Kissed by the Sun


We are rolling into the summer and it can get hot! Mr. Sun can be healing yet grueling on the skin, but no worries- we have some tips to keeping your skin beautiful, radiant and glowing. 

The summer is a time for traveling, jumping into the water, participating in numerous festivals and taking a break from school or work life. Self-care is important at this time- especially for your body. And taking time to nurture and protect our largest organ ~ the skin ~ keeps you glowing and looking good!

So here are a few tips for you and your Sun Kissed skin ~

TIP 1:  Moisturize
Before and After your time in the sun moisturize! This will prevent dryness and keep your skin healthy and glowing! After the sun, be sure to gently cleanse your skin before applying your moisturizer. We created our Sunstone Lotion to keep your skin healthy by adding apple cider vinegar and chamomile to heal and moisturize.
TIP 2:  PINK is the limit!
Once your skin starts to turn pink under the sun make sure you cover up!! Understanding optimal and safe sun exposure is the key to getting all the benefits without the damage. Whether you use sunscreen or not ~ once you start to burn the damage being done is the same. So be sure to cover up with light clothing, move under the umbrella, or head inside and moisturize!
TIP 3:  SPF Smarts
SPF stands for Sun Protection Factor. Protecting our skin from overexposure is important ~ yet how much SPF is healthy and needed? Many sunscreens with high SPF’s require more chemicals to achieve the intended results. Also, sunscreens can give you a false sense of security because you do not experience skin reddening and therefore are tempted to extend your time under the sun. However, this raises your risk of overexposure, which is damaging to your skin ~ sunscreen or no sunscreen. So although products containing natural SPF ingredients may not keep you protected for the same number of hours as sunscreen ~ they may just be a wiser option to keep you smarter at protecting your skin from over exposure and harmful chemicals!
TIP 4:  ‘Sun Red’ Remedies
We all find ourselves in the position of too much sun on occasion and the best way to remedy your burn is to get your skin temperature down and moisturize!
Taking a cool bath with apple cider vinegar or green or black tea is a perfect way to bring your skin’s temperature down and balance your pH. Add a cup of Apple Cider Vinegar to your bath water ~ this will neutralize and balance the pH levels of your burned skin to promote healing and reduce inflammation. Add 1-2 cups of strong tea, black or green. Tea has tannic acids, which help in pulling out the heat from your sunburned skin while also balancing your skins pH level to soothe and heal. Keeping your skin moisturized is the second most important step! After your bath ~ and through out the day/night ~ be sure to moisturize with our Sunstone Lotion, Rose Quartz or Gold Face Crémes ~ to deeply nurture, and protect your skin.

Have fun taking in those Sun Kisses!

Adriany ~ Gemstone Sorceress

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