Stand with Standing Rock

photo by Mystic Mamma

Dear moon family ~ I have pondered for many months my relationship to supporting standing rock and yet i have known what it is that i must/want to do. i am so grateful for all of you who have made the trip to stand with them and if I was back in MN i am sure that I would have been one of you under the big sky standing tall and proud. But i am not there and although donations are helpful ~ i have come to the conclusion that the best way to move forward is to create a bigger movement, a stand that speaks to the oil companies in a new way ~ through money, the one thing that they hold to tightly and use to control and gain power. I am guilty. I use my car, fly on planes, buy plastic covered food and all of these feed the oil companies that we are trying to stop. I need oil to function in my life ~ but I can reduce my needs and link arms with others to let them know that we, the people, control the demand that they supply. I believe that we are in an important time for learning to create the change at home and within and then gather together to become one powerful voice. This, the aquarian age, is the time for us to take action at hom ein our own lives, individually and collectively. To learn the power we hold within and then as we gather together we become a powerful voice and wave ~ one that reverberates and ripples out to those who need our support and down to our children and generations following.

Let us do a powerful, yet peaceful demonstration across the country by not buying gas or driving our car for one day a week ~ one day. It sounds simple and yet I know that we all can see the true difficulty of this commitment. I cannot think of many days in the last month that I have not gotten in my car to go somewhere ~ even to take myself to the beach for a walk. It is a commitment and I believe would make a huge impact on the oil companies, but even more so, it is to give them the message that we can link arms in a powerful way to support our brothers and sisters across the nation when in need. To let them know that we stand with those who are demanding that the earth and waters be protected and that the oil companies must find new ways to move the oil without harming our natural resources or sacred lands. We must show them and the rest of the country and world that our linked voice is loud and strong and unified.

I have chosen Sundays ~ not just this coming Sunday, but all Sundays till the end of the year, to not drive or buy gas. Please join me or chose another day and link arms with others to make your voice and commitment heard and felt. There are so many things coming forward in the coming months that we will need to stand together on and I would like to see this be the one we start with ~ stand with standing rock and commit to not driving your car or buying gas for one day ~ it will send a strong and powerful message that if we can do it for one day, we can do it for two and maybe three until they feel our commitment and voice of unity one that they cannot ignore for it will be loud and strong and vibrate throughout the sacred land and waters.

This is the time to call our brothers and sisters together. It is time for us to stand together by not buying oil to give them a deep message that they are not allowed to treat the land and the people without our vote, without our voice, and without our consent. We are the ones that control the money if we stand together.



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