Tips for Your Summer Sun Skin


The Summer Heat is here, and although the sun does provide us with our ‘sunshine vitamin D, a lot of anything is hard on the skin and that includes our much loved summer rays. 

Taking care of our skin can be as simple as a morning and evening routine that refreshes and revitalizes.

Tips for a summer morning routine:

  • Mornings are a great time to freshen your skin. After 7-8 hours of sleep, it is good to wash off all the mild impurities and oils that gathered overnight. Our gentle morning Sun Clean was made for all skin types. This sweet cleanser was created to bring your skin back into pH balance while still giving your skin antibacterial morning love. It will leave your skin clean and fresh.

    Use first thing on rising, and if you like you can even leave it one for a minute to give yourself a simple morning masque. Then rinse off with cold water to give you and your skin a wake up call it will love. And if possible, use cold, filtered water to rinse your face so as not to disturb the pH balance.

  • Adding a glass of lemon water first thing on waking is great to help detoxify your skin from the inside out.
  • Next, spray your face with your favorite Gem Juice. Hydrosols are incredibly good for your summer skin. They feed your cells with freshness and moisture without the grease. After spraying, let the Gem Juice absorb completely before using your organic face crème.

  • Last, Moisturize! Moisturizing is important to keep skin healthy and balanced. Choose a face crème that will work well with your skin type. You want to give your skin the moisture it needs to get through the day.

How well do you know your skin? I offer a free skin reading on the website that can guide you in choosing the crème and gem juice that best fits your skin. 

Tips for a summer night skin routine:

After a tiring day amid the heat and sweat, it’s great if you can take the time to remove the sun rays and overall environmental grime. Making this a priority can keep your skin clean and healthy. 

  • First thing you are going to want to remove after a long day is your makeup/sunscreen and the days environmental traces that collect on your skin. It is important to give your skin the chance to breathe. Using coconut oil is a natural and excellent way to remove your makeup.
  • Next you will want to wash your face with a gentle cleanser. We created our Moon Clean for just that ~ to remove dead skin cells and clean without drying out your skin like soaps or harsh cleansers.
  • Using a hydrosol after cleansing will again feed your cells with freshness and moisture. After spraying, let the Gem Juice absorb completely before using your organic face crème.
  • Last choose a moisturizer that will aid your skin in the healing it needs. One that heals and when using it at night will give it the time it needs to work its magic. 

Here are a few more tips to heal summer skin and can be done morning or night, whenever you and your skin have the time for a pampering ~

Herbal Facial Steams

Herbal facial steams are wonderful for removing dead skin cells and ridding your skin of toxins. They will clean your pores, along with hydrating and softening your skin. It is a truly simple way to open your pores, increase circulation, and remove bacteria, makeup, and sunscreen residue. They are great for all skin types and help your skin to better to absorb your face crème. These are magic in my book and used regularly, you will definitely see a difference in your skins health! Here is a great video on how to do a gemstone facial steam.

Mineral Mud Masques

Doing a mud mask weekly is so good for your skin. It exfoliates by tightening the skin as it dries, allowing skin cells to stick to the surface of the mask. The dead skin is then washed off with the removal of the masque. Adding in the benefits of gemstone powders is a plus with your Mineral Masque that will add to your clean, fresh, glow!

This is a great time of year to add in a few masque additional options that can aid in creating fresh, clean, glowing skin right from your summer garden or kitchen!

Apple Cider Vinegar facial masque:

This is a great face mask for those of you with oily skin that need a deep cleaning and this is another wonderful way to bring your skin into pH balance. Make a simple mask with ¼ cup of cider vinegar and ¼ cup water. Apply on your face and wait till it dries. Rinse with cool water! Great for the summer months.

Watermelon & Cumber facial masque

These two high water content beauties are not only good for you internally but your skin will love the refreshing and revitalizing properties in this face mask. It can also aid in removing blemishes and marks ~
Mix 2 tablespoons of watermelon and cucumber juice with 2 teaspoons of yogurt. Apply and let sit for 15 minutes. Rinse with cool water. It will do wonders for your skin!  

Summer dryness is something we forget to address and with the longer days, lots of outdoor activities, and warm summer evenings, this is a great time to give your skin a little extra love!

Happy Summer,
xx Debra
Moon Mama

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