Embracing the Return of the Light

Winter solstice is a time of the year that I relish ~ this time of darkness used to be a time that I found hard ~ now I find it nourishing and try to give way to its beauty to slow me down and turn me inward to find the silence I need to move into the new year.

The term solstice means “sun stands still.” The rays shine into the darkness and nurture new life to grow. A form that is symbolic at this time of winter hibernation is the spiral. It is a fundamental form found in nature and was a sacred symbol to the ancients of the Goddess and her transformative powers. Winter is a time when we turn inward, a time of reflection. The spiral leads us downward into ourselves in winter and upward toward the light of Spring. Working with the energy of the spiral allows us to connect with the deepest part of ourselves, the web of life, and the Divine.

Darkness is the wild unknown ~ a place where magic is waiting to happen ~ the void where all possibilities come from. Without the darkness we would not experience the light of the stars, the moon or the planets. Walking into the energy of darkness, down to its center, allows you to find that light deep within. This is the time of year to contemplate the mystery of life, to birth new dreams and intentions.

Here are a few rituals that you can use to bring in the your light:

  • Find Quiet Time ~ after the sun sets tomorrow, turn off the lights and all electronic devices and light candles. Use the darkness to connect inward and find the quiet place within you. Find the beauty the darkness holds ~ let it guide you to the light because within the darkness always lies the light. Trust your inner voice and reflect on what has been and what will be ~ set intentions for the coming year.
  • Take a Ritual Bath ~ the Solar Plexus is a wonderful chakra to work ~ this is a perfect time to tend to your inner light. Your 3rd Chakra is where you store your vital life force energy and the Ceremonial Solar Plexus Chakra Bath will guide you to the treasures that are waiting for you.
  • Create a Mandala ~ gather things around the house, stones, beads, dried flower petals etc. that inspire you or speak to you; or go for a walk and gather nature beauties that you find over the next few days. Use paper or poster board along with glue and colored pencils and find a quiet place to work. Putt on some light music and let your creativity flow! If words, ideas or thoughts come to you, write them down. Use the Mandala to inspire you through the coming year ~ place it somewhere you will see it often. 

The final New Moon of the year is on December 28th and this next week is a wonderful time to bring in your light and magic for the coming Year 2017.

You have something to contribute to make this world a brighter place ~ shine your light Moon Sisters & Brothers ~ we all need you!

Wishing you the Moon & the Stars,


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