Giving Hearts ~ Buying Local

We are all aware of the current state of affairs that have brought our hearts and eyes to the attention of our environmental, political, social and economic threats. It is a vital time for each of us to take action in our lives to support the necessary changes calling for our attention. It is especially important to take this into consideration during the Holidays. As we all buy our most beloved a thoughtful gift, I wonder, are we being thoughtful about the gifts we buy?

Are we thinking about where our money is going, who and what it is supporting? When we use our money, are we realizing the power every cent carries with it? Our voices can be heard in a variety of ways. Let’s use our money to our advantage. If we use our knowledge and buying power to empower us, individually and collectively, we can and will create change. It feels light and freeing to even be able to have the power to choose. So let’s use that freedom of choice to make our lives and our society a much better place.

This was a huge motivating factor in creating the Gemstone Organic Holiday Gift Sets. We teamed up with eight small businesses here in California to not only create beautiful, healing gift sets for your loved ones, but to support our local economy and the magic that these entrepreneurs have so thoughtfully shared with the world. We can talk about the current state of affairs, but what are we doing about it? Let’s keep standing together and join forces to contribute to the kind of world we want to live in. One that encourages, fosters, and supports creative endeavors with pure intentions.

Each of the Holiday Gift Sets are made with a person in mind, your best friend, a first time mom in your life, or teacher. These are the same people who you are supporting when you shop locally and handmade. While shopping this year, ask yourself, where is the value going? Is it contributing to global warming, the Dakota Pipeline, the one percent?

Lately, it has been quite easy to feel the weight of the news, but here is a moment where we can take matters into our own hands. We can feel strong by sending our love and support to our local companies. As Moon Mama + Chief Alchemist of Gemstone Organic says, “They supply what we demand.” So, I ask you, what are you demanding? I am saying this to help you realize how important you are in this life. You are powerful in your own right with the gifts and talents you have to share with the world. You are also powerful in your actions and choices. So choose and act wisely, with your heart and soul.  

The brands we chose to team up with for the Holiday Gift Sets are sharing their gifts and talents with a conscious mindset. We paired our sets with a holistic mindset, creating gifts that are full of thoughtfulness, love, compassion and healing; all of the tools we need to make change, move forward, and become better.

Wishing you Holidays filled with love and light going into the New Year,

Miranda // Natural Beauty Tribe

P.S. I encourage you to watch the The Story of Stuff to deepen your understanding of consumption and then The Story of Solutions to learn what you can do to contribute.  

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