In Search of What I Wanted ~ I Found What I Needed

Last night I grabbed a scarf, wrapped it around my neck, and headed out on my evening walk. This morning I woke up to a chilly room, nestled farther inside my blankets, took a deep breath, and just smiled. I love this time of year, as summer fades into fall, and we collectively slow down, reflect, ground in, and just be.

Fall weather, colors, and clothing also lend well to one of my favorite Gemstone Organic products ~ Jade Face Creme. This face creme reminds me of fall for its woodsy scent and ability to connect its wearer to the earth. It is a creme that reminds me to take a breath, slow down, and be patient with others and myself. Just putting it on, helps calm my frazzled nerves ~ much like a warm cup of tea or a brisk walk in the chilly, autumn air. While Jade is my go to face creme now, it took me months before I even considered trying it.

When I began working at Gemstone Organic ~ I was initially attracted to the face cremes I saw as bright, fun, and feminine. This desire led me to try Ruby, Moonstone, Gold, and Rose Quartz Face Cremes. The only face creme I didn’t feel “attracted to” or “interested in trying” was the Jade Face Creme. In the beginning, I actually gave all my Jade Face Creme to another co-worker. I thought I knew what I liked and Jade just wasn’t for why even try it.

Six months later, I found I liked the Ruby Creme when it was cold, my skin was dry, and in need of some major nourishment. I enjoyed Moonstone before bed, as it soaked into my skin, and left my face feeling super hydrated in the morning. After a day in the sun, I loved lathering on Gold Creme and found it especially helpful in healing my and my friends sunburned skin. And Rose Quartz was the creme I used most mornings ~ it felt balanced and not too heavy for my skin on a daily basis. At the same time, while I loved all of the face cremes, none of them felt right, perfect for my face. That is until one day, Debra gave me a jar of Jade Face Creme and told me I should try the creme at least once. Well let me tell you. It was love at first try.

I opened up the jar and was hit by a fresh, light, grounding smell. I then put the Jade Face Creme on my skin and it was the perfect texture. Not too heavy, not too light. So creamy and smooth. My skin immediately knew it was the face creme for me.

In the beginning ~ I didn’t even know what elements made up Jade Face Creme. But I knew whatever they were, I needed more of them in my life and on my skin. I, then, looked into the ingredients found in Jade and everything began to make sense.

Initially, I thought I wanted, face cremes that would help me feel more majestic, feminine, and radiant. But the thing is face cremes can only magnify properties already present in the person. My problem was ~ I was trying to use face cremes to project qualities in me that I had yet to cultivate in myself.

This is where the Jade Face Creme comes in...this creme, in particular, helps one go inside, ground in, and connect to one’s fundamental self. The essential oils of vetiver and thyme, found in Jade, helped me take a deep breath and connect to my true source. The gemstone essences of jade, nephrite, and black tourmaline focused me into my root chakra and helped me feel safe and secure in my body.

And now after months of using Jade Face Creme every day  ~ my skin is supple, nourished, and happy. I don’t just shine on the outside, but rather I feel more comfortable in my body, in my skin, and I radiate from deep inside...outwards.

With Love,

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Nam Pritam Kaur
Nam Pritam Kaur

September 28, 2017

Sat Nam! We are so fortunate to have the many creme’s to choose from for the many seasons of our lives. Thank you Gemstone Organic!! Meagan, you have inspired me to try the Jade – thought my trio of Gold, Ruby, and Moonstone were enough but now I want to try the Jade. Fall is my ultimate favorite time of the year and look forward to indulge myself with the richness of Jade with its earthy smell – yes – time to let our roots dig in deeper. Wahe Guru!

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