Full Moon in Gemini ~ Mindful Thankfulness

photo by consciousreminder

Full Moon in Gemini: November 22rd at 9:39 pm PST (November 23rd at 12:39 am EST)

Tonight we have a Full Moon in Gemini, a moon that turns us towards our thoughts and how we communicate our thoughts to the world and our own lives.

Today is also Thanksgiving, a time when we gather with friends and loved ones to celebrate our gratitude for each other and all that we have.  Combining these two together, we are gifted with how we choose to weave our words and how we listen to others. A time of giving and receiving.

This Moon in Gemini falls under the element of air, which connects all other elements. Air has the power to shift and change the landscape ~ shaping itself into the space available or shaping space to its own nature. You experience the power of air through its movement, through your breath, as your thoughts. Your inhale represents the energy of receiving and your exhale the energy of giving. It is the wind beneath your wings, the power of your heart to direct you into right action. 

Air is circular ~ wind creates wind, movement creates movement, a breath in creates a breath out. The influence of our thoughts create the realty of our world. Wind can always find a way through ~ we know this as we can feel the air come through our windows or walls! She never creates resistance ~ how beautiful is air! Air is something we can not see, yet she has an influence that is far-reaching and profound.

Here are a few thoughts to carry with you through the day today:

What if there were no limits?
How can you use these energies of air to move your resistance
What thoughts of beauty inspire you?
How are your words influencing your world? 

When we are under the energy of a Full Moon we may feel energized and want to share~ what a wonderful day to be with family and friends. Your higher energy may also keep you up later than usual due to her light. This is also a time for dreaming and a time when you are most likely to remember your dreams. 

Here are a few rituals to play with over the next two weeks:

  1. Start a dream journal and see what is playing in your mind while you sleep! Dreams are gatekeepers to our daily world and can give us deep and important messages that our subconscious or conscious mind is trying to convey to us. Keep a pen and notebook next to your bed and upon awakening, immediately write what you can remember about your dreams. Before going to sleep you can also call on your dream keeper to help you to remember your dreams.
  2. If you take a walk today see if you can find some seeds, gather a few. I have found beautiful milkweed seeds and cattail seeds are abundant right now. Place them in a jar or small vessel ~ I placed a few of the seeds into a small vial so that I could carry them with them over these next few weeks.


    Milkweed is the flower of life for the monarch butterfly and symbolizes transformation. The flowers also have five upright hoods ~ and in nature five symbolizes change and movement. As I let go of a thought that is holding me back I will pull out my sweet milkweed seeds and think about the message they share with me and I will share thoughts of movement with them to plant under the New Moon in Sagittarius. These beautiful seeds are there to remind you that what you think is vital to your health and well being. Keep it full of abundant love, kindness and joy and it will make your life full of love, kindness and joy! When you get to the New Moon in Sagittarius in December you can release these seeds to the wind to give them the ability to bring profound and far reaching energy to your intentions!  
  3. Do a morning meditation or mantra. A sweet and simple mantra to use is, 'Breathe and breathe again'.

    Use the colors of blue, white or yellow in your surroundings or on your altar and work with the gemstones citrine, smoky quartz, lapis lazuli or blue chalcedony are lovely. And to help focus your mind use the essential oils of rosemary, juniper berry or clary sage.

    And don’t forget to put out your Moon Water gems.

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    Don't forget though that we will have lovely holiday surprises and gift packages coming later next week <3.

    Full Moon Blessings and love and gratitude for your presence in my life,
    Moon Mama

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    Kelly S.
    Kelly S.

    November 23, 2018

    I think the information here is incorrect; according to my moon chart, the full moon happened last night/Friday morning (EST), though the top of the page says that it will happen the night of the 23rd/early on the morning of the 24th (EST).

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