Full Thunder Moon ~ Capricorn Rising


Full Moon in Capricorn ~ Tuesday, July 16, 2019 @ 2:38pm PST

I love the Full Moon in Capricorn ~ why? Maybe because I'm a Cappie and it resonates so deeply with my soul...yet, it may be the Thunder Moon, I love a good shake up in my life.

And with this Full Thunder Moon following on the back of the partial lunar eclipse, we can expect some shake up. Yet, I want to emphasize that I believe shake-ups during a Full Moon are times to let loose those parts of ourselves, or our lives, that we are ready to let go of. This is a double Lunar ~ a Full Moon and a Lunar Eclipse ~ a time of a strong feminine energy where we connect with our emotions, with our bodies, and our intuition. It might even be a time for re-birth.

How can you break out of the mold?

We also have Capricorns ruling planet, Saturn, in retrograde, in Capricorn, all of July. Look at areas of your life that need to be reworked.

Where are you holding resistance?

And this Full Moon is placed in the third house ~ the house where we connect with our intelligence and share it effectively so that we achieve our desired result. The words you speak and communicate are what are a part of your own nourishment.

What are you investing in?

Capricorn is a mountain climber and can teach that constancy bears fruit. A mountain is still, it is a place to create a still center amid changes. When we retreat to this place of stillness we can find a new perspective, one that helps us to create a firm foundation for new growth.

Thunder brings change, a spark of the new, shock or upheaval, It is the great awakener that can bring life to new growth. It sets things in motion, creates decisive action and inspires initiation

This is a time to come from a more feminine way of relating...of being open, loosening, and allowing space for new influences..

What must change?

When our outer world is shaken up, it is the best time to stay awake, to feel, to be aware of the quivers of the energy of change underway. Remember, you are only passing through this point in time for today, be true to yourself. In the moment of change there is only truth, knowledge, understanding. Regrets vanish, along with the past to which they belong.

What do you bring with you into new situations?

"The truths you choose to nurture and cultivate in your life become the foundation of your personal ecosystem, they are your energy source for your creative action."

What will this new place ask of you?

We place a lot of focus on the Full and New Moons, however, I believe the true work, the hardest work, is done in the space between them. The goat, as I know her, is a creature of true and gentle wildness. She offers you a strong faith, and  the male goat, the buck, the opportunity for fertile ground to sink into.
Gemstones to work with under this Full Moon in Capricorn are smokey quartz, garnet, turquoise, lapis lazuli, agate, or onyx. Colors are earth tones, or deep blues. Essential oils you may want to work with are Vetiver, to ease the need for overworking and to connect with your emotional needs; Rosemary & Cypress to support you in believing in yourself and see beyond any negativity.

This night, I call on you to move outside at the last light of the day. To catch the first stars that grace the sky and let them twinkle some love into your heart to work with under this strong, ground shaking Full Moon.

And don't forget to put your Moon Water out tonight Gems ~

Big, Full Moon Love to each of you,
Moon Mama

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July 15, 2019

Sending you love!

Moon Mama
Moon Mama

July 15, 2019

Love to your sweet Moon Sister ~ shake it up cappie <3<3


July 15, 2019

That was absolutely soothing & exciting to read all at the very same time, thank you somuch for your writing! I will take2 ❤️ 💜 ♥️
W gratitude your cappie sister ✨🥰

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