Full Moon in Aries ~ Magical Beginnings

Today we have a Full Moon in Aries at 2:08 pm PST (5:08 pm EST). 

Aries is a cardinal, fire sign and ruled by Mars, planet of action. He showers us with his lively spirit and creativity and being the first sign of the zodiac can also help us to feel into new beginnings. 

Fire is light ~ both inner and outer. As an inner light she is consciousness at its most luminous. Fire is the light that makes things visible, spreading clarity and bringing in awareness. When mixing Fire (Aries) and Water (Moon), we want to keep our awareness clear within the emotional stream of our experiences. 

This Lunar Fire can help us to use our minds and our feelings, a potent combination to make you feel capable of accomplishing anything. This is a time to take that extra step by going a little further than expected and finding the courage of your convictions, in even the small things, as they eventually amount to meaningful commitments.

There is a feeling of determination under this Moon that is strong and energizing. Fire element gemstones will support you in firing up your enthusiasm and help you move through times of exhaustion and apathy. The third chakra is where we work with the fire element and movement and flow will help to increase your fire.  By doing yoga or dancing you can increase your fire to find your inspiration and creativity under this Aries Moon.

Rituals for this Full Moon in Aries:

  • Create your sacred space using smoke, sound, or prayer. Colors to use are orange, red, and yellows. Gemstones you may feel drawn to are jasper, garnet, sardonyx, carnelian or amethyst. A Full Moon helps us to shine light on that which needs to be released so here are a few questions to ask yourself:
    • What do you see?
    • Where are you feeling her energy in your body today?
    • What attention does this light demand?
  • Start your ceremony by writing down three things you would like to let go of under this moon so that you make room for the light to shine in. Fold the papers and place them in a cauldron or other vessel to burn. As you are lighting them on fire, speak them and tell them you let them go, release them into the universe, to go back to the earth to create new nurturing energy.
  • With this Lunar Fire we can mix water and fire to influence us in finding the clarity, action or determination to complete the action we desire. There is an energy now that illuminates your understanding, it circulates endlessly behind and through your emotions. You know it as an inner light that burns clearly and steadily ~ this is a light that radiates out into the world from inside. Choose two to three gemstones: jasper, garnet, sardonyx, carnelian, or amethyst and place them into a Moon Water Vessel. Add filtered water of your choice (spring, distilled, reverse osmosis) and place under the Full Moon (for at least 12 - 24 hours). Monday night use this water in your bath. Run your bath water and add salts and/or essential oils such as lavender, rosemary, peppermint or ginger. Add your gemstones and water to your bath right before getting in ~ it will bring you a wonderful sense of well being and help you to harness the Aries Moon Energy to bring action to your intention.  
  • The sacred geometry for the fire element is the tetrahedron. Here is a link to a star tetrahedron, also known as the Merkaba, vehicle of light. The Star Tetrahedron is also connected to the Solar Plexus, the center of personal power, and creates a natural balance between physical and spiritual. Print out the star tetrahedron and place it in a pie dish and then place a clear glass plate above it. For Aries the numbers 9,8 or 6 are helpful to use. Place gemstones on the points of your choice. In the picture below I have used 9 crystals,  2 Jasper, 2 Garnet, 2 Sardonyx, and 2 Carnelian. I added an amethyst in the center as it is a great way to open our mind to creativity with its water element. I then place my Moon water vessel on top of the plate and place it under the Moon to amplify your Moon water. Click here for more details on creating your Moon Water gems!

  • Listen, dance, move, to this beautiful version of Ardas Bahee by Jai Jagdeesh to remind you of the light you hold deep within your house of miracles, and believe there is a magic that is about to begin.

We will be making a fresh batch of cremes from the waters of this Lunar Fire so get yours while they last! We will also be creating a new Fire Elixir with these Full Moon energies ~ learn more here!


The sun sets and the world turns, the day comes to a close. This may be the end of one phase of your life and the light of endings colors all you see. Take time to take in all that has happened and move into the present moment....sing your song, beat your drum and celebrate the achievements of the day. We are always learning to see what must be done and have the motivation and energy to undertake it ... this is a Moon to feel the beginnings of clarity, to wake up to the morning light and see what messages have been left for you.

Take in this fiery energy and create a little magic ~ and don't forget gems to believe.

Full Moon Blessings,
Moon Mama

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October 13, 2019

hi hi!
love your lotions – particularly moon! i buy them at the water store on main st in santa monica. wanted to let you know the the link to “fire elixir” on your “full moon in aries” page isn’t working. also – some of the terms/items you suggest using i’m not super familiar with. would you give recommendations for good “cauldrons”? and best bottles for making moon water? thank you!

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