Libra Full Moon Water Ritual ~ Spring Equinox

Photo by Walter Walraven on Unsplash

Tomorrow, March 20th, we have a Full Moon in Libra at 6:16 pm PST (9:16 pm EST). This year we are also celebrating the Spring Equinox and a Super Moon (when the Moon is closest to the earth). Spring equinox is a day of equal amounts of light and dark… a time to remember the importance of balance.

Seasons are here for us to learn from and follow. Spring gives us the opportunity to capture new energy and fill up with renewed hope.  We feel the air warming and see the earth in her intuitive rhythms of harmony.

As the wheel turns through the seasons it nudges us to remember the importance of ceremony, ritual and celebration. Many gather for the Spring Equinox, balance of light and dark, and/or Easter, rebirth and fertility.

When the Moon is in Libra she showers us with beauty and balance ~ hence why she falls during the Spring Equinox. This is a time to notice, notice, notice, and move into the feeling and beauty and opportunities that are presenting themselves to you under her light. Grab them, see them, feel them, and most of all get to know those places in your body and spirit that hold them so that you can access them later as she begins to wane.

I want to share a beautiful story by Ram Das about getting trapped into labels placed on us by our culture and society:

“….You’re just a being and you got a new situation, a new dimension. It’s really interesting when I go into a room with somebody, perhaps somebody with AIDS who is dying, it’s easy to see how the society, the culture, the economics, everything traps that person in that identity, and if my mind isn’t reactive to that identity, and not trapped in denying it, then I’m not caught in it and we can actually come together. 

The whole thing relaxes, and there’s laughter, and there’s joy, and there’s tenderness, and there’s presence, and there’s all of that, and boy, have I learned about all these things. I see it all depends in my mind. That’s why I work so hard on myself to not get trapped in labels, youth, age, sex… any of them.”

I love the part about coming together. It is a place we all know ~ even for a brief moment or second, a glimpse. And it is during the spring that I believe we can access this memory or create new memories for ourselves, by gathering, tasting, immersing ourselves in the beautiful, fresh, hopeful, spring energies.

Remember the power of your own intuition and the beauty that comes when you follow your heart. Then tuck that remembering behind your heart for a day when you get trapped in a label. And pull it out and smile or laugh out loud! You may find those around you will be caught up in your delight. They may ask what just happened and you can say…I am just remembering to be….be me.

Here is a lovely Full Moon Water Ritual ~

  1. If you have time, gather some gemstone beads for making a necklace, go with what calls you. Or if you don’t have time use your favorite necklace or earrings you love to wear in the spring, that is perfect too!
  2. Place the gemstone beads or necklace/earrings in a glass bowl and then place your vessel for your Moon Water in the center of the bowl.
  3. Place the gemstone(s) that you will be using for your Moon Water in the vessel or in the bowl with the gemstone beads or jewelry. For this Full Moon I am using a clear quartz crystal as they are good at distributing energies and bringing harmony and balance to mind, hormones and water. You can place your crystal into the bowl or into the vessel. I like to use a vessel that has a clear top like the one below ~ that way the Moonlight can touch the water from all angles!

  4. Place your bowl and vessel in a window or outside where it will catch the most light from the Moon.
  5. Now, this is the important part. Once you place the water into the vessel, and if you choose, into your bowl. Place your hands on the vessel and feel and speak your desire to the water, the gemstones/jewelry, and the Moon. Do it with deep passion, love, and gratitude. If you want, bring into your vision the beauty and energy of all the budding trees, flowers showing their tops, or birds singing their sweet hearts out. When you are done, thank yourself. It is a gift you have given yourself by taking the time to do this ritual.
  6. On Thursday morning, gather your water(s) and bless it again before taking your first sip of your Moon Water. If you placed water into the bowl collect the water and use it in ceremony, in your next bath water or to water your plants.
  7. If you used gemstone beads, make your necklace or bracelet or amulet between now and the New Moon in Aries. Wear it for balance and to remind you of the intuitive knowing you hold inside.
  8. Every morning until the next full moon, April 19th, take a sip of your Moon Water. With each sip you will strengthen yourself with the properties of the full moon. Open yourself to her energy of creativity, wildness, imagination and brightness ~ she is there for you. Remember the blessings and intentions you placed in her and let this how you start your day, with gratitude and connection to the light within you.

If you do not have time to do this ceremony ~ catch her light on your body, from a window, outside, or during your sleep. She will bless you.

This is the Full Moon that ushers in spring. Gather. Enjoy. Savor. Her love, light and fullness are here for you.

With so much love and delight for you.
Full Moon Blessings,
Moon Mama

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