New Moon Ritual ~ Setting Intentions


Tomorrow is the first New Moon of 2017. This is not only a beautiful time to set intentions for the next Moon cycle but also for the coming year. New Moon energy is all about setting your intentions, wishes, or dreams out into the Universe into the Dark Moon to germinate. Then during the Waxing period, the two weeks between the New and Full Moon, you take action on your intentions, actively working towards your goals. 

New Moons fall under the same sign as the Sun and this New Moon is in Aquarius. When the Sun is in Aquarius you will find that your mind and spirit work together to give you the power of vision. It is a time of focusing on the collective, working together with a team, community, science and Magic! We have some lovely, creative energy to work with under this New Moon. 

Tomorrow we also usher in the Fire Rooster. The Fire Rooster represents a year of new awakenings ~ success and good luck are can be achieved through your hard work and your taking action towards your goals. The Fire Element is magnetic ~ great for increasing your inner wisdom.

In addition, we have Mars moving into Aries tomorrow night, his favorite sign, pulling in more fiery, potent energy ready for action. 

And to add to this creative, fiery, focused energy, is a Cazimi New Moon. A Cazimi Moon is when the Moons center is within 17’ of arc of the Sun. A Cazimi Moon is good to use if you want something to really succeed ~ it is one of the highest forms of good luck. This energy is available 30 minutes before and 30 minutes after the New Moon, which is tomorrow at 4:07 pm PST (7:07pm EST) ~ i.e. from 3:37 to 4:37 pm PST. Cazimi Moons only happen at the New Moons, however, not all New Moons are Cazimi Moons. 

This is a great time to hold ritual, alone or with your tribe to connect to your intention, your goals, and your wishes. Below is a sweet ritual for you to use to set your intentions. To complete all the steps below can take anywhere from 1 - 2 hours so feel free to use one or all of the steps ~ they are there for the picking.

  1. Choose your place to hold ceremony and if you can create a small alter.
  2. Choose a piece of paper ~ I like to use a printed-paper with words, pictures or even a solid color or color print that is attractive to you is great.
  3. Gather colored pencils, scissors, a glue stick, and some string (hemp, embroidery thread or even sweetgrass will work!).
  4. I also love to gather herbs, spices, seeds, beads, essential oils etc to work with ~ I have a few suggestions and their healing properties below ~ chose those that speak to you and/or that you can access easily.
  5. Do some stretching or dance to connect to your body and then sit quietly to connect internally to your breath and heartbeat. Connect to your intention.
  6. Now its time to create! Take your paper and draw or write your intention. Add spices or herbs and other lovely things you have collected and place them ~ feel free to use glue to keep them in place. Once you are done creating, fold your paper into a small bundle and tie it up with your string,
  7. Place it on your alter, next to your bed, or carry it on your body or in your purse until after the New Moon tomorrow night.
  8. During the Cazimi Moon time tomorrow night, use your small bundle to reconnect with your intention. If you like do some writing or just be sure to take your intention and dream big during this time ~ HAVE FUN! Don’t worry how big you dream, as dreaming is beautiful for heart and soul! And who knows what magic will come your way….
  9. If you used any seeds in the bundle on Saturday, under the New Crescent Moon you can place you bundle on a plate, open it and saturate it with water.  Keep is moist by spraying with water a few times a day and after a few days you can keep a small pool of water on the plate ~ within 4-7 days you will have chia/fenugreek sprouts to eat a great way to incorporate your intention, dreams, wishes and keep them moving forward and into fruition over the next few weeks.
  10. Or just place your bundle on your alter or keep it in an area where you can see it so that you are reminded to connect to your intention/wishes/dreams to keep the vision and energy moving with you. Putting you goals into action is the key, yet it is also important to remember that progress is relative, because life is a journey and the goal is ever changing!

Enjoy this creative, auspicious energy and remember to dream big gems! 

Sending New Moon Wishes Your Way,

Healing Properties of a few Herbs/Spices/Oils/Tree Bark

Birch ~ symbolizes truth, new beginnings and cleansing of the past.
Chamomile ~ helps attract abundance and relaxes your energy to allow you to become receptive. The Universe and God always have your best interests in mind. Excellent for luck and prosperity.
Chia Seeds ~ means strengthening, builds endurance
Cinnamon ~ help to attract success and for bringing healing, protection and love. It can even help you enhance your psychic powers.
Fenugreek ~ protection and grounding, helps with centering and focusing ones intentions.
Hawthorn ~ is medicine for the heart on all levels Emotionally and energetically, it soothes a broken heart, grief, difficult relationships, and feelings of being taken advantage of by friends, family, or partners.
Lavender ~ relaxes your mind and quiets the ego voice. It helps cast away any fears about embracing your spiritual gifts.
Lemongrass ~ wards off distractions and procrastination; brings you clarity of purpose; sharpens your focus and stops people from interrupting your important job. (fresh or essential oil)
Myrrh ~ symbolizes power, strength, vitality, and mysticism it can be used to increase ones energy and stamina. (I suggest an essential oil as this is the fragrance for this New Moon)
Peppermint ~ helps motivate and inspire you, bringing you new creative ideas on how to achieve your dreams. (fresh or essential oil)
Rose ~ opens your heart and attracts compassion, understanding and healing; and of course, love. (fresh or essential oil)
Rosemary ~ has an affinity for the head area. It clears away unwanted thoughts, lifts negative thinking in favor of a positive attitude, and assists with concentration. (fresh or essential oil)

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January 26, 2017

What great info, and such a beautiful ritual!! Thank you for this enrichment, and have a blessed New Moon!

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