Self-Healing Tools to Move Your Energy Forward

You can’t change the future if you are
energetically holding on to the past

Throughout our lives we are confronted with challenges and in order to survive these challenges we find ways to deal with them or overcome them. Most times we do this by either overcompensating for or avoiding our feelings. Both extremes hold us back from moving forward and keep us stuck. And after years of living in our imbalances they can show up in our lives in our struggles in relationships and in our bodies through weight gain or loss or dis-ease. 

At Gemstone Organic we believe strongly in the powerful healing properties of gemstones and rituals. Our Self-Healing Tools were created to support you on your path to well-being. 

Ceremonial Chakra Baths:

We all experience times when we can see or feel the healthy energy of our chakras, however, at the same time this can also inform us of the adverse energy we carry in this center that keeps us in patterns that do not serve us. When we learn to face these challenges we can experience the gift this chakra center has to share. 

Learning to define where we are experiencing our feelings/emotions in our body is a beautiful healing tool! This can help you to identify the deeper issues at hand and begin to move towards them rather then try to escape them. 

For our Ceremonial Chakra Baths & Mini Chakra Baths, we chose the element of water to connect to each chakra center. Water is the archetypal creative source and it reflects your most primal creative energies. These ritual baths were created to connect you to the primal creative energies of each center.

Lets talk about some of the feelings that can arise in each chakra center to guide you to the one that may be trying to get your attention!

Root Chakra: it is here where you store and process your Fear. When you are feeling fear, nervousness, anxiety, or paralyzed in moving forward you are holding this energy in your Root Chakra. You may be saying to yourself, "I'm afraid I will not have enough or succeed". Working with this center will help you to ground and feel stable and secure. 
Sacral Chakra: this is where you hold and process your Guilt. Guilt holds you back and stops your flow of energy. When you are holding onto guilt you might be saying, "I shouldn’t feel this way or have this need or sexual fantasy". Working with this center will help you to open to the free flow of energy and bring grace in your movements, allowing you to live your life fully. 
Solar Plexus Chakra: it is here that you store and process your Shame. It is in the stories you tell yourself that you get in your own way. You may hold the story that you are not good enough and/or keeps you from taking the risks your need to live the life you want. Working with this center can help you find your sense of power,  your inner warrior energy.
Heart Chakra: it is here you store and process your Grief. When you do not allow yourself to grieve you may feel depressed or afraid to open your hear. When you are hurt you can move into the response of protecting your heart. However, if you allow yourself to grieve , feel it and release it, you can be more deeply in touch with yourself. It can open you to greater connection with others and open space for love to be received, given and shared. 
Throat Chakra: it is here you hold the inability to communicate your Truth.  When you are unable to speak your truth and be honest with yourself and others, it can almost be like living a lie. It can cover up what is real for you and keep you from expressing your own truth. In working with this chakra it can help you to clearly communicate, express and speak your truth, and shower you with the gift of being heard. Your voice needs to be heard! 
Third Eye: it is here you will find yourself caught in Illusion. It can keep you from seeing what is right in front of you, even yourself. You may find it difficult to remember your dreams, connect to your inner voice, or find clarity. Working with this chakra will deepen your inner wisdom/intuition and your ability to know yourself, and strengthen you clarity to create a vision for your life. Clarity comes from engagement not thought.

Crown Chakra: it is here that you are lost in your Attachments. When you become attached to thoughts, a person or to what people think of you it keeps you from being free. In releasing your attachments you can feel liberated, deepen you connection to grace, and find that the universe is there to shower you with blessings.

Our Mini Chakra Baths are perfect if you have your own gemstones to work with and/or you are looking work with a specific chakra a second or third time!

These rituals help us to better understand our energy imbalances. As we learn to sense what a balanced center feels like, we learn to accept the shadows and receive the gifts.

You have survived all the difficulties that have spanned over your is the time to stop and heal.

To learn more about our inspiration to create these rituals click here or watch our youtube video: The Art of Bathing ~ Ceremonial Chakra Baths

Gem Bracelets:

Gemstones have most likely been a part of your life since you were young. We all love the beauty and aura of gemstones, whether it is in choosing our jewelry or looking at beautiful gemstones. Your connection is as beautiful and deep as anyone else's. You are drawn to the energies you need!

We have created these beautiful gem bracelets to help you in your life to heal, inspire, uplift, or gift to others. They are a beautiful self-healing tool to expand your work with your Chakras or on their own. The following information is based on my experience. You may have a very different connection to each gemstone. I encourage you to trust your own experience and if you would like to share ~ please do below, we would love to hear from you.

Wearing gemstone jewelry has brought me personal joy and healing. Gemstones are my friends and I find that there are even times when they share with me where they want to be worn! I have found that it is instinctual what arm to where my bracelets on. If I do not heed the first call, once they are on the my arm or pocket or bra, they just do not feel right and I have to switch them. 

Have you ever noticed which side your wear your jewelry? Wearing or carrying your jewelry on the right side sends the healing energy outward, sharing with those around you. Wearing or carrying your jewelry on your left side sends the healing energy inward.This allows you to give and receive its healing. You may find some days this works in the opposite, however, it is a fun exercise to experience! Gem bracelets can also be a perfect way to send messages to your partner. For example, if you are needing a little extra love or affection, wear your Rose Quartz bracelet

Amethyst: This beautiful gemstone brings calm to your life and is also a perfect gem to connect you with your Crown Chakra

Aventurine: If you are attracted to the ocean green color of this gemstone you are invited to explore you Heart Chakra. It can support you in understanding your own needs and emotions clearly.

Dumortierite: This extraordinary gemstone is connected to the Throat Chakra and can aid in your ability to verbalize ideas. Communication is a vital part of life and when we can communicate clearly with family, friends and partners we are on a true path of living our truth.

Garnet: This beautiful red stone can energize and cleanse your charkas. In working with the Root Chakra it can strengthen your survival instinct grounding you in your body.

Howlite: This white gemstone is a true gem in that it can bring you calm and teach you patience ~ two needed virtues! It also aids you in self-awareness connecting you to the Crown Chakra.

Jade: Bringing calm to your life, Jade, can bring peace and harmony to balance your Heart Chakra. It is a great way to bring in new love. 

Labradorite: This gemstone enhances your inner worth and balances all chakras. Use it to support you in awakening your Third Eye Chakra.

Moonstone: This gemstones it full divine, moon energy and magic! This watery, feminine gem will connect you to the goddess within. Can enhance your work with the Third Eye and Crown Chakra.

Pyrite: Wear this gemstone for a powerful boost of confidence and self-worth. Connected to the Solar Plexus, you will carry the warmth of the sun.

Rose Quartz: The gemstone of unconditional love. This gemstone softens emotional wounds and aids you in forgiveness and acceptance. The soft pink color connects you to the Heart Chakra and its gifts of giving, receiving and sharing love.

Smoky Quartz: This gemstone is perfect for connecting you to the earth and working with you Root Chakra. It also is known to absorb negative energy and soothe emotional pain. If you are drawn to its beautiful smoky born color you may have personal pride on a recent achievement or need inner strength to accomplish a project of move in your life that will bring you personal pride.

Tigers Eye: This gemstone exudes the power of the Sun, bringing you determination to connect to Solar Plexus Chakra. Wear this gemstone if you need to boost your courage and exude self-empowerment.


These moonlit potions were created to bring out the magical energies you carry. Use them as a subtle and invigorating perfume, for meditation, or to send your energy inward.

Enchant: Inspired by the charm of Venus and the enchantress in us all. Apply this moonlit potion for an uplifting, warm fragrance with an alluring gemstone essence. This potion will bring out the glowing, captivating enchantress within.

Manifest: Inspired by the Summer Solstice under a Fiery Full Moon in Sagittarius. Apply this sultry potion for an enticing, smoky fragrance with a hypnotic and mesmerizing gemstone essence. This potion will spark your deep-rooted power and place a spell on your hearts desires.

Hush: Inspired by the quiet of a dark winters night. Apply this moonlit potion for an exotic, warm, fragrance with a grounding and divine gem essence. This potion encapsulates the silence between falling snowflakes and the beauty in the calm of a cool starry sky.

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