Shining that Inner Sun~ Summer Solstice and the Solar Plexus



Summer has arrived, at last! It is time to celebrate the light, power, and love taking center stage in our lives.

The Summer Solstice marks a celestial event where the longest day and shortest night of the year is experienced on Earth’s northern hemisphere. Tuesday, June 20th at 9:24pm (PST), folks all across the northern hemisphere will be celebrating the return of the Sun back into their lives with singing, dancing and letting the love shine bright!

The solstice is a historically powerful time of the year- when we make a great shift in our energies. Not only honoring the beginning of many lovely summer days to come, but also the abundance of the Earth, and the shedding of our own personal shadows. It is a time to walk in the light.

The Sun’s cycle throughout the year, can be a metaphor of our own personal growth cycle; stepping away from darkness, and harnessing our inner creative power. This is about our potential as an Individual; the power to give, as well as the power to receive.

The summer solstice is centered around ‘Light’ and recognizing the light within ourselves and every individual. Who or what lights up your life? Perhaps take the time to light a candle for those people who are especially meaningful to you and have held your hand during dark periods or trying times. This could also be a perfect night for a bonfire with friends and family. Fire can be used to burn away any lasting remains of the old so we can be fully present in our new lives.

Whatever you do- make time to share with those that you love and who make you feel most connected to your inner strength. Your support network is calling to be acknowledged!

Spend time connecting to Self by re-establishing healthy rituals in your daily care routine and pampering yourself after long, hot days in the sun. Recharge at the end of a long day with a sweet, empowering ritual, or soaking those spent limbs in a warm bath. If you have had trouble connecting with your inner strength and vitality, giving special attention to your Solar Plexus Chakra can help you to remove the obstacles that keep you from getting through to your inner light. These ceremonies can offer release and freedom of spirit so that our childlike sense of expression is awakened. We learn again how to revel in our experiences and marvel, in fresh curiosity, at the World. With the masculine energy of the sun aiding us, it is a time to speak out, express ourselves, take action, and most importantly; don’t hold back! What has held us back from accessing our potential, hopes and dreams in the past is relinquishing its grasp. The Sun’s beautiful, brazen love is there to help us shake it the rest of the way!

The Solar Plexus Chakra or Manipura is located above the navel and below the rib cage. This energy center is where we find our warrior strength and inner fire. The color for this chakra is yellow and the element is Fire. Fire purifies and energizes giving us the ability to move forward with confidence from a place of power. This chakra teaches us how to hold our personal power, find our self-confidence, and radiate from a place of joy and warmth.

Ways to Balance the Solar Plexus:

Solar Plexus Ceremonial Chakra Bath
This self-love bath ritual activates all of your sensory organs; sight, sound, smell, touch, and taste: it is through your five senses that you experience the world. Working with gemstones, botanicals, water and color, this bath set will connect you with your inner fire to boost your self confidence and activate your inner warrior. Let your light shine! 

With Gemstones 
  • Sunstone- A joyful stone that inspires the nurturing of self to serve others. 
  • Citrine- Abundance. The sun shining with you.
  • Tiger’s Eye- Protection. Inner warrior.    
In a relaxed position, seated or lying down, take a couple of deep breaths to center yourself. Count the seconds it takes to breathe in and count the seconds it takes to breathe out. Do this until you find your facial muscles relaxing; relax your neck, relax your shoulders, relax your arms, your torso, your hips to your sits bone, relax your legs and let the warm flow of energy travel down to the tips of your toes.
Focus your energy on the space above your navel and right below your rib cage. Imagine a warm, glowing sensation blooming from within. Imagine this as a light shining out past your body. Imagine this light engulfing you with it’s warmth and spreading out into the space around you- so vast it connects you to the Mysteries of the Universe. As Summer Solstice has sometimes been told as the marriage between Heaven and Earth, so let this be a connection of the two within yourself.
You’ve connected your inner light to the source.
Stay in this feeling for awhile.
When you are ready; slowly bring your awareness back into the room you’re in. Wiggle your toes and your fingers.
Then take a deep breath in and open your eyes to a new world, radiating with fresh energy and life!

So get out there and shine your light- now’s the time to soak up all that good summer lovin’ and be around those who mean the most. After all the hard work of the winter months, and the new progress of spring, you deserve a day off in the sun, so enjoy!

Adriany Gemstone Sorceress

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