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Winter Solstice ~ Wonders of the Soul


"The most beautiful and profound emotion we can experience is the sensation of the mystical. It is the sower of all true science. He to whom this emotion is a stranger, who can no longer wonder and stand rapt in awe, is good as dead." ~ Albert Einstein

Today we celebrate the Winter Solstice, the shortest day of light in the year. The Solstice is exact at 8:16 pm PST (11:16 pm EST).

Solstice comes from the Latin words, sol, meaning sun, and sistere, meaning to stand still. It was named Solstice as it appeared as if the sun and moon stopped moving across the sky ~ as if time stood still for just that mere second ~ and maybe it does! 

Although it is the longest night of the year, it is also the start of the solar year ~ the rebirth of the Sun. It can be a beautiful time to remember that our lives are part of a larger energy, always changing, always renewing.

I find myself drawn to ritual at these turnings of the wheel. To take time to move into the quiet silence of darkness, under the cold, winter beauty to reflect on my inner world. Each season has its own magic, spirit, energy, feel and rhythm. Winter is a time of slowing down and going within. It is a time when our seeds stay within us, the earth, and we find there is internal activity and germination.

It is a time of cold and snow, guiding us to soften, find the quiet place in the vastness of our landscape and connect with our inner space where the heart and soul entwine. This is a time to stir your dreams to move deep inside to the mystery within, where you believe that anything is possible. Your dreams and the way they unfold in your life are unique to you, like every snowflake that falls.

Recently, I was driving through Iowa and Nebraska and reveling in the quiet, powerful vastness of the snowy landscapes. How it quieted my soul.

I love the solstice energy and the stirring it evokes in me. Each year it is something new. Sometimes it is a deep connection and sometimes a stillness that lures me into new quiet spaces I can access throughout the coming year.

In working with this energy, I share these few simple rituals I will be practicing today and into the coming days: 

  1. I will be doing a short tea meditation. You can make any tea that you like, the most important step is to be mindful in each step, preparing, sitting down, drinking, and finishing the tea. First, make your tea with complete awareness of the present moment. Give yourself completely to the process. Next, find a quiet place to drink your tea and once you sit down, just take a moment to sit with your tea. Notice the aroma, the color and the delicate balance that is went through to become the delightful cup of tea in front of you. Before you begin drinking, take a moment to give thanks to the tea. Now, taking small sips at a time, drink your tea with mindfulness. Savor each sip, really savor each sip. You can focus your mindfulness on the raising of your arm, the sip, the swallowing, the lowering of the arm and the deep breaths that follow before you take your next sip. Thoughts, feelings, and sensations are to be acknowledged then moving our minds back into the mindfulness practice. Once you are done with your tea give thanks again as you did in the beginning. This is a beautiful way to prepare for a creative project or meditation.
  2. I will color a new Mandala, and create my own with gatherings from this fall. I do this to bring myself inward. I will play music that warms my soul and heart, and helps me to connect to myself, to the colors, textures and smells of my surroundings. Later I will revisit my mandala’s to interpret what came forth from my internal world to share with me in my external world.
  3. Gayatri Prayer and meditation ~ I will be chanting this prayer before moving into a silent meditation. This is a prayer of light, the light that shines through all faiths, all beings, through the universe, through us, uniting us as one family. This will also be my twilight sadhana, morning and/or evening, for the next 40 days.
  4. I am also dedicating this remaining ten days of the year to consciously bringing myself from my left brain, the linear, organizing, I am place, into the right brain, where I connect with the present moment and the energy of my surroundings through my five senses and body movement. It is here that I find a deep connection with the whole of humanity.

I hope you will take time to share in the deep mystery of the darkness, to experience the fluidity in that quiet place inside of you. And if you like, carry that practice forward daily or monthly.

Solstice Blessings,
Moon Mama

December 21, 2019


Full Moon in Gemini ~ Power of Breathing

 Photo by Aaron Thomas on Unsplash

Tonight at  9:12 pm PST (tomorrow morning at 12:12 am EST) we enter the Full Moon in Gemini. This Full Moon is the last one of 2019 and of this decade. For those of you on the East Coast this is also a 12 Moon since it is Full at 12:12 am on 12/12/2019. Beautiful energy to work with as 12 signifies the beginning. Hmmm, what will be starting for you? What is blowing in the wind to urge your forward towards a beginning that you have been contemplating for 2020? Be holding that beginning energy as you view her tonight or in the coming nights as we approach the last New Moon and Solar Eclipse of this decade.

Gemini is an Air element. When the Moon is in Gemini it is a good time to place attention on the breath. Breath is a noun defined as the power of breathing; life. It gives us life because without it we cannot exist. Breath, wind, air are the unseen energies of life. Under windy conditions we can find it harder to breathe, due to the turbulence that is created our air clearance is decreased and the air we breathe tends to linger near and around the nose vs moving into the lungs. This Moon is also known as the Cold Moon ~ did you ever wonder why you turn into a cloud-breathing dragon in the cold, winter days? When you exhale in the cold, the water vapor in your breath condenses into lots of tiny droplets of liquid water and ice (solid water) that you can see in the air as a cloud, like fog! Air is a magical wonder when mixed with water!

Nasal breathing is healthier than breathing through the mouth. This is primarily due to the fact that we exhale more slowly through the nose and this gives our lungs more time to extract oxygen from the air we have already taken in. 

Air is the element that connects all other elements. It has the power to shift and change the landscape ~ shaping itself into the space available or shaping space to its own nature. You experience the power of air through its movement ~ maybe through a soft breeze passing over your skin or the scent it carries.  Each breath is a cycle within itself. Your inhale represents the energy of receiving and your exhale the energy of giving. It is the wind beneath your wings, the power of your heart to direct you into right action. This power is the perfect balance between receiving and giving.

Thought:  What is taking shape in your life?

Here are a few ways to work with the element of air:

  1. Step out into the cool/cold air to bring you back to your breath. Breathe through your nose as much as possible. Then as you breathe deeply connect to your heartbeat. This will help you to connect mind and heart, a beautiful connection to work with over the holiday season.
  2. Do a morning meditation or mantra. A sweet and simple mantra to use is, ‘Breathe and breathe again’.
  3. Use this hand mudra for calming and clearing the mind:

    Kalesvara Mudra

    Place the finger pads of your middle finger together; touch the first two joints of the index fingers and touch your thumbs. Bend your other fingers inward. Point your thumbs toward your chest and spread your elbows to the outside. In hale and exhale slowly 10 times. Then observe your breath and lengthen the pause after inhalation and after exhalation a little bit more. This Mudra calms your mind from its flood of thoughts and agitated feelings. The more calm you become the longer the periods between your thoughts. You become clearer supporting your ability to find solutions. 
    Affirmation: I connect to my breath and feel its calming energy.  
  1. Calm your overactive mind with a drink a Valerian or Chamomile tea to calm and connect. 

Today, bring in the color yellow in your surroundings or on your altar. If you like, work with the gemstones citrine or yellow jade. And to help focus your mind use the essential oils of rosemary, juniper berry or clary sage. And don’t forget to put out your Moon Water gems.

Full Moon Blessings,
Moon Mama

December 11, 2019


Full Moon in Taurus ~ Earth Magic


November. I want to drink in the colors at sunset right now. They are so beautiful, soft, and earthy. The smells draw me down into my body with a subtleness that is palpable and makes me want to take a million pictures, but instead, I take it in through all of my senses imprinting the scene in my body. A few nights ago I ran back to my car to get my phone so that I could catch a few pictures to share in this blog. Its impossible to really capture all the colors, yet, I know you will feel the beauty. Taking in the Moon at these magical moments is something I treasure.


Tomorrow morning we have a Full Moon in Earthy Taurus at 5:34 am PST (8:34 am EST). Taurus is a feminine, fixed, earth sign, ruled by Venus. Under a Taurus Moon we can feel the benefits of slowing down and letting our roots grow deeper under her sensual creativity. It is a time to relish in the miracle of the Earths magic. Do you ever stop and think about the Earths magic? Her transformation from season to season? Her change of colors, temperature, light and sounds? It is something that we take for granted daily and yet we are all moving with her. Some migrate south, some of us begin our inward movement.  

Taurus is a feminine, fixed, earth sign, ruled by Venus. A Taurus Moon slows us down so that our roots can grow deeper under her sensual creativity. It is a time to cultivate the miracle of the Earths magic.

Connecting with Mother Earth under a Taurus Moon can help you to ground and find a stability that you hold inside. I have felt this stability, this grounding since yesterday. It was from a culmination of things; walks, ceremony, writing, and I woke with a feeling of being in my body, solidly, quietly, yet so content and full.

This is a Moon to reconnect with all that earthly, creative power.

Here is a short ritual:

  • Go for a walk where there are trees, tonight or tomorrow night. Step in the leaves and breathe through your nose, this is so important and something we can find we forget to do when walking. Take in the deep, rich smells of the earth and her processes of letting go, seeding, decomposing. Use the earth to release and receive.


  • Collect a seed from a plant, any plant, and bring it back and place it on your altar.

  • Use this seed as inspiration for bringing you towards your intention for the next New Moon in Sagittarius. Let it be your reminder to allow yourself to create space for new energies to enter.
  • This is a lovely time to cleanse your gemstones. If you can, place your gemstones onto the earth under the Moon for cleansing overnight. When you pick them up the next day, smell the earth and/or moonlight they carry before placing them back in your house, pocket or on your altar.

Each change of season reminds us that we too are shifting. Take in the signals and tune into yourself:

  • Where are you letting go?
  • What changes can you feel in the rhythms of your body?
  • How are the shorter days (less light) helping you to move inward?
  • What sounds are changing around you?

Stop. Breath. Believe.

Don’t forget to put your Moon Water out tonight gems ~

Full Moon Blessings,
Moon Mama

November 11, 2019


New Moon in Scorpio ~ Dark, Deep, Enchanting

Mandala design by Elena Noosh

Tonight we have a New Cazimi Moon in Scorpio at 8:39 pm PST (11:30 EST).

Scorpio is a fixed water sign ruled by Mars and Pluto. He is the eighth astrological sign and rules the 8th house: house of birth, death, mysteries and transformation ~ possibly, the house of your secret power. The number 8 is the symbol for balance and harmony and on its side is the symbol for infinity and a constant flow of energy and power.

As a water sign, Scorpio gains his strength from the deep, emotional realm. He can teach you to how to reach the clear life giving water found at the deep, dark space of your internal well, your unconsciousness.

In his research, Carl Jung identified that in our youth we are compelled to repress certain aspects of our personality. For example, boys can be discouraged to be soft hearted and can quickly learn the benefits of suppressing their compassionate side, which then becomes unconscious. Girls on the other hand are criticized if they are too assertive or independent and can rapidly learn to conform to social norms. As we mature, we find that we reclaim these hidden aspects of ourselves, by reclaiming our inner child; or maybe better identified for many of us as our innocence, playfulness or creativity. 

Our highest potential is hidden within our unconsciousness. Many times we can confuse the search for the self as being absorbed in self fulfillment. On the contrary, encountering the inner Self can be a deeply moving and emotional experience. When we move inward to connect to our higher Self, we can often find ourselves humbled because we are forced to recognize the limits of our own conscious ego. We find out how small our ego is compared to what humankind can be. And when we learn to listen deeply, we can tap into a powerful pathway to renewal and clarity. Lets look at meaning of the word deep as it holds such a strong essence for Scorpio:

  • deep as an adjective means: extending far down from the top or surface; very intense or extreme
  • deep as a noun means: the sea or ocean
  • deep as an adverb means: far down or in; deeply.

The ocean is a dark unknown, yet filled with hidden forms of life; in dreams the ocean represents the unconscious. Fishermen and -women therefore symbolize the process of retrieving material from the unconscious. We carry hidden life within our subconscious ~ and now is a perfect time to go fishing sisters and brothers.

Mandalas often symbolize the higher or inner Self. The meaning of the Mandala in sanskrit is magic circle. Creating mandalas can offer a "safe refuge of inner reconciliation and wholeness", while at the same time provide a sacred space into which we can invite the Self. When we create Mandalas, whether creating our own or coloring a Mandala, we are making a personal symbol of who we are in that moment.

So lets dive deep and go inward under this New Moon in Scorpio. Here is a ritual for you to connect/experience your inner Self:

  • Draw a Mandala if you can, if you prefer, choose one of these Mandala pictures  and print it out to color, or purchase a Mandala coloring book and pick a picture that you feel drawn too.
  • If possible, draw or color your Mandala during the Cazimi Moon, starting at least 30 minutes prior to the New Moon and going at least 30 minutes past the New Moon (i.e. for PST, start at 8:09 pm and go until at least 9:09 pm)
  • And then learn to interpret and understand the message of the Mandala you chose today at this beautiful site!
  • Intentions can be so beautiful under a New Moon, this month I encourage you to let your Mandala guide you to your intention. Finding a way to connect to that deep space within you that holds all your beliefs, your beauty, secrets, love, and guidance.
  • On the Crescent Moon on Monday, plant the intention that is revealed to you.

As so well spoken in the Book of Runes, "When in deep water ~ become the diver".

New Moon Magic,
Moon Mama

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October 27, 2019


Full Moon in Aries ~ Magical Beginnings

Today we have a Full Moon in Aries at 2:08 pm PST (5:08 pm EST). 

Aries is a cardinal, fire sign and ruled by Mars, planet of action. He showers us with his lively spirit and creativity and being the first sign of the zodiac can also help us to feel into new beginnings. 

Fire is light ~ both inner and outer. As an inner light she is consciousness at its most luminous. Fire is the light that makes things visible, spreading clarity and bringing in awareness. When mixing Fire (Aries) and Water (Moon), we want to keep our awareness clear within the emotional stream of our experiences. 

This Lunar Fire can help us to use our minds and our feelings, a potent combination to make you feel capable of accomplishing anything. This is a time to take that extra step by going a little further than expected and finding the courage of your convictions, in even the small things, as they eventually amount to meaningful commitments.

There is a feeling of determination under this Moon that is strong and energizing. Fire element gemstones will support you in firing up your enthusiasm and help you move through times of exhaustion and apathy. The third chakra is where we work with the fire element and movement and flow will help to increase your fire.  By doing yoga or dancing you can increase your fire to find your inspiration and creativity under this Aries Moon.

Rituals for this Full Moon in Aries:

  • Create your sacred space using smoke, sound, or prayer. Colors to use are orange, red, and yellows. Gemstones you may feel drawn to are jasper, garnet, sardonyx, carnelian or amethyst. A Full Moon helps us to shine light on that which needs to be released so here are a few questions to ask yourself:
    • What do you see?
    • Where are you feeling her energy in your body today?
    • What attention does this light demand?
  • Start your ceremony by writing down three things you would like to let go of under this moon so that you make room for the light to shine in. Fold the papers and place them in a cauldron or other vessel to burn. As you are lighting them on fire, speak them and tell them you let them go, release them into the universe, to go back to the earth to create new nurturing energy.
  • With this Lunar Fire we can mix water and fire to influence us in finding the clarity, action or determination to complete the action we desire. There is an energy now that illuminates your understanding, it circulates endlessly behind and through your emotions. You know it as an inner light that burns clearly and steadily ~ this is a light that radiates out into the world from inside. Choose two to three gemstones: jasper, garnet, sardonyx, carnelian, or amethyst and place them into a Moon Water Vessel. Add filtered water of your choice (spring, distilled, reverse osmosis) and place under the Full Moon (for at least 12 - 24 hours). Monday night use this water in your bath. Run your bath water and add salts and/or essential oils such as lavender, rosemary, peppermint or ginger. Add your gemstones and water to your bath right before getting in ~ it will bring you a wonderful sense of well being and help you to harness the Aries Moon Energy to bring action to your intention.  
  • The sacred geometry for the fire element is the tetrahedron. Here is a link to a star tetrahedron, also known as the Merkaba, vehicle of light. The Star Tetrahedron is also connected to the Solar Plexus, the center of personal power, and creates a natural balance between physical and spiritual. Print out the star tetrahedron and place it in a pie dish and then place a clear glass plate above it. For Aries the numbers 9,8 or 6 are helpful to use. Place gemstones on the points of your choice. In the picture below I have used 9 crystals,  2 Jasper, 2 Garnet, 2 Sardonyx, and 2 Carnelian. I added an amethyst in the center as it is a great way to open our mind to creativity with its water element. I then place my Moon water vessel on top of the plate and place it under the Moon to amplify your Moon water. Click here for more details on creating your Moon Water gems!

  • Listen, dance, move, to this beautiful version of Ardas Bahee by Jai Jagdeesh to remind you of the light you hold deep within your house of miracles, and believe there is a magic that is about to begin.

We will be making a fresh batch of cremes from the waters of this Lunar Fire so get yours while they last! We will also be creating a new Fire Elixir with these Full Moon energies ~ learn more here!


The sun sets and the world turns, the day comes to a close. This may be the end of one phase of your life and the light of endings colors all you see. Take time to take in all that has happened and move into the present moment....sing your song, beat your drum and celebrate the achievements of the day. We are always learning to see what must be done and have the motivation and energy to undertake it ... this is a Moon to feel the beginnings of clarity, to wake up to the morning light and see what messages have been left for you.

Take in this fiery energy and create a little magic ~ and don't forget gems to believe.

Full Moon Blessings,
Moon Mama

October 13, 2019

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New Moon in Libra ~ Nourishing Balance

Tonight, September 27th, we are under the Dark Moon of Virgo until early tomorrow morning when the Moon moves into Libra at 3:03 am PST (6:03 am EST).  Under a Libra moon we can find ourselves looking for balance and for this Libra Moon I would like to work with nourishment and how that brings balance to our lives and bodies. To create balance sometimes we need to deal with obstacles. This can take determination to bring things back into order. It is a time to crack the situation open like a bone between our teeth, to penetrate to the essence, and let nothing stand between you and the truth. Action and insight can awaken us into bringing things into view. And when we can see we have the possibility of reaching the truth, a result. 

When we include all forms of nourishment: physical, social, emotional, intellectual, and spiritual we create an 'ecosystem' to sustain ourselves. And most importantly, the truths we choose to nurture and cultivate in our lives become the foundation of our personal ecosystem.

When we are setting intentions under this New Moon in the Air Sign of Libra we can use our breath to guide us deeper into our places of knowing.

So here are a few questions to ask during this New Moon as you create your intentions:

What must you do to get to the truth?
What nourishes you?
If you accept this nourishment, who will you become?
How are you growing into your self to create a harmonious, balanced cycle of nourishment?

Become aware of what truly sustains you. Work with your deep instincts to connect with the real nourishment you are seeking.

A few thoughts to remember under this Dark Moon is that you may find that your mind turns inward and your intuition is active. This is the time to nourish the seeds of your intentions so they are ready to plant tomorrow under the New Crescent Moon. 

Here is a simple ritual for this New Moon in Libra:

  • Create your altar using blues, yellow, silver or violet. Some lovely gemstones to work with under this moon are agates, jade, peridot, lapis lazuli or opals. Cleanse your scared space with a prayer or smudging with sage or incense.
  • Light a candle or two.
  • Center yourself using your breath ~ take a few deep cleansing breaths or use a mediation CD or make yourself a cup of herbal tea.
  • Nourishing your body with the breath is a way to draw oxygen into your cells to nourish them. Next, breath in a quality you need right now and visualize that quality gently and gradually infusing your body with kindness, compassion, health, healing? What do you need to balance your energy, spirit or mind?
  • Once you are done with your meditation take out your notebook and write the messages or thoughts or words that come to you. Do not stop to think about what you are writing ~ just write! How does it support you in finding your inner balance? Does it inspire an idea or creative intention?
  • Over the next 48 hours eat a balanced diet and drink plenty of fluids.
  • Over the next 2-weeks, make time to do a short meditation daily to connect to your intention.

Air is a powerful element. It carries the archetypal properties of spirit into the physical world. When we pay attention to both giving and receiving we bring nourishment and energy to our creative actions. My wish for you my dear moon family, is to use this New Moon in Libra to create a foundation for a beautiful inner and outer 'ecosystem'. 

New Moon Blessings,
Moon Mama

September 27, 2019


Full Moon in Pisces ~ Moving Forward with Clarity


Friday, September 13, 9:33 pm PST (Saturday, September 14, 12:33 pm EST)

Tomorrow night we have a Full Moon in gentle, compassionate Pisces. Pisces is the last sign of the zodiac. She is a feminine, mutable, water sign ruled by the ethereal planet Neptune, and is the ruler of the feet. A Moon in Pisces reminds us to connect to our spiritual side and to remember that we are all born of the stars.

I want to focus on the feet for this Moon, to remind you of the importance of these beautiful body parts that play a significant role in your life.

The health of your feet is directly linked to your ability to become grounded inside of your physical body. Our feet are receptors of the grounding earth and her magnetic energies…did you know that your feet contain 8,000 nerves? They are the manifestor’s of the spiritual skill of being an anchor to the light

I love finding synchronicities in spiritual practices because I believe that we all flow to the same ocean of love, eventually. So here are a few thoughts for you around the spirituality of feet.

Feet are related to the number 12 in the schools of wisdom, the 12th chakra is the very last initiation before graduation; they are ruled by the 12th sign of the zodiac wheel, Pisces; and Jesus washed the feet of the 12 apostles during his last supper, a ceremony of love and devotion.

It is said that your right foot will keep you on the right path, and your left foot will keep you on the spiritual path so that you can move through life’s lessons. The right foot is known to hold a stronger male energy and the left foot a stronger female energy ~ this follows the Native American traditions of the Nine Animal Totems. They are the connection of balance and assimilation of Kundalini Energy by pulling the earths magnetic currents up through the spine and out the crown chakra.

The feet have the ability to bring harmony to your spirit and body through their connection to the earth. They are the receivers of the earths nourishment to our human body just as the roots are the receivers of the earths nourishment to the trees. They ground us and guide us in manifestations of our life purposes, and retain all the memories of the many paths our soul has walked on this earth and beyond.

Itchy feet can stir us to awareness by setting our body in motion. Influencing us to see the paths that are open for us so that we can follow the commitments and relationships that we desire, guiding us towards far-reaching transformation.

The ability to be grounded allows us to develop a stronger sense of self-awareness and self-realization. A lake can form in the mountains because the mountain makes space for it and at the same time remains solid on the inside so that the clear water can pool above it. Ground those feet so that the clear watery energy of this Moon in Pisces can bring you clarity and deep connection to the part of you that wants to move forward.

Ritual thoughts:

  • Because Pisces is a water element working with or in water can be a great place of healing. A hot mineral bath can be healing under this watery Moon to eliminate toxins, clear perceptions and open awareness. I also encourage you to take time to focus on nurturing your feet ~ in the bath or just using oil ~ by giving yourself a foot massage. Reflexology can teach give you insight into your body, so be aware of tender spots and listen to what you need. See the chart below for guidance.

    photo credit sunhouse.wales
  • Moon Water ~ place your Moon Water out tonight and leave it out through tomorrow night so that you collect the moons energies moving into, through and past her fullness. Gemstones you may want to use for this Moon are turquoise or amethyst.
  • Last, you may want to use the essential oils of frankincense, myrrh or sandalwood to heighten your dreamtime energies and connect with your Moon Water as she gathers her light.

When we are in harmony we can find clarity, and clarity moves us forward.

Full Moon Blessings,
Moon Mama

September 12, 2019


New Crescent Moon in Virgo ~ Earth Element

Dear Moon Family ~ 

Today we have a New Crescent Moon in Virgo ~ she is in Virgo until tomorrow at 1:46 am PST (4:46 am EST) to work with. I find the Virgo Moons to be very energizing ~ yesterday I found myself cleaning like a wild, beautiful, pregnant woman right before birth! I remember that high energy and this Moon is pushing me to a good outward cleansing, which for me is always a way to move the internal clutter out before grounding in my intentions.

Virgo it known as the "Womb of Time" where seeds of great value are planted, nourished and revealed. It is the time to raise our standard of excellence in our lives and on the Earth.  A Virgo Moon sharpens our minds and nerves and puts us to work. It can support our ability to digest information and assess the situation to invoke compassion and brilliant problem-solving.

Use some lavender today to manage and store your energies for the next two weeks and play with malachite or sapphires! Virgo is a Feminine, Mutable Earth sign ruled by Mercury.

During a New Crescent Moon or Sprout Moon we can find ourselves writing easier or having new ideas or sudden insights. Your appetite may begin to increase and you may need less sleep. Watch for energy spurts today!

Thoughts for this New Moon:

  • What awareness does this Virgo Moon bring you?
  • Where in your body are you feeling her today?
  • What will be your New Moon Wish for your body?
  • Are you ready for all your best wishes to come true?

Here are a few things that I will be doing to celebrate this Earth Moon ~

  1. Dancing on the Earth ~ with bare feet!
  2. Eating a piece of fruit and planting the seed ~ this is a beautiful way to honor this earth element while planting your intention. The harvests of this season are in full bloom ~ so pick a fruit that is ripe and juicy and then plant that seed with intention. My dear sister Candice Covington has a connection with plants that is deep and mystical. Here are a few thoughts on the fruits that you may want to use for this planting and intention:
    1. Peach ~ opens you to the memory of the muse in your own heart
    2. Watermelon ~ fosters positive self-esteem and allows you to see the beauty of your life.
    3. Elderberry ~ opens one to receive the spiritual energy that is all around you and to be taught by this energy
  3. Tonight, before going to bed, I will again write my intention on a bay leaf, crumble her and then throw it out my front door onto mother earth. 

This is a lovely day to connect to this Earth energy from the Virgo New Moon. And remember that you are the earth herself and this is a call to connect.

New Moon Wishes,
Moon Mama  

August 30, 2019


Full Moon in Aquarius ~ Breathing in the Light


On Thursday, August 15th @ 5:29 am PST (8:29 am EST) we have a Full Moon in Aquarius. A Moon in Aquarius calls us to dream, to feel her inspiration and become deeply aware that what affects one, affects us all. Aquarius is known as the Water Bearer, to bring forth the waters of wisdom ~ which I believe we all hold in our dreams. Dreaming is so important to creating the life we love. Without our inspirational dreams we are not the creative, vibrant, dancing hearts that we desire to be.

Aquarius is a masculine, air sign ruled by Uranus, making this a time where we can find personal freedom and individuality very important. Aquarius rules the calves and ankles; for me the calves can represent forward movement as they are the muscle that pulls up the heel up to allow use to move forward and the ankles represent the ability to receive pleasure.

Full Moons are directly opposite the Sun and it is at this time we can feel the pull of our two greatest lights. The Sun is masculine, and connected to our conscious mind, the Moon is feminine, and relates to our subconscious mind. They are fire and water, yin and yang that fit perfectly together and show us how we fit perfectly together.

As we join with the Moon in Aquarius we are also feeling the Suns energy in Leo. The Sun provides us the light and warmth and Leo opens our hearts to connect with our dreams and inspirations.

And under this Moon I want to bring in the constellation of Stars to add to this light. Did you know that every single cell in our bodies contains elements created in the burning center of a collapsing star? From the iron in our blood, to the calcium in our bones, and keratin in our hair! That my dear moon family is pure magic!

This is a time to use this dreamy sign to channel our inspirations from the subconscious into our consciousness. We must learn to speak to ourselves in ways that bring us in forward motion, to know that we hold the stars within us and that we are connected and created from the amazing beauty of the world we see ~ we are that, we are that, we are all of that. 

This is a time to dance between the borders of fire and air ~ a time when we are in ‘just enough’ and ‘not quite there’ a time to stretch our wings and play with infinite possibilities that is opening to us. Creativity flows through us and moves us towards inspiration that wants to be realized. To start this journey we open to the creative source, not with plans and intentions, but with the energy that powers them, the power that moves the stars in the sky. When we step into the heart of this process, we can welcome its momentum and move between our subconscious and conscious mind, where we weave the powers of inspiration and realization together into a synergistic context for creative possibilities.

A Lovely Full Moon Ritual:

I suggest with this Sun and Moon Energy we are under that we find time in the next 48 hours to do the following:

  • During the day, go outside and look at the sun with your eyes closed and take in the bountiful warmth and light he offers, connect with the energy you share ~ feel the flow of energy moving through you.
  • Connect with your dreams from the time you step outside under the sun and see how they brighten you inside and out.
  • Then, tomorrow night or Thursday night, sit outside at dusk and wait for the first star to appear before the Full Moon rises (~7:45 pm PST) and as the Sun sets (~7:40 pm PST). Cleanse your space with smoke from sage or palo santo or I love myrrh and frankincense for this Moon. Then use a feather to move the smoke across the room and over your body ~ if you have a Raven feather she is a bird of magic and can offer you the courage to enter into your subconscious ~ a place to accept your gifts.

  • Watch as the stars begin to appear, one at a time at first and then as they come more quickly, like they are coming to join you at your celebration of you ~ of them. Breathe in their light, sparkle, and magic and know that is what you are made of ~ STARS.
  • Next, as the Moon begins to rise above the horizon, breathe in her light. As you take in her light, imagine all the lights merging together ~ the Sun, Star, and Moon ~ how do they feel? What creativity, dreams and inspiration are they showing you? What pleasures arise through these merging lights?
  • Now, place your dream(s) into your Full Moon Water by speaking them into the water. I have such a love of water and her life giving energies. Do not underestimate her power as when you speak them into the Moon Water, you are also connecting to the waters within you.

  • Create your altar for the Moon Water on a windowsill, near a window or outside where it can collect the most Moonlight. I encourage you to use one or all of the following gemstones for this Moon Ceremony :
    • Amethyst ~ wonderful for inspiring new ideas and creativity; a beautiful gentle stone for purifying and supporting the crown chakra to heighten intuition and inner wisdom.
    • Moon stone ~ wearing this stone can support you in bringing your unconscious into consciousness.
    • Garnet ~ a fire stone that is also known as a symbol for the feminine, use it to balance this air sign and its erratic influences from Uranus.
    • Turquoise ~ a stone that encourages us to honor ourselves as a creation and child of the divine….its beautiful hues are inspiring, hopeful, feminine and calming.
  • In the morning collect your Moon Water and take your first sip of your dreams you placed in them and the light that is keeping them alive.

Remember the story about the little boy went looking for the wishing gate? He was so intent on his purpose that he did not notice where he was going and he got lost and was very tired and so sat down on an old stile to rest. The north wind came along and offered to take him home and because he was so tired he accepted the North Wind’s offer. As they traveled along the North Wind asked him how he cam e to be lost. “I was looking for the Wishing Gate,” he replied. The Wind laughed all the way to his home. When they reached his doorstep the North Wind said, “The next time you go out to search for anything keep your wits about you. You were sitting on the Wishing Gate when I found you.” 

The power of attention, intention, is called the Silence. Your imagination, your dreams, your inspirations are a divine gift. Use them. 

Sending You Full Moon Love and Star Magic,
Moon Mama


August 15, 2019

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Pampering Your Feet ~ Why?


We walk on them everyday and yet most of us may have little knowledge of all the work these two perfect parts of our body do on the daily. Giving them some attention and love may just change the way you move through your day and possibly your life.

I have been a barefoot mama for the last 25 years. Ask anyone, I walk barefoot everywhere I can and my feet love it. This year I have been spending more time in the mountains where the air is dry and the soils have taken a toll on my feet, or maybe it is just that I have not been pampering them like I have in the past.

Either way, it has inspired me to research feet and the special power and beauty they hold. 

Did you know?
  • You have 250,000 sweat glands in your two feet
  • A quarter of all the bones in your body are in your feet (26)
  • Your feet have 8,000 nerves ~ hence, why they are so susceptible to tickling!
  • Your feet can produce ½ pint of sweat a day
  • Your feet are you bodies natural shock absorbers
  • Your feet function best in their bare or natural state
  • Your feet walk an average of 110,000 miles in your lifetime
  • Each foot takes 1.5 times your body weight while you walk
  • The Achilles tendon is the STRONGEST tendon in the body

Pampering these sensitive, powerful, ‘wheels’ of motion can bring you good results in both movement and relaxation. So let’s go. Here is a great mixture of steps to take to pamper those feet of yours…do one or all of them. 

Earthing ~ bare feet for health

Going barefoot, even when in the house is a great way to connect to the Earth. So if you have a yard or can go to the nearby park and place your feet on the grass or dirt, do it, daily! Feel the pleasure you experience feeling the surface beneath your feet. When your feet come in contact with the earth you receive electrons from her that are absorbed into your body through your feet. These electrons are nature’s biggest antioxidants and help neutralize excess free radicals that lead to inflammation and disease in the body. 

Herbal Foot Soak  

Picture by Pexel

A good foot soak can soothe your muscles, hydrate your skin, remove toxins, relieve aches and pains, reduce swelling and keep your feet clean and healthy. This combination is great for calming sore, tired or swollen feet. The Epsom salts and herbs are great for easing the pain and flushing out the toxins and the essential oils will refresh your feet. 


  • ½ cup of Epsom salts (or Celtic salts)
  • 3 Tablespoons of Chamomile, Thyme and Marjoram
  • 10 drops of Peppermint Essential Oil
  • 10 drops of Lavender Essential Oil  


  • Bring 4 quarts of water (preferably reverse osmosis or spring water) to a boil, remove the water from the heat and add your Epsom salts and herbs, preferably in a muslin bag or tea strainer so they are contained.
  • Cover and allow to steep for about 10-15 minutes.
  • Pour your herbal mixture into your basin adding additional warm water as needed to be sure your feet are covered.
  • Soak the feet for 15-20 minutes. This is a great time to read, listen to music or close your lovely eyes. 

If you are looking for more of an antifungal foot soak, add ¼ cup of apple cider vinegar after straining the herbal mixture into your basin; and replace the Peppermint Oil with Tea Tree oil.

AND if you have time, after your soak, put your feet up on a chair seat or a few cushions for 10-15 minutes. This can add to your stress release and improve circulation. 

Foot Clay Mask

This may come across as a little different, but trust me, this is going to be something you look forward to a second, third and fourth time! Foot masks are a great way to gently draw toxins from the feet, as they do on the face and body. They are cleansing, detoxifying and just plain good fun.


  • 3 tablespoons bentonite clay
  • 2 tablespoons filtered water
  • 1 tablespoon apple cider vinegar

 You might want to do this in the bathroom so that once the mask has dried you can rinse your feet without a trail of clay on the floor.


  • Mix the bentonite clay, filtered water, and apple cider vinegar until it is the consistency of a soft paste. Add more water if needed.
  • Smooth over your feet and ankles and allow to dry ~ 8-10 minutes.
  • Rinse and pat dry.
  • If you like, after rinsing, use a natural bristle brush, pumice stone or loofah,to remove any remaining clay and dead skin.
  • Rinse and pat dry.
  • Spray your feet with a Gem Juice Hydrosol
  • Apply Sunstone Lotion to keep your feet soft 

OR…a beautiful way to do this mask is to follow it with your herbal foot soak! In that case here are the steps: 

  • Mix the bentonite clay, filtered water, and apple cider vinegar until it is the consistency of a soft paste. Add more water if needed.
  • Create your herbal mixture, place your pan on the floor near you and your basin. While the herbal mixture is cooling apply your foot mask over your feet and ankles and allow to dry ~ 8-10 minutes.
  • Place your feet in the water and soak your feet for 10-15 minutes.
  • If you like, use a natural bristle brush, pumice stone or loofah,to remove any remaining clay and dead skin.
  • Pat dry.
  • Spray your feet with your favorite Gem Juice Hydrosol
  • Apply Sunstone Lotion or favorite Body Butter to keep your feet soft 

Because we hide our feet in shoes, sandals and boots, they can sometimes get lost in our self-care routines. Yet, the condition of our feet can determine how well they support our bodies.

Don’t be fooled by these simple steps ~ they pack in a whole lotta love! Pampering your feet will improve how your entire body moves and feels. Happy feet are strong feet. 

Big love,
Moon Mama

July 26, 2019