New Moon in Aries ~ Cazimi Fire

Sunday, April 15th at 6:57 pm PST (9:57 pm EST)

Tonight we have a New Moon in Aries ~ a time of unexpected things to come! This fiery sign is sure to stir your passions up and that can sometimes be as uncomfortable as it is exciting. If you are not following your heart or hearts desires, it can definitely bring up reasons that it is important to look at them again. New Moons are here to share with you the opportunities or dreams that you are quick to bury or put aside as not possible or achievable. This Moon is one of those yearly moons that is sitting in a position to hold a fire to your intentions and with Mercury moving out of retrograde ~ or moreso in his stop before starting his move direct ~ it brings us more clarity of thought and word on how to communicate and work towards these fire-powered dreams. Sprouts require watering and so New Moons are a time of watering ~ taking time to give them the nourishment they need to come to life. And remember Moon Sisters & Brothers, this may take months of nourishment at times so stay the course and be kind to your dreams as they are waiting for you to bring them to life.

This Moon is also a Cazimi Moon, meaning that its center is within 17 minutes of arch with the center of the Sun in celestial longitude. This position is said to create a very powerful, yet gentle and loving period starting 30 minutes before the Moon is in her full darkness and running 30 minutes after. This is a time to really align with your hearts desires.

Aries is a masculine, cardinal, fire sign. It is ruled by mars and rules the head. That is why this is such a powerful time to get your heart and head to connect and move them in the same direction.  Use this fire awaken your dreams and take on that Aries confidence, strength and passion and put it to go use. 

The Celtic Tree for this New Moon Cycle is Willow. The Willow tree seeks out water and like no other tree is associated with the Moon in all her phases.  She encourages expresseion of deeply buried feelings and teaches us to surrender completely to the watery world of emotions and the subconcious so that we can move into a deeper understanding of your inner-most feelings, toward a better appreciation of our hidden motives and secret fears and desires.  She allows us to realize that within every loss is a seed of potential for something new! The magic of the willow carries creativity, inspiration and female rights of passage. Follow the labyrinth trail, connect with the power of wisdom and the rhythm of your soul and return to your ordinary world strengthened. Your will find that your awareness of your purpose is stronger and your intentions cannot be broken by the spell of someone else'e desire.  Remember your fertile inner strength is like that of the Willow. You have the flexibility to bend around obstacles ~ your desires can be woven into the shape. Tell your wishes to the willow.  This is a wonderful time to 

Use the New Moon in Aries to write out your intentions and deepen your movement forward. A ritual for this new moon ~

Map it out! Lets try something new for this New Moon by mapping out our intention for the next two weeks. If you want to do a larger mapping save it for another time. Lets keep this one simple.

    1. First quiet yourself. Take a few minutes to light candles, create an altar or place items on your altar to bring in this new Moon.  A few suggestions are placing gemstones on your altar that work well with this moon energy such as fire opal, bloodstone, or moonstone. Colors are red and yellow. Rosemary is a wonderful essential oil to calm your body and keep you from feeling the fight or flight sensation and helping you to focus.
    2. Intentions are best set once you take the time to move into a place of feeling contentment as opposed to a place of lack or need. So if you like do a short breathing meditation to calm the mind and connect it with your heart.
    3. Get a piece of paper and write out your intention and then sit with it for a few minutes allowing yourself to go into the dream state of how you would feel if you had accomplished or completed your intention.  What do you feel? How do you look? How will you move forward from this journey to the next?
    4. Now, get out your colored pencils and larger paper for drawing out your map. Create the steps to getting there by drawing or writing words and mix it up with dates and arrows! Add anything else that you want like maybe ~ flowers, gemstones for energy or even essential oils for smells to bring you back to your intention as the weeks pass. Be sure to create steps that you can accomplish ~ this is important ~ and yet don't hold back on the outcome. If there are only three steps from this New Moon to the next that is perfect! It is more important to accomplish the step and continue at the Full Moon or next New Moon.
    5. Place your map/drawing on your altar and use the gemstones or essential oils to guide you as the weeks pass. Another thought is to wear red and eat red foods over the next week to help you to connect to your steps and intention!

This Moon has a special energy, because it is the New Moon in Aries 2018. It is unique. Remember Moon Family, what you are seeking to become is actually by nature what you already are ~ this is a time to become conscious of your essence and bring it into form and express it in a creative way. Today is a new day ~ everyday.

New Moon Wishes,
Moon Mama

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