Full Moon in Aquarius ~ Breathing in the Light


On Thursday, August 15th @ 5:29 am PST (8:29 am EST) we have a Full Moon in Aquarius. A Moon in Aquarius calls us to dream, to feel her inspiration and become deeply aware that what affects one, affects us all. Aquarius is known as the Water Bearer, to bring forth the waters of wisdom ~ which I believe we all hold in our dreams. Dreaming is so important to creating the life we love. Without our inspirational dreams we are not the creative, vibrant, dancing hearts that we desire to be.

Aquarius is a masculine, air sign ruled by Uranus, making this a time where we can find personal freedom and individuality very important. Aquarius rules the calves and ankles; for me the calves can represent forward movement as they are the muscle that pulls up the heel up to allow use to move forward and the ankles represent the ability to receive pleasure.

Full Moons are directly opposite the Sun and it is at this time we can feel the pull of our two greatest lights. The Sun is masculine, and connected to our conscious mind, the Moon is feminine, and relates to our subconscious mind. They are fire and water, yin and yang that fit perfectly together and show us how we fit perfectly together.

As we join with the Moon in Aquarius we are also feeling the Suns energy in Leo. The Sun provides us the light and warmth and Leo opens our hearts to connect with our dreams and inspirations.

And under this Moon I want to bring in the constellation of Stars to add to this light. Did you know that every single cell in our bodies contains elements created in the burning center of a collapsing star? From the iron in our blood, to the calcium in our bones, and keratin in our hair! That my dear moon family is pure magic!

This is a time to use this dreamy sign to channel our inspirations from the subconscious into our consciousness. We must learn to speak to ourselves in ways that bring us in forward motion, to know that we hold the stars within us and that we are connected and created from the amazing beauty of the world we see ~ we are that, we are that, we are all of that. 

This is a time to dance between the borders of fire and air ~ a time when we are in ‘just enough’ and ‘not quite there’ a time to stretch our wings and play with infinite possibilities that is opening to us. Creativity flows through us and moves us towards inspiration that wants to be realized. To start this journey we open to the creative source, not with plans and intentions, but with the energy that powers them, the power that moves the stars in the sky. When we step into the heart of this process, we can welcome its momentum and move between our subconscious and conscious mind, where we weave the powers of inspiration and realization together into a synergistic context for creative possibilities.

A Lovely Full Moon Ritual:

I suggest with this Sun and Moon Energy we are under that we find time in the next 48 hours to do the following:

  • During the day, go outside and look at the sun with your eyes closed and take in the bountiful warmth and light he offers, connect with the energy you share ~ feel the flow of energy moving through you.
  • Connect with your dreams from the time you step outside under the sun and see how they brighten you inside and out.
  • Then, tomorrow night or Thursday night, sit outside at dusk and wait for the first star to appear before the Full Moon rises (~7:45 pm PST) and as the Sun sets (~7:40 pm PST). Cleanse your space with smoke from sage or palo santo or I love myrrh and frankincense for this Moon. Then use a feather to move the smoke across the room and over your body ~ if you have a Raven feather she is a bird of magic and can offer you the courage to enter into your subconscious ~ a place to accept your gifts.

  • Watch as the stars begin to appear, one at a time at first and then as they come more quickly, like they are coming to join you at your celebration of you ~ of them. Breathe in their light, sparkle, and magic and know that is what you are made of ~ STARS.
  • Next, as the Moon begins to rise above the horizon, breathe in her light. As you take in her light, imagine all the lights merging together ~ the Sun, Star, and Moon ~ how do they feel? What creativity, dreams and inspiration are they showing you? What pleasures arise through these merging lights?
  • Now, place your dream(s) into your Full Moon Water by speaking them into the water. I have such a love of water and her life giving energies. Do not underestimate her power as when you speak them into the Moon Water, you are also connecting to the waters within you.

  • Create your altar for the Moon Water on a windowsill, near a window or outside where it can collect the most Moonlight. I encourage you to use one or all of the following gemstones for this Moon Ceremony :
    • Amethyst ~ wonderful for inspiring new ideas and creativity; a beautiful gentle stone for purifying and supporting the crown chakra to heighten intuition and inner wisdom.
    • Moon stone ~ wearing this stone can support you in bringing your unconscious into consciousness.
    • Garnet ~ a fire stone that is also known as a symbol for the feminine, use it to balance this air sign and its erratic influences from Uranus.
    • Turquoise ~ a stone that encourages us to honor ourselves as a creation and child of the divine….its beautiful hues are inspiring, hopeful, feminine and calming.
  • In the morning collect your Moon Water and take your first sip of your dreams you placed in them and the light that is keeping them alive.

Remember the story about the little boy went looking for the wishing gate? He was so intent on his purpose that he did not notice where he was going and he got lost and was very tired and so sat down on an old stile to rest. The north wind came along and offered to take him home and because he was so tired he accepted the North Wind’s offer. As they traveled along the North Wind asked him how he cam e to be lost. “I was looking for the Wishing Gate,” he replied. The Wind laughed all the way to his home. When they reached his doorstep the North Wind said, “The next time you go out to search for anything keep your wits about you. You were sitting on the Wishing Gate when I found you.” 

The power of attention, intention, is called the Silence. Your imagination, your dreams, your inspirations are a divine gift. Use them. 

Sending You Full Moon Love and Star Magic,
Moon Mama


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August 15, 2019


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