SUN POWER ~ Celebrating the Summer Solstice


We harness the power of the Summer Solstice by deeply connecting to our inner Sun and the Sweetness of Life and allowing our gifts to flow forth ~ Sisters of Topaz 


Today we celebrate the SUMMER SOLThe Summer Solstice, also known as Litha or Hafmas, is celebrated every year when the Sun moves into the sign of Cancer. This is the time when the earth is midpoint in her journey around the sun, creating the longest day and shortest night of the year.

Mother Earth brings forth her greatest abundance under these long days of the sun… where we see the manifestation of what was planted in the early weeks of spring. These are the days of lush greens and bursting flowers, trees, and gardens.

We are also under the light of a Honey Moon, because this is when our sweet bees are busy making honey. Mead made from honey is regarded as the divine solar drink filled with magical and life restoring properties; and mead is used in many celebrations to honor of the life-giving abundance of the Sun (missing you sweet moon sister Pam and our mead celebrations <3)

This is also a great time to work with your Solar Plexus, Manipuri. Your energy center that radiates vital life energy, your fire. The Solar energies support you in connecting with your inner light, your the place of consciousness, clarity and awareness.

Do you remember the beautiful story of Aladdin and his wonderful lamp? I believe this story symbolizes the indwelling power that we all possess. In the story, Aladdin had only to rub the lamp and a powerful genie appeared ready to do his bidding ~ fortune, fame, power, were his for the asking!

I believe the lamp represents the conscious mind, the rubbing of the lamp teaches us that we only need to understand our own power, and the genie represents the subconscious mind, “that mighty power within you waiting for recognition and unfoldment, that when aroused and used will bring you to the realization of your fondest dreams”

Things don’t spring instantly into a state of full growth, nor does wisdom or knowing, they must be nourished with patience over time. And when we are fully present to our growth and all that it has to offer we find that we begin a beautiful journey of creative engagement with the world. We become fully engaged with present opportunities.

On June 21st we also have Neptune beginning her reverse movement. She will be retrograde for the next four months making this a beautiful time to turn inward and tune into your core, your inner knowing. Although her retrogrades tend to have a light influence on most, she can be a powerful ally when you place your focus on creativity or spirituality. Catch her influence by working with your solar plexus, your center, to cultivate your own quality of character and personal power.

Here are a few altar options to add to your ritual or ceremony: 

  • Colors to work with ~ yellows, blues, greens
  • Gemstones to work with:
    ~ Pyrite is a stone of boldness, warmth and sun power, it balances the solar plexus, encourages leadership and self worth and brings confidence and persistence to your life.
    ~ Tigers Eye carries the energy of the sun and earth, is a stone of courage and determination and balances your solar plexus chakra to enhance feelings of self-empowerment.
    ~ Sunstone promotes joy, reflects qualities of life and warmth, nurtures personal power.
    ~ Citrine warm and comforting, it awakens creativity and imagination
    ~ Carnelian stimulates creativity for new pursuits, encourages motivation, and rekindles passions!
  • Flower: the sunflower is the symbol for the Sun. It has a beautiful energy to work with as it always turns its face toward the sun as it moves across the sky, from east to west… a process called phototropism. It is a reminder to keep your eyes on the higher light in all that you do
  • Herbs: this is a lovely time of year to harvest herbs if you can. If not, you can get most of these are your local farmers market or food co-op. Here are a few Sun Solstice herbs that can be used for a beautiful facial steam or tea, Chamomile, St. Johns Wort, Calendula. Here is a link on directions for herbal facial steams.
  • Tree energy to work with is the OAK TREE: gather lots of oak leaves! The oak has deep rooted energy to awaken great strength and endurance. It is said that this tree is “a cosmic storehouse of wisdom embodied in its towering strength” and the Oak Tree is one of the most beloved trees in the world. It symbolizes knowledge and strength.
  • Bee ~ this beautiful insect symbolizes the sun, the goddess, personal power, celebration and community. For me the bee has been a symbol of the sweetness of life. Add honey to your tea or burn beeswax candles for the day. Another way this winged beauty can share wisdom with us is in working with hexagrams; honeycombs are made up of six sided hexagons. Six is symbolic of love, harmony, and balance.

Ritual ~ Solstice Flower Medicine Mandala

This ritual is designed to bring nature and solar power into your heart and living space ~ 

  • Starting today think about where you can take a walk to gather flowers, grasses and herbs. If you don’t have an area where you can find wild flowers, visit your local farmers market or coop and grab a bouquet of beauties. Once you have your flowers break off the stems if you like and place them between parchment paper. See pictures below:


    Place heavy books or boxes or even a pot with water on top of them and let them sit for a few days if possible, at least overnight.
  • Gather together the following items the day before the ceremony:
    • A board or paper that you can work on ~ if paper, be sure it is heavy enough to hang once you are done with your work.
    • Colored pencils
    • Pressed flowers/herbs
    • Glue ~ you can use an acid free adhesive, or elmers, modge podge, or glue stick.
    • Tweezers (not necessary, but nice to have on hand!)
    • Toothpicks
    • Small string
    • Gemstones
    • Candles
    • Herbal Tea
    • Smudge stick or instrument for cleansing the space
  • If you like, you can print out the honeycomb hexagram below and place your gemstones in the combs of your desire. Then place a glass or bowl with water on top of them and leave it out under the moon the night before and in the sun up until your ceremony. Use this water to make your tea below.
  • While you are gathering your flowers, be thoughtful about what you want to create and open to connect with under this powerful energy of the sun.
  • If you can work with the energies on the day of the Summer Solstice that would be lovely, but is not necessary. Creating at high noon is perfect as that is when the sun is at the highest point! Even if you are not able to work on your Flower Medicine Mandala, it is good to at least be thoughtful during the high noon period of the Solstice to invoke the energies you would like to work with when creating your Mandala.
  • Cleanse your workspace with sound or smoke.
  • Light a candle; make a cup of herbal tea and place your items on the table or workspace.
  • Hold your gemstones in your hand and if possible sit in a spot where you can catch the light and warmth of the sun. Use this meditation:

    Find your energy center, if you want place your hands with your gemstones on your Solar Plexus. And remember this, that in your body, which holds the universe, you carry undiluted potential….your highest good…your truest possibilities…all your fertile dreams. You are both pregnant with potential and empty and open for receiving. Feel the potential that you carry within this body and also the gifts and warmth of this Sun Powered Energy. Sit until you feel complete and ready to create.
  • On your board or paper make a circle ~ you can do this by cutting your string to a size that is the width of the circle you have room to create on the board (remember to add a little extra length to the string to be able to tie it around the pencil). Pin the string at the center of the paper and using the pencil create the circle.
  • See your circle as a medicine shield ~ one that can set your boundaries and ignite your power center. In the center or body of the circle/wheel, write all you are desiring to have, do, or experience; or words that will inspire you to remember your power center or Manipura. Include everything that brings you joy and happiness using your color pencils. Make it appealing to your eyes and body with the different colors using those that are bringing you the feelings you are writing.
  • Once you have finished with your words, glue your flowers on top of the words creating a flower mandala. You may find that you are drawn to a flower/word combo, or that you want certain parts of words to be seen or hidden. Have fun playing with this and the energies it invokes.
  • Hang this up or place it where you can receive its energy and messages as we move towards the winter solstice. Many times we can find that messages, visions, or dreams will support us in our work. It may be in a discussion or a meeting or argument or a circle that something bubbles up from this type of work. Be excited for what is to come! 

Take time to gather up the solar energy to warm you heart and spirit from this beautiful planet we are blessed to call our Sun. SOLAR UP so that you can carry this energy forward as we move into the waning days ahead.

With light and love,
Moon Mama

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