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Honey for Glowing Skin



Honey is the sweet alchemy of bees collecting pollen and nectar from flowers. Organic honey is collected in a way that minimally disturbs the hive, and ensures that the bees are treated well (no chemical pesticides, no supplementing with cane sugar, always building hives out of natural materials, etc). When an ingredient is harvested using a healthy symbiotic relationship, it holds a high vibration. This healing essence is passed on to us when we use raw, organic honey.

The divinely delicious, nectar of the gods makes an amazing beauty ritual as well. Honey has powerful, natural healing properties when it comes to skin:

  • Treat Acne: The antibacterial and anti-fungal properties of raw honey chase away germs that can lead to blemishes. It’s a natural anti-inflammatory as well, which will calm any redness and irritation from current breakouts.
  • Cleanse Pores: Raw honey contains enzymes and anti-oxidants that clarify skin and help keep pores clean. It’s natural antiseptic properties prevent buildup of bacteria on skin keeping it balanced, healthy and clean.
  • Extra Moisture: Since honey acts as a humectant, it doesn’t dry skin out.Humectants work by drawing moisture from the air and into skin. Always look for naturally derived humectants like aloe and honey, and avoid synthetic versions, which can actually damage skin in the long run.
  • Fade Scars: Whether from the sun or past blemishes, honey can help to fade discolorations. It is said to lighten skin naturally (not anything like harmful ‘skin bleaching’) and stimulate new cell growth for even skin.

Raw organic honey is one of my favorite earth-based ingredients; made by nature, harvested with compassion and conscience, and an easy way to heal skin. I love using the Sun Clean honey cleanser because it has added essential oil to help keep my skin clear of acne, and rose petals that gently scrub and soften skin. It doesn’t hurt that every time I use it on my face, I get to treat myself with a sweet little lick of the spoon.


<3, Sara

January 29, 2016

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The Color of The Year: A Crystal?


"Open your hearts, be peace and raise your energy towards love..."



If you’re not familiar with Pantone Color of The Year, it is a symbolic selection of a color that is supposed to represent of the mood, attitude and direction of our collective culture. Since we all know that color can affect our state of mind and that emotions can easily be expressed through color, it’s a pretty cool concept. And when the 2016 colors were announced, they were definitely something I could get excited about:



Rose Quartz - Not only is this one of my favorite stones, crèmes, everything… now this beautiful crystal color is said to represent the movement of our culture for the next year. To the Pantone Color Institute, Rose Quartz “demonstrates a warm embrace…compassion and a sense of composure”. This description fits really closely with what I feel when working with rose quartz gemstones. Warmth, love, forgiveness, and assurance all radiate from this rosy pink color and crystal.

Serenity - Does anyone else see what I see? This cool and airy blue reminds me so much of Moonstone crème! And then there’s the description, “cooler, tranquil blue…reflecting connection and wellness”. This peaceful color resonates to the energy behind Moonstone and feels like looking through the calm of the ever-expansive sky above. Moonstone brings balance and intuition, just like Serenity is bringing in a sense of order, understanding and peace.




Pantone says in 2016 “consumers [are] seek[ing] mindfulness and well-being as an antidote to modern day stresses”. And that would be a wonderful thing. Together these two colors display a beautiful message about us a worldwide society. We are surely moving away from things like gender bias and typecasts within our generation. Instead we are open and inviting everyone to embrace their own unique beauty, and to feel free to express themselves as they see best. This year’s colors speak to healing, spirituality and acceptance.

Universal Love, for the win.


<3, Sara

January 21, 2016

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5 Step Facial



Now you can use all Gemstone Organic products to do an at-home, 5 step facial! We have added a few new products to our line and have your skin covered from start to finish for a

healthy, holistic facial treatment done weekly at home.

As always these are formulas you can trust: raw, organic, fresh and high vibrational ingredients.

Ready to see your skin at its most beautiful, healthy glow?


Watch our YouTube video and learn how you can use these products to
create your own relaxing and effective beauty ritual at home.



<3 Sara
January 18, 2016

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Winter Essentials



[Guest Post by: Rose Heart**]

As we sail passed the holiday season, it is important to allow the breeze of 100% pure essential oils to set the right direction our journey of the season will take.   Do we succumb to the stress of shopping and family gatherings? Do we allow our bodies and minds to miss the long days of warmth and sunshine on our skin, bringing on seasonal affective disorder (SAD)? Do we allow our bodies to become susceptible to the allergies and germs caused by colds and flu? Absolutely not! With Organic Infusions 100% pure certified organic essential oils we can protect the body, while uplifting the mind - allowing us to embrace all the light and joy of this season.

When I think of women during this season, I immediately think of Clary Sage. Clary Sage essential oil and Clary Sage Hydrosol are the #1 choice to ease through not only the holiday season, but also through their own monthly season. Clary Sage can support a healthy reproductive system, bringing balance to hormones as well as balance to emotions.   Many women love to apply a drop on the wrist just before a union with their partner to remove inhibitions. Clary Sage Hydrosol can be misted on the neck to ease a hot flash.



Clary Sage

Soft, herbaceous

Bring forth

Erotic and soft

Whispering golden yellow threads

Of calm and ease

Enchanted with erotic musk

A sunset of pink and gold

Alchemy of above with below

            By Rose Heart


Now during the holiday season it is imperative that we stay grounded in the earth. During the winter months, we tend to lose touch with the earth due to trying to stay snug and warm most of the time in our homes. Apply 2 drops of Sandalwood essential oil to a tissue and inhale to ground and rebalance the mind and body. Keep this tissue handy and inhale before, during, and after meditation to soothe and uplift the emotions.



One of the best ways to use Sandalwood essential oil during this season to soothe dry chapped skin, is to mix Sandalwood essential oil with Neroli essential oil into a lotion or crème. It’s wonderful that there is a product which is perfectly united in a nourishing crème for the purpose of soothing dry and chapped skin – Organic Ruby Crème by Gemstone Organic. Where Sandalwood is known for balancing the root chakra, Neroli is known for opening up the heart chakra. When these oils are infused together, they create a figure eight, allowing the Kundalini to rise, opening up the heart to its full potential of the moment.

When searching out Sandalwood essential oil, we must always make sure that it is sustainable. Gemstone Organic sources their Sandalwood essential oil from Organic Infusions who sources directly from a sustainable farm in Australia. It takes 100 years for Sandalwood trees to mature. Organic Infusions only sources Sandalwood essential oils from farms that replant these trees for the future.



So deck the halls and your body with 100% pure essential oil infusions and not only will you be feeling light and bright, your friends and family will be embraced by the warmth of your spirit and the warmth of your essence.

**Organic Infusions is the harmony inspired, certified organic aromatherapy oil company. Rose Heart, Organic Infusions’ Founder, CEO, and Certified Master Aromatherapist, hand-selects organics from around the world to offer certified organic, wildcrafted aromatherapy oils with the intent of bringing harmony to individuals, farmers, communities, humanity, and the planet.


January 04, 2016


Hush - Perfume Elixir

It's time for another potion! Everyone loved our transformational perfume so much that we decided to release a second one inspired by this winter season...


Hush is our new holiday elixir made with all organic ingredients and gemstone essence. This potion can be worn very much like a perfume and can transform your energy body with the magic of plant medicine and high vibrational gem essence. Placed directly on your skin (on your wrists, behind the ears and anywhere you feel drawn to dab the potion), Hush brings in that quiet, comforting sense of a calm winter's night. The gemstone essence inside is formulated to keep you grounded, while also connecting you to the higher, spiritual realms. Hush is a rich and deep scented elixir that captures the essence of the silence between falling snowflakes. It's peaceful and spiritual, a great tool to use this winter while we slow down with the darker days and connect to the universe in our own quiet moments. 

Watch the video to learn more about Hush.
Also check out Enchant, our first elixir that was inspired by the sweet love of Venus.


December 11, 2015


Gem Juice Hydrosols



Adding hydrosols to my beauty routine has been one of my all-time favorite finds. Ditching alcohol based toners and replacing them with high vibrational plant waters has  led me to healthier, glowing skin and gives me some much needed aromatherapy throughout the day. Over time, and along with using my favorite Gemstone Organic cremes, I have seen an improvement in my skin's tone and texture, and even less wrinkles! (I now know that the chemical toners were drying my skin beneath the surface and causing premature aging..) And I love how they soothe my soul and boost my mood.


We work directly with a farm here in California to source all of our hydrosols. These are certified organic and made with biodynamic ingredients, so no harmful pesticides for you or the planet. Then we 'Gem' these waters by using crystal grids to infuse them with gemstones that match the color of the plant we are working with. The gem essences boost the skin healing and vibrational properties of the hydrosol. The gemstones inside the bottles are for you to program and work with based on your own intentions. Using plants + waters + minerals for healing is one way to practice Radically Holistic Beauty!


Here is a short video that walks through all 3 of our Gem Juice Hydrosols:


December 03, 2015


Gratitude Turns What We Have Into Enough



There are so many ways to express our love. Gratitude is a beautiful way of sharing love. I find that gratitude can move me quickly into a space of thankfulness for all I have, be it a healthy body, a loving family or a roof over my head. When I am pushed, pulled or nudged into my grateful space it makes me see our world as beautiful and I want to shout out my love for the beauty around me! 

I remember as a child when I had a bad dream my mom would come into my room and sit on the side of my bed.  She would help me move my thoughts from the bad dream to places of butterflies and all things magical and sweet. It would so quickly put me back to sleep.

I think of gratitude in the same way - a way to move into all things magical and sweet. When we take the time in our day to be grateful for all we have and those in our lives that we love, we change the way our day moves forward…truly. It is not the easiest to do always, but if we can make the effort to be disciplined for even two weeks changes can show up in a myriad of ways. 

Writing your Gratitudes daily is something we have all heard about, most likely done, and will continue to fall in and out of as our lives take on exciting adventures or day to day chores!

Here are few ways to keep yourself on track: 

  1. Write out a small list of gratitudes and place them on the wall at the end of your bed or someplace that you will see them once you awaken. You can even put up pictures of those you love and are grateful for….it only takes a few minutes and if you do this daily you will find your day starting with a sense of peace.
  2. Say your gratitudes before getting out of bed in the morning.  Upon waking in the morning and before letting your mind run into all the things you have to do - try this practice. Pick three or four people in your life that you are grateful for, bring them into your mind’s eye.  As you see them, think of all the ways you are thankful for their beauty and presence in your life. Do each person daily - you will find that these gratitudes will come to mind when you see them and it is a great feeling for you both!
  3. Start a Sister’s gratitude...have you ever done a daily gratitude with your family, friends or working sisters? This is one of my favorite and most memorable exercises in gratitude. A friend started my first sister gratitude and there were four of us in total. We all committed to sharing a daily gratitude with each other for 2 weeks - it was beautiful, deep, and heart expanding. It was as lovely to receive and read their gratitude filled emails as it was to write my own! I highly recommend doing this one if you can.

 Sharing our gratitude with those we love is a simple, powerful tool for teaching gratitude. Our loving gestures speak loudly and I believe it is a giant step to making big changes to our beautiful world. As the Chinese proverb says: if you want to correct the world, first you must correct the state; if you want to correct the state, you must first correct the family; if you want to correct the family you must first correct yourself.

By changing our attitude thru our acts of gratitude, great changes can happen in others. I am reminded of this when I remember how a smile from a stranger can change my day.

Just taking a deep breathe can remind us of the importance of our daily existence and we can enjoy the moment of gratitude with a quiet silent appreciation that can make our day more peaceful and present.

 Enjoy life….be grateful.

Love & Gratitude,

November 26, 2015


Self-Care Cheat Sheet


Many of us feel like we don’t have enough time in the day to get things done. The worst part is that we usually end up throwing out the things that we need most in our lives, like time set aside for quietude and self-care, in exchange for our responsibilities and the nitty gritty tasks of life. Now this is where some guru (who surely doesn’t have a long commute, a toddler, or a budding new career) might tell you that you “need to make more time”. I am instead going to tell you that you don’t need more time! I am going to show you some really easy ways to work self-improvement and positivity into your routines, that won’t take away a single productive moment from the tasks at hand. This doesn’t mean I don’t encourage you to find time for self-care, of course I do. But sometimes we willingly make sacrifices for our jobs, families and friends that leave us with less space for our own care. This is a great cheat-sheet for the days we just can’t seem to spare a minute of ourselves, for ourselves.

Here are some of our inevitable daily tasks, and my tips on how to convert those moments into tools for being your best you:

  • Waking up in the morning – Most of us take a minute to rub our sleepy eyes and regain our consciousness before jumping straight out of bed. Instead of the usual grumpy ideas that sometimes take hold like, “Is it morning, ALREADY?”, take this moment, before your mind has fully awakened and attempt to become present in your body. When you take in a few deep, conscious breathes and become aware of the boundaries of your skin against the air and blankets, you can get yourself there quickly. Then think about this: here you are a fully functioning organic human vehicle equipped with mind, body, and soul as the driver, traveling at your own free will on an astrological object full of luscious green earth and sparkling blue waters…YEAH BABY! And another chance to experience a day in this brilliant life is only one of many things to be grateful for. Think of a few more before you jump out of bed and your day will be set in the right direction.

  • Shower time and bathroom routines – The time spent brushing our teeth, and scrubbing down in the shower are perfect chances to seize the moment and turn some silence (or perhaps even the not-so-nice nagging) into positive self-reinforcement instead. When I’m in front of the mirror I like to acknowledge myself. A humble nod, a sort of telepathic “hello” to woman in the reflection. “I see you. I honor you, your journey and your presence in the world. And so will others. Keep up the good work sister.” This conversation is much more nourishing to my soul than grieving over a pimple or the latest shortcoming I realized I might have thanks to a recent magazine headline. “Is my [blank] too [blank]?” No time to question it! Because we can pro-actively fill our heads with the chatter we want to hear instead. “These legs are strong enough to carry my body where it needs to go today. Thank you thighs and crooked toes.” You may be surprised by how your entire body will feel like it’s smiling from a simple compliment. Our bodies try their hardest every day to support us in our fullest capacity – let’s love and appreciate them back! 
  • Driving and other errands – Kids are the best daydreamers. Dinosaurs, fairies, candy lands and super heroes galore. As we grow older and bigger responsibilities land on our plates, we tend to spend more time worrying about what may happen and less time dreaming of fantastic possibilities that could come our way. Daydreaming is not air-headed; it’s actually really healthy. It can inspire more creativity and enhance mental performance, not to mention the benefits of the law of attraction. As long as you’re a responsible adult (and I use that term loosely), let your mind run a little wild while you’re sitting in traffic and waiting in line at the store. Picture yourself accomplishing your greatest goal. How did you get there? What led you to find your ultimate dream job, house, or mate? Maybe you see yourself sitting at your desk working furiously when you get that moment-of-glory phone call from the higher-ups. Or perhaps a rainbow unicorn prances itself through your door and sweeps you away to your dream life. Pull in thoughts of accomplishing the seemingly impossible, instead of worrying about how things may not work out. You never know what brilliant idea might find its way into your life while your mind is on its healthy magic carpet ride.

There are really no good short cuts when it comes to health and happiness. This little cheat-sheet still takes a conscious effort and willpower to accomplish. Give these few steps a try, and see what a difference it can make in your day. Once you get used to taking advantage of these routine moments in your life, you’ll see these tips as more of a treat rather than a task. Granted, no one will really ever be excited about sitting in rush-hour traffic, but a little quiet fantasy time is extraordinarily better than listening to that same pop hit for the 18th time on the radio. It’s unicorns and happy endings for me!


November 17, 2015


Boost Your Antioxidant Intake!




Cranberries are in season! Many of us eat cranberries at this time of year during our feasting activities – I love to juice them. Getting them fresh is a treat and I look forward to seeing them show up on the shelves at the coop. The juice is a beautiful red color and the tartness is ooh la la!! 

Cranberries have a wide-range of health benefits that have been recognized for centuries.  Today we know they prevent urinary tract infections, promote heart health, and inhibit the growth of cancer cells. But did you know they are chockfull of skin benefits? 

Now is a great time to nourish your skin with the phytonutrients and antioxidants of this power packed berry. Just one cup of this juice possess 8,983 antioxidant capacity – great for flushing out harmful toxins that can suppress the immune system. This little berry also contains flavonoids and polyphenols that prevent the damage of cells - nature at her best in the fall!

Here are ways the juice of this berry will benefit your skin:

  • Firms Your Skin: packed with vitamin C, it supports the production of hydroxyproline and hyroxylysine, amino acids that are needed for the production of collagen in the body. It will help to keep your skin soft and healthy. 
  • Skin Protection: drinking this juice regularly in the winter will protect your skin against the harsh winter weather.
  • Treats Acne: cranberry juice is rich in resveratrol, an antioxidant effective in minimizing acne.
  • Combats Free Radicals: free radicals are present in the environment and cause damage to the skin. The antioxidants in cranberry juice combat free radicals by supplying the missing electrons supporting your system in preventing many skin problems and hence keep you looking younger.
  • Fights Inflammation: a key player in acne, and particularly cystic acne, the phytochemicals in cranberry juice have potent anti-inflammatory properties to help inhibit inflammation-causing chemicals such as cyclooxygenases.

If you love juicing go and grab some of these red juicy berry’s to add to your morning or evening juice (remember to buy organic or non-gmo cranberries). I love to mix them with cucumbers, lemon and celery for a morning glow inside and out! 

And don’t forget your Gem Juice! Combining this juice with our Organic Ruby Creme is a great way to keep your skin soft and moisturized. The gem elixir of raw rubies raises your skin temperature to promote healthy blood circulation and removes toxins from the blood – so give your skin a double dose of cleansing – it will sing!

Love, love


November 14, 2015

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Enchant - Perfum Elixir

I am so excited to share this with you all!! Gemstone Organic has a brand new and limited edition product called "Enchant". This is a magical creation like nothing you have ever seen before.



Inspired by Venus and the goddess in us all, this is a brand new elixir for you to wear that will transform your mood and your energy body. Made of course with organic ingredients and gemstone essence, this potion can be worn very much like a perfume. Placed directly on your skin (on your wrists, behind the ears and anywhere you feel drawn to dab the potion), Enchant will give you a fresh and sweet aromatherapy to uplift your spirit and give you an enticing auric energy. The gemstone essence inside is designed to work on your upper chakras. Clearing your heart, throat, third eye and crown chakras Enchant is full of an alluring and charming vibration. We made this new elixir using mother nature's best technology so that you can feel fabulous, smell sweet and sexy, and have a balanced energy body.

Watch the video on how to use Enchant + more, and make sure to subscribe to my channel!


October 29, 2015