Tips for Boosting Your Immune System


Self-care is KEY in staying healthy through stressful times ~ so here is a short list on how to boost your immune system and keep your body healthy. We are promoting: Connection + Self-Nourishment + Replenishment = JOY 

We are the owners of these beautiful bodies we live in and we need to treat them with a lot of love and kindness to keep them strong and healthy. This is a time when we want to help others and to do that we need to keep ourselves in good health. Tomorrow make a plan to take on one step from each of the lists below and then make a plan to follow through with it over the next few weeks so you can spread the joy!

Here are some easy steps to strengthen your immune system and to help you stay in the well-being zone.  


Emotional highs and lows are a part of life and I am glad for them all as long as they don’t go too high or too low! We all know that our emotions play a key role in the health of our bodies. 

  • Laugh a lot with friends and family. play games that make you laugh, watch a comedy you love, whatever tickles your funny bone!
  • Dance a lot, moving our bodies can really raise our frequency and help us to readjust our attitudes! My favorite dance song is Despacitoplease share your favorite dance song below!
  • Pamper your body with chakra baths, lavish body butters, and a good nights sleep!
  • Deep Breathing gets nourishing oxygen into your lungs. Blood that is rich in oxygen calms you and helps you pause making you feel better. A spritz of our loving Gem Juice Hydrosols can help you to stop, breathe deep, and take in the their healing aromatherapy. 

Essential oils offer anti-bacterial, anti-microbial, anti-infectious, and anti-inflammatory properties to help you stay healthy and keep your home clean and fresh. They are truly aromatherapy self-nourishment. Here are a few ways to use essential oils to boost your health and keep your surfaces clean:

You can create a lovely room spray to cleanse, freshen and purify your homes air. Use one or a combination of the following oils to make a fresh or spicy room spray:

  • Clove Oil is antibacterial and anti-infectious and is great for the respiratory system
  • Lemon Oil is a beautiful room purifier
  • Eucalyptus Oil is anti-bacterial and anti-infectious and stimulates the immune system
  • Cinnamon Oil is a powerful antibacterial and anti-viral oil
  • Rosemary Oil is detoxifying and strengthens natural immunity.
  • Tea Tree Oil is antiseptic and antiviral.
  • Lavender Oil is anti-microbial and smells fresh and clean.

Using a 2 oz spray bottle (old Gem Juice bottles work perfect here!) combine the following:

  1. Add 40 drops of one or a combination of the essential oils listed above such as:
    1. Lavender and tea tree
    2. Lemon, clove, eucalyptus, and cinnamon (spicy!!)
    3. Rosemary and lavender
  2. Add witch hazel or distilled water or both
  3. Shake well and voila ~ your room spray is ready to cleanse your room and your senses!

And here is an easy surface spray to help keep your surfaces bacteria-free!

Surface Spray:

  1. Add 10 drops of cinnamon oil to a 4-oz spritzer bottle (again old Gem Juice bottles work perfect here!) then fill it ¼ of the way with vinegar and the rest with distilled water (warm/hot water works great). Then cap and shake well! Spray it on doorknobs, toilets, countertops, appliances and more! Leave it on the surface for at least 5 minutes before wiping. Great for keeping your home safe and smells great too!
  2. If you are not a fan of cinnamon, use 5 drops of tea tree and 5 drops of lavender.

And last, here are a few additional options to reap the healing benefits of essential oils:

  • Lemon Oil is also a wonderful lymph tonic, which means it helps your body move cellular waste out of the body. A great way to stimulate lymph drainage is to add 2-3 drops of lemon oil to 1 tsp of coconut oil and rub it into the back of your neck. Note: Lemon Oil is photosensitive and so it is important to avoid direct sunlight on the neck area for at least 12 hours after applying.
  • Oregano Oil is known as nature’s natural antibiotic due to its high carvacrol and thymol content. A great way to use this oil is to dilute a few drops in 1 tsp. of coconut oil and rub it on the bottoms of your feet before putting on your socks to help fight colds/flu. Your feet are gateways to other organs in your body and as you massage the oil into the feet you moving them into your system because every one of our nerve linings end in feet. Using an oil like Lavender can help to bring calm and enhance relaxation for a good nights sleep.
  • Peppermint Oil is excellent for controlling fevers by adding 2 drops in 1 tsp coconut oil and applying to the back of the neck and/or on the soles of the feet for relief. It is also wonderful for nausea. Just place a few drops on a cloth and breath in the aroma as needed.
  • Clove Oil is great for adding to a gargle mixture to numb sore throats and create a clean pathway! Add 1-2 drops of clove oil to a 1 tsp. of sea salt and mix with warm water stirring until the salt dissolves. Take a mouthful and tip your head back to hold the water in your throat and gargle for about 20-30 seconds. Repeat until your mixture is gone. This simple procedure helps to neutralize the acids in your throat and maintain a healthy pH balance, preventing the growth of unwanted bacteria in your mouth. You can do this EVERY day to keep your mouth fresh and clean, not just when you are needing relief!

Replenishment + Nourishment

The foods we feed the amazing bodies we live in can help us stay nourished and replenished. The following foods are wonderful for boosting your immune system:

  • Fermented foods such as sauerkraut, kimchi and fermented coconut water are just a few ways to support your micro-biome, to improve your digestion and health. Your gut is your second brain, and a healthy gut helps us to properly absorb the vitamins and minerals from our food.
  • Water is not only something we cannot live without, it is important to a vibrant body. Staying hydrated helps your bodily fluids to  carry your immune cells throughout your body so they can get to where they need to go to fight off infections"  Adding lemon juice to your water adds a healthy alkalizing boost and fueling the regeneration of immune=fighting lymphatic cells to help you feel stronger. And remember, if you wait until you are thirsty to pick up that glass of water, you are already dehydrated. So drinking small amounts all day is a win-win!
  • Magical Garlic contains allicin, which fights infections and bacteria. It is anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, and anti-viral. Add it to all your soups, stews, stir-fry, and salads! Eat it raw if you can.
  • Herbal teas are not given enough praise in my opinion. These healing drinks can hydrate and boost our immune systems at the same time! High in anti-oxidants are green tea, ginger, peppermint, and echinacea. If you want to add anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties to your ginger tea, add cloves and/or turmeric. They also add an extra boost for your digestion and all are safe for children.
  • Vegetables and seeds high in anti-oxidants to give your body an extra boost are kale, red cabbage, beets, spinach, carrots, and pumpkin seeds. And lets not forget the benefits of raw chocolate!
  • Apple cider vinegar (ACV) shots can also give your system a perfect boost to fight infections and support your gut. They are easy to make and spicy, but good! In a mason jar (or jar with a lid) mix together 1 Tbsp. of ACV, 3 Tbsp. water, squeeze of lemon, a little honey and a pinch of cayenne. Shake well and drink. Cayenne is anti-microbial and is great for disinfecting and killing pathogens. Also spicy foods are very effective for fighting fevers as they make you sweat, which promotes rapid blood circulation.

Stay away from high caffeine and sugar intake as they can weaken your immune system.

And please get outside, especially after a rain and smell the earth, she is the best dose of nourishment, replenishment, and connection you can get to bring on your joy.

Big love to each of you,
Moon Mama

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April 13, 2020

Merci beaucoup pour ces beaux conseils .

Moon Mama
Moon Mama

March 18, 2020

Thank you dear Elsa <3

Elsa Pagan
Elsa Pagan

March 15, 2020

Thanks for the info, everything we can do to help ourselves and others is a plus.

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