Gem Juice to the Rescue!

We are at that time of winter when our skin is calling for a little extra moisture due to the dry air of the indoor and outdoor environments. 

So I say, Gem Juice to the Rescue! 

Our Gem Juice Hydrosols are made from 100 percent high-vibrational organic plant waters. They contain active plant ingredients that help support skin hydration and soothe inflammation and so much more. Please note ~ hydrosols are not flower waters! Hydrosols contain the imprint of the plant as they are created in the distillation process of the flower oil. There is a big difference in what they have to offer your skin. 

So lets talk about how you can use these enchanting plant waters to bring relief to your dry skin:

  • Face Toner: spraying your face with your favorite Gem Juice after using your facial cleanser is a great way to prep your skin for your moisturizer. Hydrosols balance your skins pH, tighten your pores and give your skin the extra boost is needs to deeply absorb your creme and hold in the moisture. In addition, these beauties can be used throughout the day to freshen your skin (even over your makeup!).
    • Note: Gemstone Organic Face Cremes include organic cupuacu butter, a humectant that attracts and holds moisture next to the skin boosting the cremes moisturizing ability ~ so feel free to use your favorite Gem Juice before or after applying your creme!
  • Foot Soak:  Now is a great time to pamper our feet as they can get dry and cause painful cracking. Herbal foot soaks are a treat for YOU and your feet and adding 2-3 tablespoons of hydrosol to your water can help to balance the pH giving your feet extra love. Or another option is to spray your feet with your hydrosol after your soak to help you absorb and retain moisture.
  • Hand Support: Our hands can really feel the brunt of this dry weather. Routines that are fine during the moist spring and summer months can add dryness that ends us in red, dry skin.  Again, spraying your hands with a hydrosol before applying your lotion is very beneficial at this time of the year ~ so keep an extra bottle in the kitchen!
  • Baby Safe: Gem Juice hydrosols are safe for babies and children bringing subtle yet very effective benefits to skin and through aromatherapy. Add a teaspoon to your infants bathtub or up to 2 teaspoons to a larger bathtub; and for older children, a good measure to use is 1 teaspoon per year of age with a maximum of 8 teaspoons.
  • Aromatherapy: Spray your room or pillows at night with your favorite hydrosol to freshen the air. This time of year when the windows are closed spraying a hydrosol can not only bring a fresh smell, it adds moisture to the air. Additional ways to use the  Lavender Gem Juice  is to spray your bedding before sleep to   induce a good nights sleep ~ safe for your little gems bedding also!

To support you and your skin in these colder winter days we are sharing 

through Friday, January 11th! 

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Give yourself a little extra sprtiz ~ it will not only feel good, it will do you better!

Love, love,
Moon Mama

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