New Cazimi Moon in Taurus ~ Grounding Your Energies in the Soil


Tomorrow at 3:45 pm PST (6:45 pm EST) we have a New Cazimi Moon in Taurus. Taurus is a feminine, fixed, earth sign ruled by Venus. She rules the thyroid, throat, lower jaw, chin, ears, tongue and vocal chords ~ hello Visuddha (fifth) chakra!

Cazimi Moons hold a high energy 30 minutes before and after the New Moon (3:15 - 4:15 pm PST)~ this one holds wonderful energy for starting important projects and intention setting. 

When the Moon is in Taurus we may find a need to slow our pace, eat a good meal, listen to music that feeds our soul, or appreciate the beauty of the season. I find that this earth energy calls me to put my hands in the dirt ~ a lovely way to plant your seed(s) of intention. 

Earth energy gives us the grounding to connect to that space at our center where we can open and listen to our inner wisdom. It is the place where the very present truth vibrates through us like the sound of the drumbeat. Inner truth and trust are like two sides of the drum … when you are present to the space at your center you connect to trust.

Remember, earth is connected to heaven ~ she receives the warmth of the sun, the rain that falls from the clouds, and holds the rich soil that seeds need to grow from. She can hold your intention and give it form and sustain its growth. She is ready to lend you her strength.

Connecting with your sacred space while planting your seeds of intention creates a connection of heaven and earth within you. 

Under this Earthy Moon and these warming spring days ~ let us plant a Moon Garden! Planting a Moon Garden is a lovely way to connect to the energy, cycles and beauty of the Moon. And if you love to garden it is a way to nurture both you and mother earth.

Planting & Designing Your Moon Garden 

Under the heightened energies of the New and Full Moons we experience our highest tides ~ but did you know that it is a time when the waters beneath the earth are also affected? The same gravitational pull that is placed on the waters of the ocean also pull the ground water upward bringing moisture to the soils at the surface, encouraging your seeds to swell and burst into sprouts!

You can plant your flowers in a circle or a half moon shape so that when they bloom the shape of the Moon is revealed. Find space in your garden, start some seedlings indoors, or plan your garden for the next New Moon. Whatever you do, it will carry the energy and intentions of your heart ~ so don’t wait, start today <3.

Planting a garden of white and silvery flowers that bloom at night can add a radiant, shimmering energy to your evening rituals. Here are a few flowers I love.

These Flowers are Fragrant and if you can place them 
close to your home you can also enjoy their evening fragrance.

Evening Primrose ~ photo by basicgardendiy

Evening Primrose (oenothera) ~ a night bloomer that attracts moths and nocturnal bee’s. The flowers are said to be from the ethereal realm of fairies and have a sweet fragrance that can be enjoyed during the moonlight hours. The symbolism of primrose flowers is patience, kindness and gentleness ~ connecting you to the solar plexus and heart chakra.

Moonflower ~ photo by better homes & garden

Moonflower (datura inoxia) ~ catching her unawares in the moonlight hours is magical, as you can be sure to experience the full glory of her blooms; the night air swirling with her rich, intoxicating scent. Glowing like the moon these flowers contain the mysteries of your intuition and connect you with the mystical movement of the stars and moon. She will connect you to your crown chakra. 
Note: these flowers are cousins to morning glories so they will need a trellis or support to climb

Night Phlox ~ photo by

Night Phlox (zaluzianskya capensis) ~ also known as midnight candy; the fragrance of the night blooms are reminiscent of honey or vanilla. Coming from the greek meaning “flame” these beauties will also connect you to your crown chakra AND are known to stir inner courage and honesty to all that look upon them.

Night Gladiolus ~ photo by lawneq

Night Gladiolus (gladiolus tristis)~ although night gladiolus are not a nocturnal plant ~ these creamy yellow, spicy scented flowers have the strongest scent at night. These flowers symbolize strength and moral integrity. 

A second way to plant a Moon Garden is to bring the
Moon out during the day by planting these sweet plants

Dusty Miller ~ photo by rainbow seed company

Dusty Miller (senecio cineraria) beautiful silvery, velvety soft plant that is wonderful for contrasting dark foliage and is also a great bed plant ~ represents happiness and delicacy. 

Mugwort ~ photo by

Mugwort (Artemisia vulgaris) this plant is not only connected to the Moon but is also known for enhancing your dreams.

A few other day plants for you to consider are Lambs Ears, Silver Thyme, and Silver Sage.

And I could not leave out this most auspicious herb!

Moonwort photo by

Moonwort (lunaria annua) ~ in the language of flowers this plant represents money, sincerity & honesty. It has dried pods that are beautiful and can be used later in ceremony. However, please note that this is a biannual plant ~ meaning it lives two years and will flower in the second year. It's flowers will be followed by a dollar coin sized flat pod that changes from green to brown and then as the seed drops, to the beautiful silver color… so planting these for the first two years will ensure flowering each year.

Ways that you can use your flowers after they have blossomed under the energy of the moon are many! You can cut and dry the flowers to use in creating mandalas or art work or add them to your sage bundle; pluck the flowers at the height of their bloom and place them in a bath to catch their healing energy. I encourage you to explore the myriad of possibilities in which their energy speaks to your creativity.

The beauty of flowers has been shared throughout time as a way to evoke feelings and thoughts that are sometimes difficult to find words for ~ using this time to place your intentions can bring you grounding, joy, and keep it flowing throughout the summer. If you want to add some additional Taurus love to this garden, add a few pieces of rose quartz, jade or agate!

A few thoughts to consider while you are planting or planing ~ 

Where do you place your trust?
How do you slow down best?
What is important to start under this New Moon energy?
Where are you feeling this earth energy in your body?

And please share your experiences, I would love to hear what heart openings your garden has to offer you.

Sending you New Moon Love,
Moon Mama

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