Honor Yourself: Your Creativity, Your Sensuality, and Your Passions this Year

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Emotion always has its roots in the unconscious and manifests itself in the body. ~ Irene Claremont de Castillejo

Dearest Moon Family,

It is with deep gratitude that we thank you for being a part of our journey thus far and in 2016, especially. It has been quite a ride for us as I am sure it has been for you. The final New Moon of the year in Capricorn served us up a deep and reflective mood. As we begin the new year, grateful for what has happened, contemplating what we have and have not done, and what lies ahead of us, we encourage you to tap into your passions; the vigor and fierceness that is inside of you. It is time for all of us, individually and collectively, to live in the here and now and transform our thoughts into action.

We ask you to use your inner guidance and burning desires to bring to the surface all that you are, all that you’ve worked to become, and all that you wish to be. This is why we chose to write about the Sacral Chakra for our first blog of 2017. The Sacral Chakra or Svadhisthana, is known as the dwelling place of the self. We like to call it your passion center. This is the second of the seven major energy centers and is where we connect with our emotional body.  Working on blockages in our Sacral Chakra helps us to boost our self esteem, get our creative juices flowing, reconnect with our desires and tap into our sensuality and passions.

Through this Chakra we are able to feel the world moving in us and around us. This makes movement an important part of the healing process for the Sacral Chakra. Associated with the element of water, it mirrors our ability to move and flow with our emotions and thoughts. When our Sacral Chakra is in balance we are open to intimacy, pleasure and joy, feel confident in ourselves and do what is necessary to live in our truth.  Opening this energy center supports you in handling all that life throws your way and guides you to feel and hold your desires so that you can live life to the fullest.

We can work on balancing our Sacral Chakra in many ways. One way is the Sacral Chakra Ceremonial Bath to support you in honoring your body by being present to your creativity, sensuality and passions. 

Below is a list of other ways to work with the Sacral Chakra to feel joy in yourself and flow from you.

Element: Water. Connect to water in the ways that feel right for you, take a bath, go to the ocean, sit by a water stream or simply listen to a tape with water flowing to move energy.

Organs/Glands Governed by the Sacral Chakra: Adrenal glands; regulate the immune system and metabolism. Ovaries, testicles, womb, genitals, kidney, bladder, and stomach.

Color: Orange. To enhance this energy center you can light orange candles, buy orange flowers, wear orange clothing, watch the sunset, create an orange mandala painting, take a Chakra bath with colored water or bring this color into your life in whatever way feels right to you.

Meditation: Visualizing orange in your meditation is a great way to open the Sacral Chakra. Or use a photo or picture you create yourself with different oranges and use it as a focus point in a meditation to bring in the energy of orange for your chakra.

Dance: moving the body is a wonderful way to connect and move energy through the Sacral Chakra. Use your raw sensual energy to move your body, feel your body and connect to the divine pleasures life has to offer through you!  Put on your favorite music, close the door and dance, dance dance!

Affirmations: I am free to express my passions and creativity. I am a sensory being full of creativity.  Passion moves through me. My senses are alive, aware, and connected. I feel and listen to my body. Write these affirmations and place them around the house where you can read them daily.  A great way to start the day is to place them at the end of your bed so that when you awaken one or all of them are what you see and say first! 

Gemstone Therapy: Orange Calcite: this beauty cleanses and energizes the sacral chakra; promotes creative energy; is good for moving stuck energy; helpful in new beginnings and life changes; and promotes a strong sense of purpose. Carnelian: is a wonderful gemstone for stimulating creativity for new pursuits; rekindling passions; healing low back issues; and anchoring in the present.Sunstone: this little gem promotes joy, leadership and strength; reflects qualities of light, warmth, openness and mental clarity; and nurtures self-freedom and personal power! Citrine: is a warm and comforting gemstone and is great for awakening creativity and imagination and attracting love and happiness. Leopardskin Jasper: is nurturing, evokes passion, and is good for protection. Gemstones are a great way to work with Chakra Centers. You can wear them as jewelry, place them in your pockets, sleep with them or place them near you in meditations or during work to boost your energy centers and mood.

    Nutrition: Rich sources of healthy fats (Oranges, tangerines, carrots, mandarin, mangoes, apricots, peaches, sweet potatoes, honey, bananas, figs, chocolate, nuts and hemp, pumpkin, and sesame seeds. With water being the element for this chakra center drinking pure, high alkaline water is very nurturing for this energy center.

    Essential Oils: Ylang Ylang, Cardamom, Neroli, Jasmine, Orange, and Sandalwood. Use as aromatherapy on your sheets at night or in a aroma diffuser.

    Sound Therapy: The sacral vibrates in harmony to “D” Note.

    Yoga Poses: Hero Pose, Hip Circles, Low Lunge, Goddess Pose, Wide-Legged Forward Bend, Frog Pose, Dancer’s Pose, Child’s Pose, and Twisting Triangle.

    Skincare: An herbal gemstone steam to cleanse and improve blood flow. Detox and supercharge your complexion with our Mineral Face Masque to remove free radicals and draw toxins from the skin. The Organic Forest Alchemy Gem Juice Hydrosol is made from ancient trees, earthy, grounding and incredibly healing to the skin. Our Organic Ruby Face Créme is very moisturizing and good for increasing blood flow to the surface of the skin to help with detoxing. Ruby's gem essence is full of fire and passion to assist in stimulating your Sacral Chakra to increase vitality and chi.

    Working with your Sacral Chakra is a way to honor your creativity and passions. 

    Now that you have read all the ways to heal and balance your Sacral Chakra get out there and express your most divine self, share it with everyone you meet, and bask in life’s greatest pleasures. You deserve it.

    Wishing you the Moon & Stars for 2017 & Beyond, 

    ✨ Debra

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    Nam Pritam Kaur
    Nam Pritam Kaur

    January 02, 2017

    Sat Nam Sister.What an all inclusive, informative reading. It contains so many modalities in one – so helpful for a new person like myself learning stones and oils. Many thanks for sharing your wisdom to enhance mine.
    BTW I totally enjoyed every sacred moment of my Solar Plexus bath and ceremony. The stones were so generous.. the sounds, smells, feelings, sweet grass circle, candles.. it just had it all! Glorious way to celebrate the new moon. Look forward to 2017 with you and Gemstone – Happy, Healthy and Holy 2017.

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