Releasing ~ to the Gift of Now

Over the summer solstice I was in circle with a few women from my tribe…two beautiful, powerful women by the way <3. We had planned to go to our sacred Joshua tree to camp for three days…but the heat pushed us to the north, to our sacred waters. It was a time of ceremony, drumming, dancing, love and sharing under the beautiful full moon.

I will never be the same again. 

It was during a morning ceremony when we were sharing and I allowed myself to feel the grip of emotions that I was holding onto … the words flowed, my sisters listened, that’s all, just listened. And then the feelings bubbled up and the release came…. it was windy, hot and our last day ~ three days out and so much sharing. 

Life is messy and we all have our times of struggle where we have to fight negative thoughts and worries about our loved ones and ourselves. Sometimes we don’t release the grips our thoughts have on us and it makes us tired, unproductive, or unfocused. When we find a sacred space to let go we give these energies a place to surface and move. Nature is a perfect place to shed our negativity letting it flow freely from us as we connect to the earth, allowing the beauty around us to catch our attention.

Louie Schwartzberg is a beautiful photographer who shoots time-lapse flowers. When people see his work they many times say, OMG! I love his explanation of this expression~ 

“The Oh means it has caught your attention - makes you present,
makes you mindful. The My means it connects with something deep
inside your 
soul and creates a gateway for your inner voice to rise up
and be heard.
And God, god is that personal journey we all want to
be on, to be inspired,
to feel like we’re connected to a universe
that celebrates life”

Since our time together I have felt more present … present to the opportunity that every day I wake up to a new me, to someone I have never been before and one that I will never be again.

Today is a gift. 
~ Debra

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July 09, 2016

Thank you sweet sisters <3<3<3

Nam Pritam
Nam Pritam

July 08, 2016

Sweet Solstice – sweet surrender.


July 07, 2016

Love this! Love you Debra! xx


July 07, 2016

Today is beautiful. Always a blessing. /|\ :)

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