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Apple Cider Vinegar + Skin

Almost everyone has heard about the countless benefits of the all-natural panacea that is apple cider vinegar. But what about for the skin? We were so excited to develop the Sunstone Body Lotion formula with apple cider vinegar because this food-grade and organic ingredient is a total skin saver…


 Here are the TOP 3 benefits to using ACV on the skin:


pH Balance

Our skin’s protective layer, also known as the ‘acid mantle’, functions best at a pH of 4.5-5.5. Skin’s pH levels are vital to its health, and when the pH begins to rise we experience symptoms like dehydration, roughness, irritation and flaking. If skin pH continues to rise, bacteria levels increase and skin conditions like eczema and dermatitis are likely to flare. Without a healthy acid mantle, skin is left with no defensive barrier and is susceptible to all kinds of environmental damage.

Everyday our skin is fighting to maintain a healthy pH. Things like sun exposure, our diets, sweating and the use of soap all lower our skin’s pH so the least we can do is to use a product with an acidic base (such as apple cider vinegar as well as hydrosol). This is the best way to prevent depletion of the acid mantle and is one of the secrets to maintaining vibrant, healthy skin.


Bacteria Buster

There is such a thing as good bacteria, but not always on our skin. Bacteria on the skin leads to things like acne, blemishes, rashes, flakes and flare-ups. Luckily, apple cider vinegar can prevent this too. Because of all the beneficial enzymes, acids and the pH of AVC, it’s an effective treatment of bad bacteria on the skin and can help clear up those trouble spots.



Exfoliating removes dead skin cells, leaving behind bright and beautiful skin. For those of us with sensitive skin, irritations and acne though, physically exfoliating is not always the best option. Apple cider vinegar works as a safe and gentle chemical exfoliator. When diluted properly in a product, the levels of AHA (alpha hydroxy acids) in apple cider vinegar work to stimulate the skin and exfoliate naturally over time. This process works on a cellular level and leaves skin softer, smoother and even reduces fine lines.


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June 30, 2015


Is it Organic?


Over the weekend Debra, our Chief Alchemist and I sat down and were going thru some magazines. We decided this new moon is a perfect time to make another vision board/collage to carry us through the summer.

So while hunting for inspirational words and pictures to cut out we came across a skin care ad. It’s a well-known brand and I had seen their name many times before, I am sure you have too. What I hadn’t seen until that moment was that they call themselves E*******, Organic Skincare. That is their slogan, title, and catchphrase. I immediately noticed that the USDA Organic symbol was nowhere on their ad. Pretty strange for a company selling ‘organic’ skincare I thought… 

So flipping through more pages of the magazine, I started looking a little closer at other brands. Are there really companies out there claiming to sell organic skincare that have little to no organic ingredients or certification?? The shock began to set it.

B**** Organics, S*** Organics, E**** Organics – these are just three examples of companies I found using ‘Organic’ in their brand names in order to pull wool over consumers eyes. These brands aren’t using all organic ingredients and they aren’t certified organic themselves.

I began to dig a little deeper and found that California is the only state currently enforcing label laws when it comes to brand names. Ogx is one company that was forced to change their name when California banned the non-organic brand from using its original and misleading name, Organix. Unfortunately this ban does not hold up in the other 49 states.(1)

It’s good news that this company is being forced to change, but what about the others? And who will hold these brands accountable? We, the consumers, need to do our due diligence and research and use our purchasing power ($ money talks!). Let’s support only authentic brands and brands that are doing what they advertise.

Here are some tips to use when it comes to shopping:

 *Read the ingredients! Just because it says ‘natural’ or ‘organic’ on the label doesn’t mean it will contain the best ingredients, so we need to always read for ourselves.

 *Look for the USDA Organic symbol and for companies that are “Certified Organic”. Just claiming to be is not enough.

 *Watch out for companies claiming to use “natural and organic ingredients” without being certified. They may have ONE organic ingredient in ONE of their endless lines of products. This is too often the case.

 *Don’t be fooled by green-washing techniques when it comes to labels and packaging. Conventional brands wanting to reach conscious consumers will use subtle ways to try and get us to think their products are natural and eco-friendly, like using brown and green colored packaging. 


Without looking deeper, we could all be easily fooled. By taking a few minutes to investigate the brands we are supporting, we can slowly weed out the misleading ones and encourage more authentic and genuine brands to flourish.

 Glow On,

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(1) http://www.naturalnews.com/042993_bogus_organic_products_hair_care_Organix.html#

June 15, 2015

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I am beautiful

 When you hear negative self-talk thought coming in, don’t berate yourself over it. Hear it, acknowledge it, and let it go. Tell yourself that you now choose to feel pretty, smart, accomplished, happy. Tell yourself that you are love! You are perfectly perfect in your constant transformation. And watch the magic unfold, as these mantras become your truths.

 People like to say that “beauty is in the eye of the beholder”, but I believe that no one owns my beauty but me. I choose everyday to be beautiful, and encourage you to start doing the same!

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May 14, 2015


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