Old Art Form ~ New Ways to Heal

Have you ever admired or been inspired by some really fantastic body art? Yeah you have. It’s everywhere and it’s getting more intricate and gallery worthy every day. All the care you take to choose your artist, choose your shop, but what about choosing your aftercare products? Fresh out of the shop is so good a feeling, we forget about the hit our body takes!

Bygone are the days of stick and poke below deck- not only are tattoos accessible and trendy, they have also infiltrated the cosmetic industry (with techniques like microblading, and permanent make-up !!).

In the wellness section of most natural food stores you will find a section devoted to tattoo aftercare; only trouble is, what to choose? And does it really matter that much?

Like any work of art that we love- architectural, sculptural, or visual media- we have an obligation to both the artist and ourselves, as patrons, to protect it and preserve it to the best of our ability.

We’re not just talking daily skin care routine, getting the softest feeling legs after shaving; this is an open wound we’re about to dab some mysterious looking goo onto and it better be made of the right stuff because we’ve got this baby for life. Being more conscientious about your body care choices could make or break your look.

We, as busy human beings running our own lives, have a tendency to overlook ‘the little things.’ When we slack on after care because this ain’t our first rodeo, or just plain overwhelmed by advice columns, we can cause potential lasting harm to our bodies and create a serious eyesore at the expense of your dedicated tattoo artist. Here are some easy pointers for keeping you on track with your new tat:

Steps and Tips for Healing Tattooed Skin:

Immediate Care

  1. Leave it Alone! - Although it’s nearly irresistible to flash that tat to coworkers, friends, family- you name it- keep it swaddled like a baby as much as possible for the first 2 hours, min. Give your skin a chance to lie low and recover from shock.  
  2. Keep it Clean- Consider your tattoo a raw wound. When you remove the bandage, rinse the skin with warm water (not too hot!) and if you do use soap, make sure it is gentle and unscented.
  3. Keep it Dry- after cleaning, pat area dry with clean towel.
  4. Keep it Moisturized- A proper ointment can double as a moisturizer and an antibacterial.** (See below natural essential oils)
  5. Keep it Protected- ABSOLUTELY NO PICKING OR SCRATCHING. It’s hard to resist the itch but, trust me, your skin will thank you for it. You will be rewarded when your image has healed- clear lines and scar-free.

A few things to watch out for-

  1.  -  damaging the ink.
  2.  -  bacterial infection.
  3.  -  difficult/prolonged healing.

Natural Tips for Healing that will get your body feeling your new groove:

  • Grape Seed Oil- A great moisturizer with antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties
  • Shea butter- Great moisturizer (found in our Ruby Crème)
  • Lavender- Soothes itching, helps blood circulation (found in our Ruby Crème)
  • Helichrysum- Antibacterial, reduces swelling, contains tissue regenerating diketones (found in our Gold Crème)

** Our line offers products that are ideal for helping with immediate and long term skin care for tattooed skin- especially our Ruby Crème (with helpful ingredients like shea butter and lavender) and Gold Crème (with the amazing ingredient helichrysum). Sunstone Lotion is great for keeping that image looking vivid and glowing.

Pamper your skin- rejoice in the result of some rad art. Our natural ingredients ensure the cleanliness and healing tattooed skin deserves. **

Next time you catch yourself zoning out in the beauty section- do your skin and yourself a little favor and get the product that’s feels right to you. Make sure it’s hitting all those high marks! Is it made of 100% organic non-harmful ingredients? No harsh synthetic fragrances? Goes on like a dream, and leaves your skin feeling cooler and calmer? Probably not a bad bet!

Surround yourselves with the luxury and beauty of
great art,
great health &
great skin.
Celebrate the finer things... LIVE IT UP.

Adriany Poluan, Gemstone Sorceress

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