ante for you ~ giving you another reason to step into the kitchen and under the towel to treat yourself ~ inside and out!  

Adding gemstones to your herbal facial creates a steam bath for your face that not only creates healing on the outside, but the inside too. So why is this steam so good for you? The steam is wonderful for your skin and pores and the essential oil is great for your lungs and blood ~ adding the gemstones to the water creates a water that is highly charged with the properties of the gemstone ~ giving your skin and lungs and blood a boost along with your energy body. Water is a beautiful conduit for energy and this is a great way to boost the healing properties of the herbs and oils along with getting the healing properties of the gemstones. Did you know that once you boil water it looses its memory? So adding crystals to the water allows the water to take on their healing properties as it cools to give your skin extra love and healing.  

We love to use Amethyst, Rose Quartz and Moonstone for our gemstone facial steam kits and add essential oils to boost the healing properties of the herbs and oils.  Lets start simple and work with Rose Quartz first. Rose Quartz is great for creating soft, velvety skin and opening your heart to give and receive love ~ we can all use a little more love in life ~ always.

Geranium Essential oil is what we use for the Heart Chakra.  It improves blood circulation; minimizes inflammation; balances hormones; benefits the health of your skin; supports detoxification; and balances the love of self and others.

Herbs we love to gather comfrey, calendula, rose petals, lavender buds and a little chamomile for this steam.

Gather a few tumbled Rose Quartz gemstones ~ one or two will be plenty when using the boiling method.  Note, the more the better does not apply here!  You are out to create a gentle not intense gemstone water to blend with your herbs and flower oils.

Below, I have written the steps to glowing, highly vibrational skin:

  1. Cleanse your Rose Quartz gemstones ~ this is a simple yet important step!  First wash them with a clean soap like Dr. Bronners Tea Tree or use an organic Tea Tree or Rosemary Essential oil with water to remove dirt and bacteria. Next, rub them under cold running water until you feel them squeak with joy and they let you know they are cleaned and ready for your pot.
  2. Find your quiet spot where you want to experience your facial. Put on some light music and grab your towel and your essential oil, we love to use Geranium or Eucalyptus at this time of year with our Rose Quartz .
  3. Grab your pan and place the gemstones inside ~ add reverse osmosis or distilled water to the pan ~ best to use a water that is clean and empty of all chemicals.  Give your gemstones a little kiss and a small prayer of gratitude placing your intention in the water for your face, skin and soul . Bring the water to a low boil (you don’t need to bring it to a high boil, but it is okay if you do.  Be aware that some gemstones may break if they have any fissures or cracks due to the heat).  Once the water comes to a boil add the herbs and stir gently, cover the pot and remove from the heat ~ and Voila! My favorite trifecta is here once again Gemstones + Water + Minerals.
  4. Place the pan on a towel on the table or pour the water into a bowl ~
  5. Sit down and place the towel over your head and breathe in the love and healing properties of the gemstones.  Listen to them, they may share some words of wisdom with you ~ and trust what ever comes to you gems ~ they are voices not to be taken lightly when they share.
  6. Stay under the towel for at least 5 minutes and no more than 12 minutes.
  7. Towel dry your face and then spray with Gem Juice to bring your skin back into its proper pH and then use your favorite Gemstone Crème ~ this is a gemstone facial steam after all!

You will now be in the glow.  Find your bliss this New Year with a gemstone facial steam

Glow on,


Note: some crystals can be toxic ~ so please understand and do the research if you choose to use crystals not mentioned above.

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