New Year Love ~ Full Moon in Cancer

As we move into this New Year 2018 ~ I want to share my gratitude for each of you and thank you from the bottom of my heart for letting me share my magic with you and your skin. Walk forward into 2018 with your beautiful self ~ you are a blessing to my life. 

~ Rainer Maria Rilke

Today we step into a Full Moon in Cancer at 6:24 pm PST (9:24 pm EST).  Get outside tonight to see her rise ~ she will be spectacular ~ catch her light. The Moon rules cancer and loves being in her sign ~ a sign of water.  Cancer reconnects us with our oceans of emotions ~ a time to nourish ourselves and connect to our true feelings. Water is healing and one of the best conduits for our emotions ~ a great time to bath, hydrate or make soup! 

I cannot think of a better way to celebrate the New Year or this Full Super Moon than taking a self-caring, ritual bath. Taking time for you on this first day of the year is a wonderful way to start the year with a self-care practice. Let this bath ritual guide you into the year in a way that is nurturing and intentional. You can create your bath time so that it not only becomes a self-care ritual, but a daily/weekly/monthly cleansing and healing. We are blessed to have access to clean water ~ something we take for granted daily. 

Water Ritual:

    • Begin by selecting what you would like to add to your bath ~ it can be bath salts, essential oils clay, oatmeal or apple cider vinegar. Each has its own healing properties.
    • Begin your bath water and place your salts, clay, essential oils etc. under the running water while thinking of the healing properties the each one offers.
    • Gather your candles, diffuser, music, tea or what ever you choose to bring with you into your bath to better connect to yourself.
    • Before getting into the bath, bring forward your intention for the water to share with you ~ for this moment, this day, this week, this month or this year! 
    • Once in the water, connect with the element of water and her elemental spirits. If you have added essential oils, connect to the smell and plant spirits. They are there to work together with you and your body.
    • Sip your tea, listen to your music, take in the candle light and just be. Nothing more. Give yourself at least 5-10 minutes of connecting with the feeling of the water on your skin ~ how when you move, it moves, what it feels like to place your face in the water or immerse completely. Connect with the smells of the essential oils and how they make you feel. Watch the candle light and where you connect with it in your body. As you sip on your tea follow it down your throat and into your body. Be aware of your body and how it interacts.
    • Notice how you feel when you get out of the bath ~ are you relaxed? smiling? what feelings did it invoke? 
    • As you let the water out of the bath thank the elemental spirits for sharing with you and bless them all. 

Soup Ritual:

    • If you shop today for your soup ingredients, be happy with all you encounter at the store, be kind, be joyful as you choose what you are to place in your water and body!
    • As you cut the vegetables ~ be grateful to the earth and all those that touched them to get them to your table (farm workers, truck drivers, store hands etc)
    • As you add them to the water, thank them for the healing they will offer your body with their vitamins, proteins and minerals.
    • Bless your food prior to eating <3.

We are all stepping into the New Year with hopes and dreams ~ let yours begin with a self-ritual that is nurturing to your body and soul. And don't forget to put our your Moon Water Gems!

Wishing you the Moon, the Stars and more,
Moon Mama

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