New Cazimi Moon in Gemini ~ fresh starts, new projects

Tomorrow at 12:43 pm PST (3:43 pm EST) we have another New Cazimi Moon ~ this time in the sign of Gemini. I love Cazimi moons as they inspire me to hold my ritual at the time of the dark moon moving into the New Crescent Moon. Gemini is a mutable, air sign ruled by Mercury (the planet of communication). If you have a new project to start, this is the time to do it! Or if you need a fresh start in life, this may be the time to aspire to those calls.  Air signs represent mental processes, communication and pursuing intellectual projects (research, studies, hobbies).  I believe that this is a great moon to take your mind to the place that moves you forward. This is a great time to create a ritual to keep your mind from jumping on the 'hamster wheel' and instead opening up space for your imagination to breathe inspiration into your body.

Air signs are associated with the lungs, tissue, breathing and sense of smell.

Here are a few thoughts for preparing for your ritual:

  • When creating your altar and sacred space use a feather to fan the smoke ('air') from incense, palo santo or sage, over your altar, space and yourself. Or use a flute or horn (something that takes air to create the music) for cleansing your space.
  • Colors to use are yellows, blues or silver.
  • You can also add fragrant flowers or an essential oil to bring scent into the air.
  • Air is associated with iron and copper, so it would be good to wear these jewelry items or place them on your altar.

Rituals for the Gemini Moon:


    This is a beautiful way to get your mind to loosen and to listen to your inner voices. If you do not have a labyrinth near you ~ you can use this picture to follow:

  2. NADI SHODHAN ~ alternate nostril breathing

    This breathing exercise is wonderful for harmonizing the two hemispheres of the brain, bringing you balance in mind, body and spirit. Here is a video link to a youtube video on how to do alternate nostril breathing:

  3. UTTARABODHI HAND MUDRA MEDITATION Mercury rules the hands and lungs.

    This mudra strengthens the metal element and is associated with the energy of the lungs and large intestine. The metal element conducts the universal life force (chi or prana) from the outside to the inside, charging your inner power reservoirs. This is a great mudra to use when you feel physically and mentally listless or when you need a rousing idea ~ a flash of inspiration!

    Place both hands in front of your solar plexus, at the level of your stomach. Lay the respective index fingers and thumbs on each other. Point your index fingers upward to the ceiling, and your thumbs downward to the floor or stomach. If you are lying down, the tips of your thumbs may lie at the lower end of your sternum. This hand mudra can be held anywhere, at anytime, and for as long as you want. Create your own affirmation to use when holding the mudra or use this one: My partnership with the powers of the cosmos allow my life to appear in a new light.

This beautiful twin moon reminds us that we have two arms, two spheres, two lungs, two feet, and two eyes ~ use them and be grateful for them as they show you the journey, carry you on the journey, lead you on the journey, breathe you on the journey.

New Moon Wishes to each you,
Moon Mama


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September 23, 2022

Beautiful! Thank you for taking the time to write so thoughtfully.

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