Full Moon in Libra


‘When your heart speaks, take good notes’ ~ Judith Campbell

We are coming into our Full Moon in Libra next week on Monday, April 10th at 11:08 pm PST and Tuesday, April 11th at 12:08 am MST, 1:08 am CST, 2:08 am EST and I wanted to share the wisdom this beautiful heart filled Libra Moon has to offer you now, so you have plenty of time to prepare for it’s energy!

Full Moons are in opposition to the Sun and as Beatrex Quntanna says, “this creates a tension between where you want to shine and how your feelings are flowing on a sensory level about the Sun’s directive. The two forces seem like they are working against each other, yet they are on the same team, displaying different techniques to obtain the same mission’.

A Moon in Libra will warm our hearts and heighten our aesthetics. Beauty and balance are at the core of Libra’s defining characteristics. You may find yourself uncomfortable with discord involving loved ones and sisters/brothers. If you are born under a Libra Moon you have the gift of seeing beauty everywhere, even in the unlikeliest of places and learning to shine in relationships of all types. 

Astrologically, Libra is ruled by the planet Venus, ahhh Venus, we love you so! The chakra associated with Venus and Libra is the Heart. This is a wonderful time to engage in working with your Heart Chakra to connect to Self-Love and Forgiveness. The Heart Chakra or Anahata is the fourth chakra and is located at the center of the chest near the heart, lungs and thymus gland. Working with the heart chakra will teach you how to give and receive love, and how to forgive yourself and others. Green or Pink is the color associated with this chakra and the element is Air. The heart chakra unites the three earth energy chakras below and the three spirit energy chakras above. Balancing this chakra will help you to grow in your spirituality, for it is at this center that you can heal both emotionally and physically.

When the Moon is in Libra we may find ourselves wanting to create, beautify, and find our core balance: within, and without. It is the best time to work magic around partnerships, unions, and spiritual or emotional balance.

This is also the time of Ostara, the Goddess of the Spring Equinox. She represents abundance, new growth and fertility. This moon is the harbinger of Spring, and Mother Nature is putting forth a spectacular show of spring blooms to celebrate her arrival!

Here are a few ways to celebrate this Full Moon in Libra:

  1. Work with Rose Quartz and/or Jade gemstones to harness the energy of their heart opening energy. Rose Quartz is a gemstone well known, and loved by all. It is a heart opening crystal with so much softness in its energetic field and color, even summoning it’s image to mind can pull me into the softness it holds. It is the stone of self-love, universal love, and unconditional love! Jade is a gemstone that is calming to the nerves and soothes the heart rhythm. It supports new love and promotes healing, cleansing and transformation. Use them in your bath, hold them during your morning meditation, or place them under your pillow on the night of the full moon.
  2. Take a Heart Chakra Ceremonial Bath. My bath rituals are a beautiful way to work with this Full Moon in Libra and the upcoming New Moon in Taurus. Connect with your body and work closely with your own healing energy. This self-love ceremony gift set has tools that will balance your heart energy center through a gentle bathing ritual. It connects you to your heart chakra through your five senses, with color, gemstones, essential oils and tea. This bath is a lovely choice for you if you are working with grief or jealousy, have a difficult time forgiving yourself and others, or have been feeling underappreciated of late. Use the coupon code ‘Heart’ to receive 15% off through April 10th.
  3. Rose Quartz Crème and Jade Crème are the crèmes I make that will help connect you to your heart chakra. The gem essences used in these crèmes are great for promoting heart centering, balance, and grounding. Use them on your face, lips (for speaking kindness to yourself and others) or on the area of the heart chakra to aide you in the difficult trials of forgiveness, and helping to create space for new love to enter your life.
  4. Do Ho’oponopono. This is a Hawaiian Huna ritual for forgiveness. You may find that a few days prior to the full moon the energies will activate what needs to be released in areas of guilt, or your need to justify or defend yourself. Notice how these old wounds may play themselves out in your response/reaction to certain situations and then practice this ritual to help you to release these negative patterns: look in the mirror and for each negative trait, tell yourself I am sorry, I forgive you, thank you for your awareness and I love you.

This is a time to bloom dear Moon Family ~ take time to bathe in the moonlight and smell the blossoms of spring on the fast-warming evening breezes of spring.

And don't forget to put your Full Moon Water out gems!

Wishing you the Moon & the Stars,
Moon Mama

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