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Last week, I watched as my newest team member gleefully spritzed and sprayed herself head to toe in my Gem Juice Hydrosol. Through a huge grin she said~ “Deb, I have no idea what a hydrosol is...but I think I’m in love.” That got me thinking - how many others are curious to know more about what a hydrosol is?  So I decided to share more about how they are beneficial to our skin and overall health.

Lets first talk about what they are ~ what distinguishes a hydrosol from other types of aromatherapy. Hydrosols come from the same distillation process that creates essential oils. To create a hydrosol, one can steam-distill plant leaves, fruit, flowers, and other plant material. Because hydrosols come from steam distillation of plant matter, it is very important to check that the company is using both organic plant material and filtered water to ensure highest quality product. The concentrated oils that come from the distillation process make up essential oils while hydrosols are the water based products. They have similar therapeutic properties to their essential oil counterparts, but are a lot less concentrated. This makes hydrosols gentle and great for sensitive skin.

Hydrosols have a small amount of the essential oil, but also contain water soluble healing compounds which are not present in the fully distilled essential oil. One of the water based compounds you find in hydrosols that aren’t found in essential oils are plant acids. Plant acids are wonderful toners that can both balance your skin’s pH and help heal and beautify the skin.

Now let’s explore a few of my favorite ways to use hydrosols. I love to use hydrosols as a facial toner, to uplift my mood, freshen the air or spray on my pillow before bed.  I have four of my favorites that I share on the website that are specific for each skin type. They each have different medicinal qualities, but I notice all of them have the capacity to ground me. They help me take a moment for a deep belly breathe and help remind me of the beauty of myself and the world around me.

If you aren’t already hooked let’s talk about the healing benefits of my four hydrosols ~

Organic Lavender (lavendula angustifolia): this type of lavender is most healing for the skin. It is anti-inflammatory, helps relieve headaches, and soothes irritated skin. It calms the nervous system and reduces anxiety.

Organic Clary Sage: made from the plant’s flowering tops. It balances hormonal skin, helps calm hot flashes, and can be used as an astringent. It is great for alleviating depression and uplifting one’s mood.

Organic Rose Otto: made from Bulgarian rose petals. It can help balance the endocrine system, moisturize dry skin, and is a natural aphrodisiac.

Organic Forest Alchemy: my own special blend of leaves and trimmings of sacred native trees. It is anti-septic, anti-inflammatory, and great for combination skin. It is both grounding and energizing.

And lastly ~ what makes my hydrosols so very special. I not only source my hydrosols from biodynamic farms that use all organic plant matter and the highest quality water in their creation, but I also charge them with gemstones and add crystals to each bottle. This is why I call my hydrosols “Gem Juice”. I believe the gems boost the medicinal properties of each plant and increase the healing potential for your skin. I use color-coded gemstones that match the hue of each plant to create a vibrational link between mineral & botanical worlds. I believe that hydrosols are not only for aromatherapy, but also for skin and whole body wellness. Hydrosols can help heal the skin, heal the soul, and calm the brain. They are my favorite beauty water and I hope now they will become yours too!

With So Much Love
Your Moon Mama


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Jillian Novak
Jillian Novak

March 30, 2017

Hello, again! I am a new ‘user’ of your Gold moisturizer and so very thrilled. I have mentioned your brand to my authorities at Natural Grocers and would love to talk with you and encourage you to talk with them- Lakewood, CO headquarters to carry Gemstone organics in our store! I look forward to talking with you at your earliest convenience. 303-475-7341.

Marie Harris
Marie Harris

March 30, 2017

Hi Debbie!
I need some advice. My daughter, Tiffany, has rosacea. What would you recommend for her? I would also like to talk to you. I miss my dear friend!
Your oldest friend,

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