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5-Tips to Keeping Your Skin pH Balanced During this Seasonal Transition

photo by Samantha Hurley 

Fall is the time of year where we begin to move into our drier seasons ~ with heaters on and colder days approaching. Taking care of our skin by giving it the extra hydration it needs is important to keep it responding rather than reacting to the seasonal changes.

One important key to keeping your skin healthy during this transition is to keep your skins pH in balance. Your skins pH is about 5.5, meaning your skin is slightly acidic. Many soaps and cleansers are closer to a pH of 8-10, which is alkaline and can create dry, sensitive skin. Making sure your skin mantle stays at the lower pH protects you from external influences like bacteria, pollution and also helps it to maintain the moisture that it needs to stay healthy and vibrant. This is the time of year when your skin will let you know it is out of balance as the air becomes drier and it begins to feel tight and dry.

So here are a five gemstone organic tips to prepare body and soul for this colder weather transition ~

1. Honey

Honey has an average pH of 4.0. Using honey as a cleanser or doing a honey masque has many benefits to the skin, which is why we created our Sun Clean cleanser. Known for its antiseptic and antibacterial properties honey is a humectant—meaning it attracts water and retains it in the skin.  Using it on your skin as a wash or a masque is a great way to support your skin and keep it pH balanced. Remember to use raw, organic honey as processed honey has all the beautiful phytonutrients removed.  Honey is also beneficial for flushing.

2. Gem Juice Hydrosols

Our Gem Juice Hydrosols are organic, 100 percent high-vibrational plant waters. They contain active plant ingredients that help support skin hydration, soothe inflammation, promote cell regeneration, and balance sebum. They are low in pH and support your skin's barrier health by gently rebalancing your pH. In addition, they are a beautiful aromatherapy water that can positively influence your mood by connecting you to a plant, a place, and a season.

3. Apple cider vinegar

This magical kitchen ingredient is wonderful for the skin, which is why we use it in our Sunstone Lotion to keep your skin healthy and pH balanced. If you are brave ~ you can also use a diluted solution of apple cider vinegar on your skin after your shower to balance your skins pH. You can also make a simple apple cider vinegar drink by adding water and honey to create an internal balance for your skin to benefit from.

4. Moisturizing

Our five signature face cremes keep your skin hydrated and balance your skin's pH. They are thoughtfully created with waters that are pH balanced to keep your skin pH balanced. We use reverse osmosis water in our organic signature face cremes, because the process removes all the harsh chemicals and it has a pH of 4.5. We blend it with our RoseOtto Gem Juice to give your skin high vibrational waters that are perfectly pH balanced for your skin and soul. Creams with a proper pH absorb deeper and hold in the moisture longer! Which is why we call them "magic in a jar".

If you want to take it to another level ~ try our Gemstone Facial Spa Kits. Herbal steams are wonderful way to oxygenate and purify the skin ~ the steam helps your dry skin to absorb the herbal nutrients and benefits for hydration and balance. It will open your pores making your skin more receptive for your crème to penetrate and moisturize deeper. 

5. Warm Celtic Sea Salt Baths

When our skins mineral quotient is out of balance we experience dryness, irritation itching and more. Taking warm celtic salt baths ~ not hot baths ~ create the container for your skin to absorb the healing minerals for healthy skin. Warm salt baths are anti inflammatory, increase circulation of the skin and can decrease stress. If you want added benefits you can take your warm bath in the morning as your body pushes acidic toxins towards the skin while you sleep and so you are able to remove the toxins from your skin while still giving it a breakfast of minerals! Our Ceremonial Chakra Baths invite you to slow down, heal and integrate body and soul into these upcoming days of winter stillness. Working with the Root Chakra brings you the grounding and feeling of rooting this season calls to.

We all love to move into this season with cozy drinks, fires and warmer clothes. This year take time to breathe some life back into your skin and soul to prepare for the upcoming days of winter stillness.

xx Debra
Moon Mama

October 02, 2018


Full Moon in Aries ~ Nourishing our Inner Power

beautiful artwork by David Joaquin

Monday, September 24th @ 7:52 pm (PST), 8:52 (MST), 9:52 (CST), 10:52 (EST) 

Tomorrow the Moon is Full in Aries. This is the Harvest Moon ~ since it is the closest full moon to the Fall Equinox. It was also known as the Full Corn Moon as it is the time of year for harvesting the corn. This is a beautiful time to honor the Corn Mother for her gifts of abundance and nourishment. 

Aries is a masculine, cardinal, fire sign. It is ruled by mars and rules the head. That is why this is such a powerful time to get your heart and head to connect and move them in the same direction.  Use this fire to awaken your inner power and take on that Aries confidence, strength and passion and put it to good use in making your life and work successful!

Under a full moon our emotions are heightened and the full light of her can sometimes give us more energy at night and keep us awake! This Full Moon is moving in harmony with Mars (ruling planet of Aries) and so you may feel her energy magnified!

I find this Full Moon in Aries a perfect opportunity for harvesting our power through nourishment and balance. This is a time to know ourselves, to share our joy, a time for awakening spirit and for using this fire energy for empowering. 

Full Moons also help us to shine light on that which needs to be released and you may notice that what you are ready to release is coming up for you. Before I share a beautiful fire/earth/water ceremony, I want to share a few thoughts for your altar. Gemstones you may want to connect with are red jasper, diamond, or black obsidian. Colors to use are oranges and reds. And are a few questions to contemplate over the next few days:

  • What awareness does this Full Moon bring to you?
  • Where are you feeling her energy in your body today, tomorrow, Tuesday?
  • When you are in your power how do you hold your body?
  • What are you releasing and ready to bring to completion?

Here is a beautiful nourishment ceremony by the Order of the White Moon Goddess ~ I hope you can make time tomorrow to share with family and friends. Also, it would be lovely to place a second jar of water out under the moon tonight to use in this soup! Use the gemstones of moonstone and agate along with smokey quartz. 

Enjoy this ceremony and nourish your inner power ~

Nourishment Ritual:

Creating: homemade Chicken (or veggie) soup

~ Celery, chopped
~ Canned peas (1)
~ Fresh or canned corn (1)
~ Fresh baby carrots
~ Vidalia onion
~ 1  free-range/organic chicken
~ small red potatoes
~ 3 cans of chicken broth
~ 5 cubes chicken/vegetable boullion
~ 2 cans full of water ~ preferably your Moon Water!
~ Olive oil
~ Mushrooms, chopped
~ Italian seasoning
~ I also suggest using a small amount of ginger to give you the wholeness of ingesting and digesting life!

Not all is mandatory. Put in what you like, take out what you don't!


Rose oil (or tea tree, sage, lavender or plain lemon)
Picture/statue of Corn Woman (or aspect of corn woman)
Candle in protective jar (any color, her colors are all of the rainbow ~ red would be nice for the Aries energy!)
Stand in the middle of your kitchen ~ set good intent for the ritual and food you are about to prepare. Begin to meditate on the vision of the Great Goddess/Corn Mother. Light your candle and/or incense. Place the image of the Corn Woman near the candle. Wash the chicken and put it into the soup pot with a small amount of olive oil. Turn on the stove. Wash the food that need to be washed. Place it all in front of you. Think of the Mother an give her thanks. Ask that this food nourish all who eats it, and that it may be as delicious and comforting as it sounds! Place the chicken broth, bouillon cubes and 2 cans of Moon water immediately after the short blessing.  Chop up veggies (all the while, being in a meditative state). Place all ingredients into the pot with seasonings. Add more of whatever is needed to create your desired taste. Leave in pot on medium for about 2 hours. Thank Corn Mother for help in preparation. And before you eat, thank her for her bounty. Sit down and enjoy!

And don’t forget to put out your Moon Water Gems ~

Full Moon Love Your Way,
Moon Mama

September 23, 2018

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Autumnal Equinox ~ Balance of Light & Dark


Today is the Autumnal Equinox ~ Mabon ~ one of two days of the year when the hours of light equal the hours of dark. Autumn begins with Lammas and ends on Samhain, with Mabon marking the mid-point. The Autumnal Equinox is a time to work with balance ~ to feel and gather the memory and energy of what that means in life and body. 

As we move forward into days of decreasing light and increasing darkness we can see how they belong together to create a free-flow of giving and receiving. It becomes like breathing, teaching us the ability to empty out to create space for new beginnings.

Summers bring high energy and as we move into fall we feel our energy starting to become quieter, a slowing down to prepare us for coming darker days of winter. It is a beautiful time to take stock of what you have grown. This seasonal cycle of growth helps us to stay present to the ongoing changes our life brings. Today marks a lovely time to gather the riches and wisdom you have gained over this year that you would like to take with you into the depths of the reflective lake over these coming months.

Here are a few ways to play with this energy of balance today:

  • Take a walk in Nature and see how she uses balance to create her world of beauty ~ how can you emulate what you notice into your own life?
  • Gather acorns or leaves or stones or flowers and create a mandala to show you the way the place of balance you have entered and how this wheel of life moves us forward ~ always.
  • Find the balance of receiving and giving by sharing something that no longer serves you and then receiving the gift of gratitude or love they give in return.
  • Make a beautiful meal this evening that has a balance of colors, textures, and flavors! Here is are some thoughts: roasted beets, carrots, broccoli, cauliflower and potatoes along with a lovely green salad dressed with figs and/or blackberries!
  • Take some time for you today in whatever way it pleases you. An hour to read the paper, a book or write. Take a bath or paint or draw ~ just be sure to take some time for yourself to reflect and balance the energies of outward

Today practice the art of doing without doing and see what happens. This is a concept of seeing that we move forward with or without our own participation. Enjoy the energies ~

Happy Autumn Moon Family,
Moon Mama

September 22, 2018

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Dark Moon & New Cazimi Moon in Virgo


This beautiful picture by Rassouli, Freydoon, is from his collection of Goddesses and named JOY VIBRATIONS ~ these artworks were created to offer you a portal into the intimate, vulnerable and feminine power each goddess reveals for you.

We are moving into our New Moon in Virgo this Sunday, September 9th at 11:01 am PST (2:01 pm EST). This is a time to look at what works and what does not work and how to make improvements. Take on Virgo’s ability to organize and shed a few things or gift others. There is nothing better than to feel the benefits of having things in their place and removing the clutter. Or maybe you just want to share yourself with a friend or family member ~ Virgo is about serving and caring for others.

Today, September 7th, we are under the Balsamic Moon which is always a energetic time for releasing before bringing in the new. Those of you who follow me know how much I love the Dark Moon ~ I love the raw, deep energy it shares and how much I learn in this small yet powerful window of time. The Moon is currently in Leo but moves into Virgo tomorrow morning at 7:29 am PST (10:29 EST).

As we move into this Dark Moon in Virgo tomorrow, September 8th, I want you to ask yourself this question~ 

What must I do to get to the truth?

This is the time to gnaw and chew your way through your obstacles to the truth ~ crack things open to penetrate to the essence. This will help you to reach the result you are holding back from.

Then under the New Moon in Virgo on Sunday, September 9th, I want you to ask yourself this question ~

What would I do if I knew I was blessed?

Because you are! Let yourself imagine where you want to be, and then take the first steps that will commit you to going there. This is how to keep the momentum going. This is a time to receive.

Virgo can sometimes shed a bit of low energy but with all the beautiful planetary action we have lots of great energy to work with. On Sunday we are also gifted with

a Grand Earth Trine between Uranus, Mercury and Saturn. This trine encourages us to listen. So take the time to listen on Sunday and to gather solid support and information that this trine offers. If you do ~ you may find that your wishes and gifts shown will take flight like a kite!

We also have a Cazimi or dropping Moon energy that is available for the New Virgo Crescent Moon on Sunday ½ hour before and after the New Moon (10:31 - 11:31 am PST). It is a perfect time to start something new or complete an important task that is waiting ~ use this Virgo Cazimi energy to get it done or make it happen!

For your altar I suggest earth colors of the Earth, browns, oranges or reds. Gemstones to add are jasper, carnelian, agate or emerald! Add essential oils to your meditation of ylangylang, orange or cardamom.  

A few short rituals I offer: 

  • Take a bath under the Dark Moon Energy with your question and see where your heart takes you.
  • On Sunday morning prepare a cacao ceremonial drink  and sip on it before and during the Cazimi New Crescent Moon Energy. It will heighten your wishes and open you to the gifts that are yours from the Grand Earth Trine. Call in your angels or guides for help in the area that you need them ~ I am sure they will answer!
  • Write in your journal all your wishes and dreams that you want to manifest over the next two weeks. Keep them close to your bedside so that you can feel them and share them with your heart before sleeping and upon waking.
  • Place your body or feet on the earth to connect and ground yourself.

And to each of you ~ please, remember that you are blessed.

New Moon Wishes & Blessings,
Moon Mama

September 07, 2018


Full Moon in Pisces

We passed through a Full Moon in gentle Pisces this am at 4:56 PST (7:56 am EST).

Pisces is the last sign of the zodiac. This gentle water sign is ruled by ethereal Neptune, reminding us that we are all born of the stars. Pisces is a very romantic sign, a sign of compassion, and one of spiritual seeking. It reminds us that we are still unable to grasp all that Life has to offer us or fully understand our intuition. Under a Pisces Moon you may feel in touch with something greater than yourself, feel more compassionate and forgiving.  This is a time to fully connect with you ~ so that you can connect with others. Let yourself embody the divine ~ to guide you to make the invisible visible.

Here is a quiet ritual that you can use tonight or today as the Full Moon energy is still available:

  • Journal ~ place a journal and pencil next to your bed before going to sleep. First thing upon rising in the morning grab your journal and write with pen to paper for at least 10 minutes ~ write your thoughts, dreams whatever comes forward.  There is a beautiful book by Natalie Goldberg called 'Writing down the bones'.  In her book she teaches one to keep the pen to the paper without lifting it. Writing this way helps us to really listen and overcome doubts. Keep up the morning writing for at least three days ~ longer is always more beneficial. It will give you much insight in what you are trying to share with yourself.
  • Painting ~ if you prefer, paint or draw first thing.  It is also a wonderful way to express and listen. 
  • Place a gemstone under your pillow before sleep to enhance your dreams and your morning writing or drawing. A few gemstone suggestions are turquoise or amethyst.
  • Add the essential oil of the frankincense, myrrh or sandalwood to your pillow, hair, or skin to heighten the dreamtime energies.

And if you haven't already ~ do put your Moon Water out gems ~ 

More soon ~ for now I am sending you Full Moon Love,
Moon Mama

August 26, 2018


Organic Lavender Gem Juice ~ back in stock

Lavender is a gift from the nature realm to us. Humans have been using the distinct scent of Lavender to treat anxiety, insomnia, depression, and restlessness for centuries. It is a flower that is native to the Old World and is found around the world today for its gentle, healing properties. Lavandula (common name lavender) is a genus of 47 known species of flowering plants in the mint family, Lamiaceae. The most widely cultivated species, Lavandula angustifolia, is considered the ‘true lavender’ and it is no wonder that there is a color named after the shade of this beautiful flower! 

Lavender is known for its ability to heal the skin. It is cooling and heals burns, infections, and soothes bug bites. Some typical therapeutic and energetic uses of Lavender are:

  • Regenerating damaged or fragile skin
  • Reducing skin irritations and inflammation
  • Balancing the skins pH
  • Calming mind, body and spirit
  • Combating exhaustion and stress
  • Clearing the mind of useless chatter
  • Balancing and clearing the crown chakra

Lavender Hydrosol is also gentle and safe to use on babies, children, and pets.  

More importantly for us at Gemstone Organic, we locally source our Organic Lavender Gem Juice Hydrosol from an organic, biodynamic farm in Northern California. We ceremonially placed our gemstones on the land to create a bond with the flowering lavender angustifolia and earth. We chose this variety of lavender because it is the most healing for your skin.

Once we receive the hydrosol, we infuse the waters with color-coded gemstones in the hues of purples and blues to create a vibrational trifecta and then we add the magical ingredient of our own ritual prayers to complete the alchemy. Once the mineral, energetic and divine properties have been obtained, the essence is finished and ready to be used in our skincare and on your skin.

For YOU, we also add energetically cleansed crystals inside each bottle that are ready for you to place your intentions!

We love our Organic Lavender Gem Juice so much that we use it in our Mineral Masque, our Moon Cleanse and our Sunstone Body Lotion to give your skin some extra beauty love! It is great for all skin types and is recommended especially for combination skin, dull and irritated skin, or acne prone skin.

Add some Organic Lavender Gem Juice to your skincare toolbox for some exquisite self-care. Your skin along with your nervous system will thank you.

Flower Power!
xx Debra
Moon Mama

August 13, 2018


Dark, Balsamic, Moon Medicine

photo ~ ascension avatar

Hello Sweet Moon Family. Tonight the Dark, Balsamic Moon enters Leo at 9:18 pm here on the West Coast (PST), and early tomorrow morning (August 10th) at 12:18 am on the East Coast (EST). We have a beautiful Dark Moon for the next ~34 hours to work with in the same sign as it will be for our New Moon ~ lots of time to work with what holds heart for you.

Leo is a masculine, fixed, fire sign that is ruled by the Sun and rules the heart. This is a great time to rekindle, follow, connect to what has heart for you and bring it forward in a way that aligns with body, mind and spirit. Fire signs connect us with our spirit and spirituality and when we are in a masculine, fixed sign it pushes us, literally, into energies that help us to bring things to completion. Let it call you to those things that hold heart for you.

The planetary actions this week have our emotions stirring and sometimes it feels uncomfortably deep. On Tuesday, August 7th we had Uranus go retrograde, then on Wednesday, 8-8-18 we moved through the Lions Gateway; and on Saturday, August 11th at 2:58 am PST (5:58 am EST) we have a New Moon in Leo accompanied by our last partial solar eclipse of the season; and this new moon is a Supermoon, meaning that the Moon is closer to the earth so her energies can feel stronger. We know we have planetary movement everyday, but when we feel the shifts ~ some not so comfortable ~ and follow up on what is happening not just around our house or our planet, but around the universe we can sometimes relax into the energies and find solace in their teachings and ability to bring up the work we need to do and/or see.

So as we bath in the Darkness of these next two days of the Balsamic Moon, lets find time to let go of old patterns ~ because the timing is right. Before seed day (the beginning of a new cycle) you need to identify the source of old patterns and commit yourself to the journey to opening the space for transformation and inner movement. Development comes through numerous shifts and changes and steady progress creates movement. Old skins must be shed to bring new growth ~ lets stop living the ordinary life in the ordinary way!

Lets work on our heart spaces ~ follow our hearts and trust. 

Here are a few ways to work with the energies of the Dark and New Moon:

  • Tonight and tomorrow take time ~ no matter how short ~ to feel what you want to follow ~ the dark moon guides us deeper into invoking the energy we need to bring our seeds to fruition. Wishes made, intentions placed under the Balsamic Moon hold a deeper energy to help us to bring more consciousness to our seeding under the New Crescent Moon.
  • Tomorrow night take a bath. Yes. Again. Add essential oils of geranium or rose or lavender. And add gemstones for the heart, jade, rose quartz, green calcite, or clear quartz. Any gemstones will work so if you don’t have these you can follow your heart and take one that you love or speaks to you.
  • Once you have your intention or wish deeply felt place it into the gemstone you carry into your bath ~ or if you do not have time for a bath ~ just hold the gemstone while placing/speaking your intention into the stone. Once you have this done, go outside and place the gemstone into the earth ~ bury it. As you place the gemstone into Mother Earth ask her to give the gemstone her blessing and fill it with the love she carries for us all.
  • On Saturday morning, after the Moon enters her Crescent phase retrieve your gemstone and thank mother earth for her blessing and energy. Before you take it out of the Mama you may also want to draw on the energy of the Solar Eclipse and place your prayer into your gemstone. Now take your gemstone and clean it under the water feeling her energy. Once cleaned, place the gemstone into the water and leave it over night (only place the gemstones I mentioned above into the water itself, if you have another gemstone please place the gemstone into a bowl of water and then place your glass of water into the bowl with the gemstone). Speak your intention into the water. Sunday morning take your gem elixir and drink a little each day until the Full Moon. Feel your intention and speak it daily. And if you can ~ watch for the beautiful crescent moon on this eve ~ it should be visible to all at sunset <3.
  • Drink lots of liquid and eat light today with the Solar Eclipse happening you may also find you need a little more rest.

This is a time for exploring new beginnings ~ always new beginnings. Leo is a sign that is full of courage and strength like the Lion herself. Female Lionesses are the hunters; males can roar so loud it can be heard up to 5 miles away; and their gestation period is 105 days.

So be the warriors and warrioresses you are, roar your hearts intention into the world, feel the heart love and see where your intention falls in 105 days ~ November 22nd.

New Moon Wishes,
Moon Mama

August 09, 2018

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Aquarius Full Moon ~ Beautiful Water Bearer

Artwork by Jo Wall

Tomorrow, Firday, July 27th at 1:20 pm PST (4:20 pm EST) the Moon will be Full under the sign of Aquarius. We also will be experiencing a Full Lunar Eclipse and if you would like more information on the Eclipse and other planetary movements you can read about them from a few of my favorite astrologists: Chani Nicholas or Pat Liles. Lots of energy out there to work with and be aware of under this Full Moon.

I love those born under the sign of Aquarius…they are beautiful dreamers, have a deep love for freedom, are visionaries and want to change the world to make it a better place. We need them always and forever to teach us their gifts. When we have a Moon in Aquarius it gives us the opportunity to briefly take a ride through their lense and see how we too can join them in catching our dreams, tapping into our humanitarian side and finding ways to join them in making this world a better place. 

They are the perfect representations of the energy needed now as we move through the Age of Aquarius. We have much to learn from them ~ so welcome their teachings as we move through this Full Moon in Aquarius with a Full Lunar Eclipse. And although we will not be able to view the Lunar Eclipse here in North American I love how Pat Liles suggests pulling the energy through the Earth into your prayers.

Even if we cannot see the eclipse in North America where it will be daytime, our ceremonies and meditations will be infused with its energy.  Imagine pulling the eclipse energy through the Earth and into your prayers. 

I love to remember to tap into the energies of these planetary movements and although there is so much to read out there about how the energies can touch our lives, I like to connect with myself on a deeper level to see what I need to shift. I try to pay attention to the things that happen, how I deal with them and the words and advice that come from friends and loved ones. The messages are always there if I listen and sometimes I just know where to go to get the information I need to hear.

Aquarius is a masculine, fixed, air sign, is ruled by Uranus and rules the calves and ankles. Fixed, masculine energy is unstoppable and aggressive and can teach us to take our projects to completion. Our ankles represent balance and give us the ability to adapt to the ground we walk on. The right ankle is yang (masculine) and the left ankle is yin (feminine) ~ trouble with the ankles, according to Louise Hays, identifies issues of inflexibility and guilt ~ they also represent the ability to receive pleasure. She has an affirmation that I want to share with you to carry through this Full Moon and place in your Full Moon Water ~

I accept all the pleasure life has to offer

A few thoughts to carry under this Full Moon ~ 

  • What brings you pleasure?
  • What project do you want to bring to completion?
  • How are your ankles supporting you at this time in your life?

My teacher and colleague Candice Covington shares that one of the energies a Full Moon carries is the chance to restore universal memory. Aquarius is the water bearer and it is said that through water the light of consciousness flows.

A ritual for this Full Moon is to use this hightened energy to focus your prayers on your Full Moon Water.

Here are a few gemstones you may want to use for your Full Moon Water Ritual tonight: pearl, moonstone, tektite or rose quartz or amethyst. Use the one that connects you with pleasure. Use a pearl white or silvery moon cloth under the jar and place rosemary, myrrh or frankincense on the cloth, on yourself, or near your bed (or all three!) to capture the light and energy of this Moon.

Here again is the link on how to create your Moon Water and remember to share your words with your water ~ it will guide you and place your words inside your body as you drink it or use it in ceremony between now and the New Moon in Leo, on August 11th.

This is a time for free thinking and expressing ourselves as the wild, unique persons we ARE!

Enjoy the light, be the light.

Full Moon Blessings,
Moon Mama

July 26, 2018

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New Moon in Cancer ~ partial solar eclipse

A new moon teaches gradualness
and deliberation and how one gives birth
to oneself slowly. Patience with small details
makes perfect a large work, like the universe   ~ RUMI

We are in our Dark Moon time until tomorrow night when she moves into the New Moon in Cancer at 7:48 pm PST, (10:48 pm EST). She moves into the sign of cancer tomorrow morning at 10:59 am PST (1:59 pm EST). 

During this New Moon phase we will also be experiencing a partial solar eclipse. A solar eclipse is when the Moon passes between the Sun and the Earth and the Moons shadow blocks the Suns light from sharing her ultraviolet radiation with our ionosphere. The ionosphere is an electrified layer of charged particles that surrounds the Earth. This energy exchange of incoming radiation from the sun causes a swelling in the ionosphere and therefore this layer is always larger during the day than at night. 

Cancer is a cardinal,water sign that is ruled by the Moon and rules the stomach teaching us to go with our intuitive, gut feelings. When the Moon is in Cancer we can find her influencing our emotions and focusing us on home, family and the nurturing of ourselves and others.

This dark moon I encourage you to explore the archetypal energy of Lilith, a Dark Moon Goddess.

My dear friend, Candice Covington, describes the Dark Goddess as the goddess of the unconscious, of the dissolution or undoing of things. She shares, "the Dark Goddess teaches us that by going inward to the cause instead of ascending away it we can deal with the aspects of the self and life. We are often taught to fear the power of the Dark Goddess ~ darkness, destruction, dissolution - but her energy is that of the dark moon, the force of rebirth." Candice describes Lilith as a catalyst for thriving in your original nature. Lilith, she says, "shows us that being cut off from our soul and our sense of self-worth is to be cut off from our power, strength and potential. To connect with her energy is to open ourselves to our own inner bravery until we find firm footing in our unique, perfect soul. She is the energy of pure possibility without restriction."

Under these mixed energies of Dark Moon, New Moon and partial Solar Eclipse, I offer the following thoughts for ritual:

  • Take a bath tonight or tomorrow under the Dark of the Moon (prior to 7:48 pm). Call on the energy of Lilith to assist you in moving into your unconscious to access information that you have forgotten and to remember the women of power and strength that birthed us. Adding gemstones (moonstone, black tourmaline, red jasper, or garnet), candles and essential oils (lotus, jasmine, or peppermint) to inspire and activate energies. Water can teach us the path of least resistance ~ follow it.
  • The solar eclipse starts at 6:48 pm PST (9:48 pm EST) and the New Moon is at 7:48 pm PST. Where ever you are try to take the time to notice what your body senses at the time of these subtle energy shifts between Moon, Sun and Earth. Trust.
  • Under this New Moon connect to your feelings and see where they lead you. Acknowledge what you have overcome.

The Moon is there for us to learn to how to cycle through the dark to light and back into the dark again ~ it is a daily, monthly, yearly, lifetime of death and rebirth. She is here to guide us on our journey with ourselves.

New Moon Wishes,
Moon Mama



July 11, 2018

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Capricorn Full Moon ~ sending & receiving compassion

Tomorrow night, Wednesday, June 27th, at 9:52 pm PDT - or early Thursday morning, June 28th, at 12:52 am EST, we will experience a Full Moon in Capricorn. 

Full Moons can be high-energy times as the sun completely illuminates the moon as she sits exactly 180 degrees apart. On these warm summer evenings we love that extra light, love and energy ~ at least I do! With the Sun in Cancer and the Moon in Capricorn we can find ourselves identifying with our emotional bodes in concrete ways, making this Full Moon a perfect time to focus on ways to give our time and energy to nurture others and ourselves.

With all that is happening in the world today ~ this is a good time to focus our energies into the places that we feel drawn to support and heal. There are many ways of supporting causes, yet, as you know from previous emails, I am a firm believer that we must get to the root cause to make the biggest difference.

Many times as we move through life we can find ourselves disconnected with others and are not always kind, and worse yet, many times we are not kind to ourselves. It has been shown that compassion is important to our health and well-being. When we are involved in the prayer and healing of others we can feel the reciprocity of healing in our own lives. 

I offer you these three thoughts and meditations to use under the energy of this Full Moon for sending and receiving compassion, healing and love ~ ahhhhh! my trifecta appears again <3.

So lets take the high-energy and light of this full moon and make it life/world changing:

To prepare for your meditation or Moon Ceremony add earth tones of browns, teal, and reds to your altar using cloth, candles, mala beads etc; add rose quartz, smoky quartz, garnet or turquoise gemstones; and scents I recommend are geranium or frankincense to raise your vibration of heart and crown.

Also be heartfelt in choosing what you bring into your meditation so that it has heart for you. And then choose your meditation or practice ~ if you feel drawn to do all three, start with one tonight and do one each day for three days. The Moon energy is high all three days...

  1. Awakening the Heart of Compassion ~ Tonglen Meditation:

    This is a Tibetan practice to let in suffering and offer out compassion. I find this practice powerful in that it is a practice to awaken With each in-breath we take in others pain and with each out-breath we send them relief.

    Here is a link to instructions on the meditation by Tara Brach or if you prefer a video, here is a short version by one of my favorite teachers, Pema Chodron.
  2. Loving - Kindness Meditation

    This meditation places heartfelt wishes for the well-being of others along with yourself. It creates a softening of the heart allowing you to “feel empathy with the happiness and sorrow of the world.”.

    Here is a link to the Metta Institute for instructions on a loving-kindness meditation by Gil Fronsdal.
  3. A practice of generosity

    This practice also comes from Gil Fronsdal’s book “The Issue at Hand”. Gil explains that the practice of generosity has two important functions.

    1. It helps to not only connect us with others, but also with ourselves. When we give it creates a relationship between the giver and receiver, and through the acts of generosity we learn about the nature and development of our relationships ~ this is lovely.

    2. Second, when we practice generosity is teaches us to see and understand where we are closed, holding back, and where we feel our fear. Taking on this practice helps you to know where you are resisting in giving and receiving. Gil gives example(s)of an intentional practice:

      “Give yourself a week to give a twenty dollar bill to someone you don’t know. Watch what happens during that week. What does it bring up for you? How do you react? What do you learn about yourself in that situation?

      or Jack Kornfield teaches a practice of acting on every impulse to give, no matter what, during a twenty-four hour period.”

      It is important to note that generosity is not limited to the giving of material things. You can be generous with your kindness and receiving by sharing a smile with a stranger, or really listening to your partner or friend. And there is one that may be the hardest ~ try being the receiver ~ and I will add here that receiving has many, many facets so be aware of the subtle ways you are passing up receiving.

I will be practicing compassion and giving through Gemstone Organic this Full Moon in Capricorn by offering 20% off site-wide with all of you who receive this email ~ use the code GIVING at checkout. The sale will run through Saturday June 30th.

AND I will be donating 20% of all sales to Together Rising an organization that transforms heartache into action. I am also offering prayers for those who would like to be held in my full moon ceremony ~ please email me at debra@gemstoneorganic.com with your requests and I will add them to my altar and our circle will hold you as we do our meditation.

And remember to put out your Moon Water tonight or tomorrow gems ~ it will be a lovely way to bless your life over the next two weeks..

Light, compassion, moon beams,
Moon Mama

June 26, 2018