Full Moon in Pisces

We passed through a Full Moon in gentle Pisces this am at 4:56 PST (7:56 am EST).

Pisces is the last sign of the zodiac. This gentle water sign is ruled by ethereal Neptune, reminding us that we are all born of the stars. Pisces is a very romantic sign, a sign of compassion, and one of spiritual seeking. It reminds us that we are still unable to grasp all that Life has to offer us or fully understand our intuition. Under a Pisces Moon you may feel in touch with something greater than yourself, feel more compassionate and forgiving.  This is a time to fully connect with you ~ so that you can connect with others. Let yourself embody the divine ~ to guide you to make the invisible visible.

Here is a quiet ritual that you can use tonight or today as the Full Moon energy is still available:

  • Journal ~ place a journal and pencil next to your bed before going to sleep. First thing upon rising in the morning grab your journal and write with pen to paper for at least 10 minutes ~ write your thoughts, dreams whatever comes forward.  There is a beautiful book by Natalie Goldberg called 'Writing down the bones'.  In her book she teaches one to keep the pen to the paper without lifting it. Writing this way helps us to really listen and overcome doubts. Keep up the morning writing for at least three days ~ longer is always more beneficial. It will give you much insight in what you are trying to share with yourself.
  • Painting ~ if you prefer, paint or draw first thing.  It is also a wonderful way to express and listen. 
  • Place a gemstone under your pillow before sleep to enhance your dreams and your morning writing or drawing. A few gemstone suggestions are turquoise or amethyst.
  • Add the essential oil of the frankincense, myrrh or sandalwood to your pillow, hair, or skin to heighten the dreamtime energies.

And if you haven't already ~ do put your Moon Water out gems ~ 

More soon ~ for now I am sending you Full Moon Love,
Moon Mama

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