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Our Aquarius New Moon is here tomorrow, February 4th, at 1:04 pm PST (4:04 p.m. EST) and is a magical Cazimi Moon. New Moons in Aquarius bring us the element of air and usher in the energies of clarity of thought, intellect, visionary dreaming and the desires of working with the collective energy to make the world a better place. We are gifted by the water bearer with beautiful ideas and thoughts. Time to churn out those amazing ideas gems and shower the world with your creativity and love.

Aquarius is ruled by Saturn and Uranus. These planets bring us strong and vibrant messages. Aquarius rules the ankles ~ a good reminder of the important way we stand for the collective and ourselves.

I believe February is a month to be celebrated ≈ we have so much love and happiness to work with!

This new moon is on the tail of Imbolc, a time for new beginnings ~ can you feel the stirrings of new life under your feet? There is freshness in the air moving in and around us. It is there to carry us far and wide over the next two weeks, this month, through the new year… are you ready?!

We also have all of the planets moving forward offering us a lot of wonderful energy to invest into new beginnings ~ can you feel the energy of new beginnings yet?

Today, we also have Venus ~ our planet of love and beauty ~ entering orderly, practical Capricorn. Time to get real about our desires and serious about our finances.

And lets not forget this is a Cazimi Moon ~ so if you want to work on something new this is a great time to bring it forward. The Cazimi Moon for those who are new to the blog is where the Moon and the Sun are at a magical degree creating a little ‘zing’ of beauty to the New Moon energy. This is available 30 minutes before and after the New Moon (for this New Moon it is from 12:34 until 1:34 pm PST). Setting intentions during this time is lovely if you can make it happen!

So I share a few ideas on how to work with these New Moon in Aquarius energies~ 

  • SPACE CLEARING FOR NEW IDEAS ~ time to make space for all that creativity and those inventive visions gems! Clean out your closet, your underwear drawer, or what ever will make you sigh and feel so wonderfully spacious!! You can clear your mind by changing your space ~ truly. So take a few hours today or tomorrow to clear a space (even the top of your desk) before planting your seeds for this new moon. DO IT NOW!!
  • CREATIVITY ~ If you are feeling artistic ~ create a hanging vision board. Be creative and use colors, textures and anything that brings you happiness. Hang it in the bathroom, kitchen or bring it to work and hang it from a lamp or coat rack or on the wall! Just be sure to hang it so that it brings in the air element <3.
  • DREAMING WITH INTENTION ~ Did you know that you have at least 4-5 dreams every night? Dreams can tell you a lot about your life and what your subconscious is trying to share with you. Joan Borysenko says, “ Intention is the doorway to recalling your dreams and making yourself available to the insights and guidance they often provide.” She believes that by placing a strong intention for remembering your dreams before going to sleep is equivalent to asking for guidance on life situations, to grow spiritually and to receive healing. This is a perfect time to start a dream journal and dream into your intention and year. Here are the steps she gives to recalling and journaling your dreams:
    • Choose a journal ~ not just any journal but one that is appealing. She suggests athat you even decorate the cover with an image from a strong dream that you remember to affirm your belief that dreams are important.
    • Keep your dreams journal for dreams only. This keeps your intention to recall your dreams stronger.
    • Place your journal next to your bed ~ be sure it is close enough that you DO NOT have to get out of bed to reach it! Also keep a clock, pen and light near (you can use a flashlight or I love the mighty bright book lights J.)
    • Before you go to sleep write tomorrows date in your journal ~ a subconscious message to remember your dreams. Write an intention in your journal ~ she suggests something like “I will remember my dreams” or “I need guidance on….”. It could be about work, relationships, or whatever you are needing guidance on.
    • Notice if you wake in the middle of the night what it is that wakes you up. Is it a full bladder? A snoring partner? Outside noises? Most likely, these disruptors will be incorporated into your dream. Before moving (hard for me!!) catch the tail of your dream and then grab your journal and give your dream a title ~ something fun! Adding a few short sentences and it will help you to recollect the dream in the morning.
    • Upon waking in the morning ~ don’t move! Haha! Again hard for me to remember not to move! This helps you to stay close to the dream state and where recall is best. ASK YOURSELF what you were dreaming and even before you roll over and grab your journal, give your dream a title ~ “something snappy”, she says! You will need to give yourself a few extra minutes in the morning to take the time to remember and record your dreams (5-10 minutes).
    • When you write your dreams in your journal use the first person, and add as much detail as you can.
    • Last, if you want discuss your dreams with a trusted friend or family member. She suggests that you avoid analyzing each others dreams, but instead as Revernd Jeremy Tayor suggests, preface your comments with “If that was my dream…). Hearing from others can sometimes trigger greater insight into your dreams.
  • MENTAL CLARITY ~ To celebrate Imbolc and this New Moon ~ bake a seed cake! There are tons of recipes online, so I will let you find the one that works best for you, but I want to share a little thought on the caraway seeds that are included in these lovely cakes!
    • Caraway is bound to Mercury & Air! This lovely seed is a memory herb and is known for its protective properties. It is also associated with LOVE and can be carried to attract or keep your loved one close.

AND, on Tuesday, February 5th, we celebrate the Chinese New Year. We are entering the Year of the PIG. The PIG is a symbol of good luck, happiness and abundance ~ could we ask for more than all of this for February? 2019?

Tonight, go outside and breathe in some of that beautiful air and catch the happiness. 

New Moon Blessings,
Moon Mama



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Moon Mama
Moon Mama

February 06, 2019

Hello Dearest Moon Sister Victoria,

I so loved your message and comment and so sorry it has taken me a few days to respond ~ my blog is not set up very well and does not notify me when someone makes a comment ~ and so sometimes I forget to check for comments! I am so touched that my words touch you and it is with great honor that I hear your love <3!

I DO have a workshop in the making for We the Mavens! So please watch for a posting soon ~ I would love to have you join us.

Big love under this New Moon Energy my Sister Aquarius ~ we have much to be excited about this coming year…

xoxo Debra
Moon Mama


February 04, 2019

Dear Gemstone:
I want to thank you for your messages! I am: an aesthetician, who believes in essential oils, nature, and gemstones, as well as one who has studied Astrology for 50 years! I am an Aquarius, Sun and Moon! So so very much about you resonates with my interests. Do you have workshops? I live in No Cal. Are there any salons or spas that use your products in the SF Bay area?
Thank you again. I love this site. Victoria Gagnebin

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