Summer Fun ~ Before & After Care


We have entered the busy months where we all love the outdoor activities that warmer weather brings! The sun is a healing and powerful planet and if we are respectful with our time under his radiant rays we can reap the benefits while still having fun. Sunscreen is controversial today and although most of us grew up slathering on the sunscreen, it is being shown that many of the ingredients can actually encourage cancer growth ~ so when using sunscreen choose carefully and read the labels closely. Another important fact is that small daily doses of sun, around twenty minutes, is still our best source of Vitamin D!  So getting the sun we need but not over doing it is the key. 

Here are a few ways to protect your skin and keep it healthy and glowing this summer:

  1. Cover-up
    The best sunblock out there today is clothing! During the sun’s most intense rays try to stay covered. Light clothing, hats, or umbrella’s are a great way to keep your skin protected. White clothing will reflect more of the sunlight and keep you cooler.
  2. Eat Healthy
    Eating foods that are rich in carotenoids and antioxidants helps protect your skin from damage, including UV damage. So reach for blueberries, blackberries, and prunes along with sweet potatoes, carrots, kale and beet greens. All the beautiful dark leafy greens, fruits and veggies are in season for a reason!
  3. Use Organic Oils High in SPF
    Red raspberry seed oil is one of the best seed-oils for blocking UVB rays and has a SPF between 28-50. Carrot seed oil has is said to have an SPF of 38-40 and is also a great carotenoid antioxidant for your skin!. Coconut oil is something you can benefit from both internally and externally. It blocks about 20% of the sun’s rays from the outside, taking it internally will contribute to the healthy production of vitamin D.  When using oils apply them at least 30 minutes prior to being in the sun to give them the time they need to be absorbed.
  4. Exfoliate
    Removing the dead cells on the surface of your skin keeps if from looking dull and rough. Exfoliating allows your cells to regenerate more quickly, keeping your skin healthy and radiant. Use a gentle exfoliator weekly or bi-weekly.
  5. Moisturize your skin
    Take care of your skin during these hot, summer months by using a good moisturizer. You may not feel dry with all the moisture in the air, but with all the extra sun and wind you can be sure that it needs extra care. Using a good face crème and lotion will help your skin stay healthy all year round.
  6. Drink lots of water and healthy liquids
    Make sure you are drinking enough water and other healthy liquids, such as coconut waters, kombucha or even better homemade juices! 

And I can't end without sharing my summer Gemstone Organic picks for you!

    • Organic Sunstone Body Lotion ~ gently exfoliates, balances your skins pH and is full of active nutrients and antioxidants. Pow!
    • Organic Lavender Gem Juice Hydrosol ~ cooling and soothing for your skin and senses. It will keep your pH healthy and balanced to keep your skin moisturized. Ahhhhh!
    • Organic Rose Quartz Face Crème ~ perfect for after the sun with the lavender essential oil to soothe and balance your skin after sun exposure + protective coconut and Cupuacu oils to lock in moisture.  So, so nice!
    • Organic Gold Face Crème ~ contains carrot seed essential oil to give you high amounts of naturally occurring SPF + protective hemp, coconut and cupuacu oils. Ooolala!

Wishing you a summer of fun and sun...

xx Debra

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