New Crescent Moon in Virgo ~ Earth Element

Dear Moon Family ~ 

Today we have a New Crescent Moon in Virgo ~ she is in Virgo until tomorrow at 1:46 am PST (4:46 am EST) to work with. I find the Virgo Moons to be very energizing ~ yesterday I found myself cleaning like a wild, beautiful, pregnant woman right before birth! I remember that high energy and this Moon is pushing me to a good outward cleansing, which for me is always a way to move the internal clutter out before grounding in my intentions.

Virgo it known as the "Womb of Time" where seeds of great value are planted, nourished and revealed. It is the time to raise our standard of excellence in our lives and on the Earth.  A Virgo Moon sharpens our minds and nerves and puts us to work. It can support our ability to digest information and assess the situation to invoke compassion and brilliant problem-solving.

Use some lavender today to manage and store your energies for the next two weeks and play with malachite or sapphires! Virgo is a Feminine, Mutable Earth sign ruled by Mercury.

During a New Crescent Moon or Sprout Moon we can find ourselves writing easier or having new ideas or sudden insights. Your appetite may begin to increase and you may need less sleep. Watch for energy spurts today!

Thoughts for this New Moon:

  • What awareness does this Virgo Moon bring you?
  • Where in your body are you feeling her today?
  • What will be your New Moon Wish for your body?
  • Are you ready for all your best wishes to come true?

Here are a few things that I will be doing to celebrate this Earth Moon ~

  1. Dancing on the Earth ~ with bare feet!
  2. Eating a piece of fruit and planting the seed ~ this is a beautiful way to honor this earth element while planting your intention. The harvests of this season are in full bloom ~ so pick a fruit that is ripe and juicy and then plant that seed with intention. My dear sister Candice Covington has a connection with plants that is deep and mystical. Here are a few thoughts on the fruits that you may want to use for this planting and intention:
    1. Peach ~ opens you to the memory of the muse in your own heart
    2. Watermelon ~ fosters positive self-esteem and allows you to see the beauty of your life.
    3. Elderberry ~ opens one to receive the spiritual energy that is all around you and to be taught by this energy
  3. Tonight, before going to bed, I will again write my intention on a bay leaf, crumble her and then throw it out my front door onto mother earth. 

This is a lovely day to connect to this Earth energy from the Virgo New Moon. And remember that you are the earth herself and this is a call to connect.

New Moon Wishes,
Moon Mama  

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