New Moon in Cancer ~ Solar Eclipse

Tomorrow we have a New Moon in Cancer with a Full Solar Eclipse, The Solar Eclipse begins at 9:55 am PST (12:55 pm EST). The New Moon is at 12:17 pm PST (3:17 EST).

This season of Cancer/Capricorn Eclipses started in July 2018 and has a two year cycle going into 2020. Is there a Theme that is playing in your life? It is also a time to reflect on where you were in your life during the last Cancer/Capricorn Eclipse Season, which was from 2009 - 2011.

Cancer is ruled by the Moon and is the sign of the Sacred Feminine. Here the Moon is in her most nurturing water sign. She is the creative mother energy. 

With this New Moon and Solar Eclipse energy, we hold the potential to dream the dreams of the Goddess, breathing in the masculine and feminine energies of love.

This may be a time for you to dive deep to find that inner clarity, to feel a charge of new energy, to decide what you will take on, to make the preparations and march out!

Working under this watery moon, being around, near, or in the water can be very nurturing and healing.

Here are a few thoughts for working with this lovely energy:

  • I strongly suggest that you play in her healing waters: ocean, hot springs, river, lake or bathing at home. If possible, completely immerse yourself in her beautiful, silky, watery, energy and feel her silence and movement and how it can carry you forward through this eclipse season and into 2020. 
  • Use one or more of these gemstones to support the Theme that you are working with:
    • Being in the Flow ~ Chalcedony & Moss Agate
    • Self-awareness & Balance ~ Clear Quartz & Red Jasper
    • Strengthening & Growth ~ Apatite & All the Calcites
    • Happiness & Pleasure ~ Rose Quartz & Sunstone
    • Revitalizing ~ Red Garnet & Carnelian
    • Openness & Expansion ~ Aquamarine & Apophyllite
  • And here is a lovely ritual for the Masculine, Solar Energy of the Eclipse ~ write your intention/wishes on a bay leaf and burn it. Blow the ashes into the wind, near the body of water you are immersing yourself in, or if at home, blow them out your front door. As you scatter the ashes, ask the Universe to bring these things to you! The Bay Laurel is Sacred to Apollo, God of prophecy, healing, music & solar light.

Take in the influence and energies of this New Moon/Solar Eclipse ~ it is a time to be called and moved, and always a time to encounter something new.

New Moon Blessings,
Moon Mama

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