How to Age Gracefully

“Anti-aging!” “Anti-wrinkles!” “(Insert age here) is the new”…you get it.

I don’t know about you, but I don’t want to regress in age. Whatever happened to aging gracefully? Basking in your wisdom? Happily owning every scar, curve, and wrinkle on your body?

The world has awakened to defying age in what it’s supposed to look like and what it truly is.  

I believe “healthy aging” is a new term that you’re going to start seeing more of based on more people choosing a healthier lifestyle…and what does that mean?  

Food has been a predominate forerunner of lifestyle changes from organic to superfoods.  There’s always the argument that all food should be organic, grown in its natural pesticides, and then we wouldn’t have to label it as such. (That’s 101- The History of Agriculture).  

We have more diet options that support a specific body or blood type, family ancestry and/or health restrictions.

The indigenous ingredients known as, “superfoods,” have infiltrated our food systems as a way of healing or becoming that super-human you’ve always dreamed of becoming.

We are 60% water and it is what sustains us. Knowing that this source is key to our livelihood we buy waters with pH levels to keep an alkaline body in check. A healthy pH-balance of alkalinity and acid helps lower the chances of cancer.

The amount of water we drink contributes to the longevity of healthy aging, by doing one thing..Moving The Energy.

Along with a healthy diet and Moving The Energy there are certain skin care practices and products to share that inner glow you’ve got going on inside, on the outside:

  • Our Gold Face Créme heals mature skin because of the beautiful healing and regenerating properties of the ingredients. Your skin will love hemp oil because it is close to your skin’s lipids. It makes an excellent moisturizer because it absorbs into the skin readily. Helichrysum also known as the flower of immortelle repairs and prompts cell regeneration. Carrot seed oil detoxifies, stimulates the rejuvenation of cells, and repairs sun damage. On top of the inner damage it can cause, sun damage causes loss of collagen which contributes to drooping, wrinkles, and losing the jaw line.
  • Use your ring finger to gently rub the Gold Face Créme (or any moisturizer of your choice) around the eyes. The ring finger is the weakest and the skin around the eyes is very delicate so it’s important to be especially loving.
  • Bust out your tumbled gemstone collection and choose the one that speaks to you, grab it, and rub it on your face. It increases penetration to the skin, especially if done after you apply moisturizer. Gemstones and crystals, especially jade, can assist with lymphatic drainage, ridding the face of fluid retention and toxins.
  • Create a daily skin regimen. Just like choosing food wisely and staying hydrated, you have to do the same with your facial care. Choose your products wisely and hydrate that beautiful face! Our Sun and Moon Cleansers gently exfoliate and cleanse the face. Don’t forget to moisturize after, your skin craves it.

With all these elements in place the biggest attribute is your ATTITUDE of GRATITUDE! Life’s simple pleasures, smiling, giving someone a compliment, having a big laugh with a friend, surrounding yourself with people you love and taking the time to thank yourself for being the best person you know how to be.

Find ways to bring happiness into your life creating your own standards of aging gracefully.

Written by Pamela Nears 

Pamela Nears is a part of the Moon Family at Gemstone Organic. She is a culinary consultant, chef instructor, holistic health coach, food activist, research & recipe developer. Her passion is food and sharing her love of it. Pamela attended Southern California Cooking & Epicurean Schools and is a Certified Holistic Health Coach & Permaculturist. Various cultural foods, cooking skills & traditions are incorporated into her work based on travel experiences. She is constantly being inspired by the local cultural diversity of LA in creating community through food.

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October 26, 2016

Dear Gemstone, This is so wise, and I think you are the first (first I have seen) to bring this up! Wonderful:
Graceful aging, not "trying (fruitlessly) to look young.

Bless you dear woman, Love, Linda L.

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