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Full Moon in Aquarius ~ Possibilities

I write this as I sit in the early morning hours when I can enjoy the beauty of Venus Rising ~ one of my favorite morning rituals is to see and feel her beauty as she rises so brightly in the east. I love her as much as the Moon itself….she is one of my sky guides. 

Tomorrow morning (11:10 am PST) or afternoon (2:10 pm EST) we enter a Full Moon in Aquarius. Many of you have been hearing about the upcoming eclipses this month and this Full Moon is partnered with a partial lunar eclipse. Did you know that Lunar eclipses can only happen on a Full Moon and Solar eclipses only on a New Moon? Eclipses definitely hold an intensity that will pull on us to look more deeply at our patterns and show us the importance of showing up for ourselves.

Aquarius is a masculine, Air sign, ruled by Uranus and Saturn, and rules the calves and ankles. Aquarians are independent, progressive, and original thinkers. They love to help others, fight for causes and have a good intellectual conversation. I had the pleasure of living with an Aquarian for a few months and she taught me how to connect to my dreams by giving them time to fill me, to feel the world of possibilities beyond my doorstep, and think deeply. 

Full Moons are a time of illumination. This Aquarius Full Moon is a great time to harness the Air Element to sweep out and move stale, stuck minds. Aquarius, the Water Bearer, encourages us to draw down energies from divine places, bring forward our ideas, and go beyond our knowing into the unknown.

This Full Moon in Aquarius also falls under the celebration of Lammas, a time for celebrating the Corn Mother. Stories around the Corn Mother Goddess span across the continent. She is known as the Corn Mother or Corn Maiden to the Native Americans or the Great Mother Goddess, Demeter in Greek mythology, Other well known Corn Mothers are the Egyptian Goddess Isis, and the Celtic Goddess Cerridwen. In all cultures, her themes are abundance, energy, fertility, harvest, health, grounding, divinity and strength. The Corn mother brings with her the bounty of earth itself, with all her nurturing and healing capabilities. Corn Mother Goddess brings her love for you in the form of food to tell you it is time to nourish yourself.

So let us celebrate the Corn Mother under this Aquarius Full Moon ~ to keep us nurtured, to help us to move stagnant mindscapes into a place of gratitude and abundance. To connect to the energies of Aquarius in her light of possibilities!

Below area a few ceremonies to celebrate and nurture yourself and those you love: 

  1. Make a Corn Dolly Goddess: gather some dried out corn husks, wheat, raffia, ribbon, and scissors. Creating your doll can be a fun way to tap into your creative side! Here is a video that can help you start and below are a few pictures of some that can spur your imagination. Let your creative juices flow ~ and when finished place it on your altar, in your kitchen or hang her in a beautiful space. It will be a beautiful reminder of the abundance that is available to you … daily!


  2. A beautiful nourishment ritual is to celebrate the Corn Mother in the form of food. Making a soup is a beautiful ceremony in itself and doing it with intention, under the Full Moon and during Lammas, is a beautiful beginning to something you may find yourself incorporating weekly or daily.
    1. Gather together, a candle (any color will do because her colors are all colors of the rainbow!), your Corn Dolly or a picture or Corn Woman, Myrrh, Rose, Lavender or Sage essential oil.
    2. Stand in the middle of the kitchen and set a good intention for the ritual and food you are about to prepare; thank the Mother Goddess for all her nurturing foods.
    3. Rub down your counters with oil purifying your sacred space.
    4. Light your candle and if you like, light incense.
    5. Place your dolly or image of the Corn Mother near the candle
    6. Choose a few gemstones to add to your counter altar, aquamarine, amethyst or opal are great additions for this Full Moon. Cleanse your gemstones and place them on the counter where they feel best. If you feel inspired, place your cleaned gemstones into your grain and let it sit over night before using. If you have made your Moon Water, add some to the soup ~ it will give it additional nourishment from the light of the Moon.
    7. Wash your food that needs to washing and then place all the food on the counter in front of you and give thanks to the Mother Goddess for her bounty. Ask that the food nourish all who eat it and that it be delicious and bring health and comfort.
    8. Enjoy!
  3. For your altar under this Aquarius Full Moon gather the colors of silver, pearl white, or any multi colored items or cloth. Gemstones to hold, wear or place on the altar are Aquamarine, Amethyst, Opal. Take a few moments to meditate on the promise of things to come. Make contact with the magnetic energy currents of the atmosphere to recharge your body and connect to the cosmic energy of things to come…know your potential. TRUST in the promise of things to come.

This is a time of energy to harness. If you can turn it into nourishment, it will feed you and your life.  Don't forget to put out your Moon Water Gems...

Full Moon Blessings,
Moon Mama

March 19, 2019




Leo ~ courage, strength, and heart
Sun ~ energizing, empowering, and warmth

These are the words that I want to connect with under this New Moon in Leo. Leo, ruled by the Sun, is a masculine, fire sign. When it comes to our bodies, Leo rules the heart, upper back and spine. This is the time to harness these energies and fill our hearts. Lets empower ourselves and take in some self-love.

If you haven’t noticed I love New Moons! I think of them as a four-day ritual that include: 

  • Bathing under the Balsamic Moon to release and connect to that which surfaces in my body (starting three days or 72 hours prior to the new moon);
  • Planting my seeds under the Dark Moon through ritual (July 23rd, 2:45 am PST, 5:45 am EST); and
  • Beginning my two-week journey of nurturing those seeds to fruition under the New Crescent Moon (July 24th).

I always find strength and beauty in connecting with these new beginnings and rituals. 

For this New Moon in Leo, I want to share a few simple self-care rituals, to shift you into that habit of loving you first! This is the most healing practice we can give ourselves, our loved ones, mother earth ~ EVERYONE! 

Below are several simple self-care rituals to help you move forward in yourself over the next few weeks. I suggest picking one and sticking to it for the next two weeks and then notice how it impacts you and your life, but feel free to choose more than one: 

  1. Tell someone you love, your partner, your child, your friend, your colleague, something you love about them daily (I love your sense of humor, I love your smile, I love when you cuddle with me on the couch. It can be someone new everyday). This may seem like something small, but I guarantee you that when we make someone else feel good, we feel twice as good!
  2. Several times a day stop and breathe ~ a minimum of five times. Notice how often you find that you are not breathing and how good it feels to connect to your breath.
  3. Write down 5-10 things that you like about yourself ~ you can do it! Then each day pick one point to read and internalize. You may have a memory of a time that made you feel proud about yourself on that specific point ~ use it, memory is a powerful healing tool.
  4. If you are feeling low energy, low vibration, do one thing that brings your vibration UP ~ dance; sing; laugh (watch a show that makes your laugh or call someone who makes you laugh); go out in nature; talk a walk and smile at a stranger; put on your favorite music, listen to a good book! DO IT! Feel the shift.
  5. Get in the kitchen and make your own food! Simple, healthy meals ~ they do not have to be fancy or elaborate, just make them nutrient dense. I was gifted a night with speaker, Hilary Boynton, and when asked to share her top three steps to better health her top pick was to get back in the kitchen and cook your own food. I love this.
  6. Take 5 minutes every day to meditate. I am loose with the word meditate, it could mean read your favorite book, sit quietly and listen to the birds sing, stretch, chant, write, something that calms your mind/body. Do it first thing in the morning, before starting your day.
  7. Take an afternoon nap ~ even for 20 minutes. You will be surprised how it can support you in being more focused, clear and happy! These summer days are perfect for falling into a nap under the warm summer breezes.

You may find that one ritual speaks more loudly to you, as it will also nurture the intention you plant under the New Moon. Colors to use for your altar under this new moon are royal purples, royal blues and orange; gemstones are amber, peridot, citrine or pyrite, the scent of jasmine can connect you to your heart intention; and sunflowers can remind you to stand tall in yourself! Write your intention and place it on your altar or in a vessel or tape it to your mirror so that you can see it daily. 

New Moon Wishes,
Moon Mama

March 19, 2019

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Summer Solstice ~ BEE the sweetness

For to the bee the,  Flower is a fountain of life,  And to the flower a bee is a,  Messenger of love,
And to both, bee and flower,  The giving and receiving is,  A need and an ecstacy
Kahlil Gibran


For this Summer Solstice Celebration ~ I have chosen the bee as my focus. Because of their ability to create incredibly beautiful hurricanes below their wings their flight is one of life's little mysteries, amazing.

I LOVE bees and find their touch something to be cherished. They visit me every time I make Gemstone Organic cremes and although I always dream that they come just because they love my energy, most likely it is that they love the smells!

We have so much to learn from this small yet important insect ~ Albert Einstien said, "if the bee disappears off the surface of the Earth, man would have not more than 4 years to live" ~ why? Because of their vital and most important role in our ecosystem. 

I chose the Bee for this Sun celebration because they are believed to hold secret knowledge and are divine messengers. They symbolize brightness, personal power, the sun and community. To follow the bee is to discover your new destination. What better time to discover more of 'you' than under the warmth, and light of these special long days of summer.

Another interesting note, bee keepers know that at the time of the Summer Solstice the Queen Bee is said to move towards winter and the hive shifts and begins their preparation for colder weather coming. 

I begin to move toward my winter by gathering the sweetness of these long summer days, not forgetting to smell the flowers. And like the bee, I will collect the pollen and make honey for sharing.

Last night I stayed up late and at the moment of the Summer Solstice,3:04 am PST, I laid a picture of a bee at the center of the vision board that I will create for this celebration. Tonight I will complete my vision board for this time between the Summer & Winter Solstices...I will share it with you later. I encourage you to start a vision board ~ they are powerful and beautiful images to keep your dreams floating in your consciousness and subconsciousness. They can be simple, very simple. 

I end with this beautiful Gayati prayer:

You who are the source of all power, 
Whose rays illuminate the world,
Illuminate also my heart
So that it too can do Your work

As you say this prayer, visualize the sun's rays streaming forth into the world, entering your heart and then streaming out from your heart center and back into the world. The Sun is our Life Force.

And remember my sweet family ~ what you are striving to become in actuality is what, by nature, you already are. Bee conscious of your essence....let it shine like the sun and touch the world like a bee.

Busy as a BEE ~ and loving every minute,
Moon Mama

March 19, 2019


New Cazimi Moon in Gemini ~ fresh starts, new projects

Tomorrow at 12:43 pm PST (3:43 pm EST) we have another New Cazimi Moon ~ this time in the sign of Gemini. I love Cazimi moons as they inspire me to hold my ritual at the time of the dark moon moving into the New Crescent Moon. Gemini is a mutable, air sign ruled by Mercury (the planet of communication). If you have a new project to start, this is the time to do it! Or if you need a fresh start in life, this may be the time to aspire to those calls.  Air signs represent mental processes, communication and pursuing intellectual projects (research, studies, hobbies).  I believe that this is a great moon to take your mind to the place that moves you forward. This is a great time to create a ritual to keep your mind from jumping on the 'hamster wheel' and instead opening up space for your imagination to breathe inspiration into your body.

Air signs are associated with the lungs, tissue, breathing and sense of smell.

Here are a few thoughts for preparing for your ritual:

  • When creating your altar and sacred space use a feather to fan the smoke ('air') from incense, palo santo or sage, over your altar, space and yourself. Or use a flute or horn (something that takes air to create the music) for cleansing your space.
  • Colors to use are yellows, blues or silver.
  • You can also add fragrant flowers or an essential oil to bring scent into the air.
  • Air is associated with iron and copper, so it would be good to wear these jewelry items or place them on your altar.

Rituals for the Gemini Moon:


    This is a beautiful way to get your mind to loosen and to listen to your inner voices. If you do not have a labyrinth near you ~ you can use this picture to follow:

  2. NADI SHODHAN ~ alternate nostril breathing

    This breathing exercise is wonderful for harmonizing the two hemispheres of the brain, bringing you balance in mind, body and spirit. Here is a video link to a youtube video on how to do alternate nostril breathing:


  3. UTTARABODHI HAND MUDRA MEDITATION Mercury rules the hands and lungs.

    This mudra strengthens the metal element and is associated with the energy of the lungs and large intestine. The metal element conducts the universal life force (chi or prana) from the outside to the inside, charging your inner power reservoirs. This is a great mudra to use when you feel physically and mentally listless or when you need a rousing idea ~ a flash of inspiration!

    Place both hands in front of your solar plexus, at the level of your stomach. Lay the respective index fingers and thumbs on each other. Point your index fingers upward to the ceiling, and your thumbs downward to the floor or stomach. If you are lying down, the tips of your thumbs may lie at the lower end of your sternum. This hand mudra can be held anywhere, at anytime, and for as long as you want. Create your own affirmation to use when holding the mudra or use this one: My partnership with the powers of the cosmos allow my life to appear in a new light.

This beautiful twin moon reminds us that we have two arms, two spheres, two lungs, two feet, and two eyes ~ use them and be grateful for them as they show you the journey, carry you on the journey, lead you on the journey, breathe you on the journey.

New Moon Wishes to each you,
Moon Mama


March 19, 2019


Flower Moon ~ Full Moon in Sagittarius


Tomorrow morning the Moon will reach her fullness in Sagittarius at 7:19 am PST (10:19 am EST).  She moved into Sagittarius today at 3:29 pm PST (6:29 pm EST) ~ maybe you felt a shift in energy as she entered the sign of Sagittarius as when the Moon is in this sign she is at her most optimistic and sheds a feeling of willingness to let go of things. Sagittarius is a masculine, mutable, fire sign and is ruled by Jupiter. Get ready to feel inspired, with an optimism that leads to radical change! With her bow and arrow she inspires us to hit our mark and hold fast to our truth. This is a Moon to guide you closer to your personal freedom and independence. He holds radical change behind his aim and is there for you to bring your intention from the Taurus New Moon to light.

This Full Moon is also known as the Flower Moon by Native Americans and across Europe because it is the time of year of blooming flowers. The flowers here in California right now are like eye candy ~ so, so beautiful, with vibrant reds, crimsons, peaches, yellows, whites, blues and purples. And the jasmine flowers are heavenly with their soft and yet powerful scent that pushes a smile across my face every time! I am in love <3. Don't dilly-dally ~ get outside NOW as these blooms come and go much faster than you remember.

I am hoping that some or all of you were able to follow the last ritual by collecting your flowers each day and placing them into books or under boards to press them. I found it a lovely ceremony with the tasting of each one and the surprise they all brought to my mouth and taste buds.

Tomorrow is the day to take them all and place them into a flower Mandala to bring your intention(s) onto a Moon circle ~ one that you can now turn each day to keep the intention moving forward and with new light and energy. 

I completed my mandala to give you an idea of how you might want to work with your pressed flowers ~ and for those of you who did not gather them, do it now and over the next few weeks ~ it will inspire you with heartfelt love for your intention every time you look at it.

So here is what I did ~

  1. Get a poster board or any paper that you can place your flowers on
  2. Using a glue stick or other glue ~ place your glue down and then lay your flower on top and hold in place for a few minutes.
  3. Placement of the flowers is up to your eye and hand ~ they cannot be anything but beautiful!
  4. Each day, turn your mandala if you can and take your eye with your intention in mind to the next place on the wheel.  It is important to see your intention and keep it moving and this is a beautiful way to see it from a new perspective each day as it is time to bring it to fulfillment in what ever way you can ~ each step is a step.

I gathered my last flowers today and must admit with all the blooms some days I was not able to only gather one :)).

I will add them to my Moon Mandala tomorrow.....and I added a dandelion today as I wanted to be sure to include a beautiful healing weed!

So take this Moon and fee the freedom she can light up in you ~ this is a time to laugh hard and loud! and be spontaneous ~ feel the flower in YOU. Watch her rise tomorrow night at 8:11 pm PST (11:11 pm EST).

And don't forget to put your Moon Water out tonight gems.

Full Moon Flowers for each of you,
Moon Mama

March 19, 2019


New Moon in Taurus ~ Solid, Strong

Knowing others is intelligence,  Knowing yourself is true wisdom.  
 ~ Tao Te Ching 

Tomorrow morning at 4:47 am PST (7:47 am EST) we will experience the Dark Moon in Taurus. Taurus is a sign that is committed to getting things completed. The Bull represents independence that blooms from self-knowledge and connects us with our inner power. When the Moon is dark under an Earth sign, we are reminded to slow down, connect to her deep rooted energy and ground our hearts and minds. It is a time to pause in the present and let our emotions find their stability so that they can bring forth their best intentions. 

Taurus Moon energy is Feminine, Fixed and Earthy. Taurus is ruled by the planet Venus and in the body she rules the thyroid gland, larynx, chin, lower jaw, ears tongue, vocal chords, jugular vein and tonsils.

Under a dark moon ~ everything is new and we connect to our primal urge to initiate and emerge; we are driven from a body level rather than a mental level. Dark Moons are a time when our mind turns inward, and our intuition is active. Our bodies may feel a slowing of metabolism and although you may sleep well, on awakening you may feel sluggish or drowsy.

The Lunar Celtic Tree for the month of May is the ‘Mighty Oak Tree’ ~ The Moon of Strength


The Oak Tree has the magical properties of all positive purpose and is the most powerful and sacred of the trees for the Celtic peoples. The Moon of Oak poses the essence of power and balance. She is androgynous and her essence provides the greatest alignment for manifesting our goals.

The gift of Oak Moon Mother is in showing children of the universe what their talents are so that they can share them to create a world of balance, where no one is without. She presents us with the essence of fertility, the power to manifest, and the capacity to create an environment for success. She provides the essence of balance; work and play; action and rest; and speaking and silence.

My ritual for you under this New Moon is to encourage you to carry your intention forward ~ to make it a part of each day between now and the Full Moon in Sagittarius. We have another Cazimi Moon, meaning that if you can do this ritual within 1/2 before or after Grandmother Moon goes Dark it can be more potent ~ but please know that anytime tomorrow or tonight will be powerful too: 

  1. First I would like you to take time to really ground into your intentions for this seeding. This is a time to deepen into your desires, no need to strongly pursue just stop and rest.
  1. Create your space and altar ~ outdoors under an oak tree or near one would be magical! Colors for this moon are greens and pinks; gemstones are Rose Quartz, Jade, Smokey Quartz and Agates; essential oils I love for Taurus are rose and geranium.
  1. Gather candles, sage, paper or journal, pencil and if you like a rattle, flute or drum.
  1. This New Moon I would like to ask you to collect one or a combination of different flowers: Roses, Poppies, Foxtails, Lilac or Lavender. Buy or collect enough for a week at a time ~ you can collect or buy more for the second week. Also, choose a book that you can use for pressing your flowers ~ if you have one that you can read something out of everyday that would be magical ~ otherwise a heavy book works well or several books can be placed on top of each other.
  1. Now using your sage and rattle or drum, cleanse your room and body. Here are a few thoughts to ponder before starting your quiet meditation:
      • Are you ignoring your source of strength?
      • Do you see yourself as beautiful?
      • What awareness does this Dark/New Moon bring to you?
      • What do you need at this time? Let the Oak Moon Mother assist you in manifesting what you need ~ this is a great time for realizing your potential.
      • Where are you feeling her in your body today?
    1. Now, sit quietly and slow your breathing until you feel yourself drop heavily into your body. Visualize your roots connecting to the nourishing rhythm of Mother Earth. Take a few minutes here to open up space for connecting and listening. 
    1. Once you feel ready, take your paper or journal and write out your intentions(s). Let it flow ~ use your body or voice if needed (this moon rules the vocal cords) to get clear and write as much detail as you can.
    1. Now, take your intention(s) and bury them somewhere in your yard, garden or in a plant in your house. If that doesn’t work, place them under a rock or other earth element you have in your home/yard. If you have more than one intention you can bury them separately or together.
    1. Now starting with the Crescent Moon, Wednesday, May 16th, take a flower or petals and place them inside your book to press them while speaking one or all of your intentions and then if you can squeeze the flower with your fingers and touch them to your mouth to get the energy and taste of her essence. This is a way to keep your intention moving forward in you, your life and your body. It will connect you with all five of your senses; taste, touch, sight, smell, and hearing.

    The Crescent (Sprout) Moon is a time when we can feel the young shoots of our seeds (intentions) just beginning to poke themselves out of the soil (our consciousness). This is a time we may be filled with insights or new ideas, so it is a wonderful time to awaken your beautiful intentions by placing your flowers into your book.

    I believe that we are our best healers and to know ourselves deeply is a wonderful way to connect to our wisdom. This is not a quick process, but a lifetime of learning, so be gentle with yourselves my beautiful moon family. You still have dreams to dream and stories to tell.

    New Moon Wishes Your Way,
    Moon Mama

    March 19, 2019


    Full Moon Water Ritual ~ Deep, Watery Scorpio

    The Moon. Luna. Mwezi. Grandmother. We know her across the world under different names, but as her light shines down on us she makes each of us feel like we are her special one, the one she really wants to communicate with, the one who has something special to offer the world…and we do, each of us.

    Creating rituals can be nourishing and turn you inward to your quieter spaces. I would like to offer you one such ritual that can be done each month if you like, a Full Moon Water Ritual that I love to do and find healing benefits from. It may help you connect with new parts of yourself, brighten your day or help quiet you so you can hear the sweet words your soul is sharing. Gathering the light of the Moon into water is a way to connect to your feminine power.

    Creating Moon Water under the Full Moon is an ancient ritual for men and women and is best charged on the first night of the Full Moon. There are many ways to use the Moon Water once it is charged: I love the most ancient and sacred practice of drinking this moon magic! You may want to use it for blessings, for cleansing your chakras, making tea or for watering your plants ~ maybe they need a boost of moon water love! You will intuitively know what to do with yours once you hold the power of the charged water in your hands.

    Here are the steps to creating your Moon Water Magic:

    1. To begin, you will want to pick a glass container, jar, or bowl - something that will hold the sacred feeling of what you want the water to carry over the next 28 days. The vessel can vary with each full moon - sometimes large, sometimes small, colored or clear. You may feel inspired to decorate the vessel with colors by surrounding it with gemstones, flowers, leaves, candles or even draw or write on it…be creative!
    2. On the eve of the Full Moon fill your container using filtered or distilled water. Bless the water, by holding it and visualizing the water collecting the energy of the moonlight. Share your love and intention with the water by speaking into it - tell it what you want the light to shine on in your life.

    3. Cover the container and place it outside, if possible, where the moon can shine into the water all night. If you cannot place it outside, choose a windowsill where it can gather the greatest number of moonlit hours.
    4. The next morning collect the container with the Moon Water, hold and bless it again thanking Grandmother Moon for her light and energy, then take your first sip!

    Every morning until the next full moon, take a sip of your Moon Water on an empty stomach. With each sip you will strengthen yourself with the properties of the full moon. Open yourself to her energy of creativity, wildness, imagination and brightness ~ she is there for you. Remember the blessings and intentions you placed in her and let this be a new way to start your day with gratitude and connection to the light within you.

    Moon energy is something we all experience bi-monthly as her ocean tides rise and fall and the Earth tides (body tides) create a displacement of the Earth, which is caused by the gravity of the Moon and the Sun. We may not feel it in a active sense any more than we do the spinning of the earth as it rotates on its axis, but as we tune into it we can feel her pull. We women are in bodily ceremony with her every month as we follow her cycle of 28 days in our menses. We feel her rhythm as she wanes and waxes and she calls to us on a deep emotional and nurturing level. We carry the vibration of her feminine power.

    TONIGHT we experience the Full Moon in Scorpio at 5:58 pm PST (8:58 pm EST). This is a time for you to feel deeply into the secret places of yourself. This time of year we can use the thunder and lightening to feel the places that we are awakening ~ to get the inner circulation flowing.  Its a time to crack open situations so that you can grasp it with wholeness ~ when you can See it allows you to reach the truth or the result you are looking for. You might be tempted to give up but to give up means you would miss the diamond in the rough. Through persistence you gain skills and inner strength. Use this full Moon energy to ask yourself: How can you follow your sense of direction more closely? Where might your path of truth lead you now?

    Take time to create your Full Moon Water Ritual and connect to this spring energy that is cracking us all open to possibilities and love and freshness of life.

    Journeys lead us out and then home again ~ let this moon take you out from your source to help you to rediscover your own deepest intent and its harmony with your spirit.

    We all love the moon and her beauty ~ let her shine her light this month into your deepest truth. Let her light ignite your light. 

    Full Moon Blessings,
    Moon Mama

    March 19, 2019


    New Moon in Aries ~ Cazimi Fire

    Sunday, April 15th at 6:57 pm PST (9:57 pm EST)

    Tonight we have a New Moon in Aries ~ a time of unexpected things to come! This fiery sign is sure to stir your passions up and that can sometimes be as uncomfortable as it is exciting. If you are not following your heart or hearts desires, it can definitely bring up reasons that it is important to look at them again. New Moons are here to share with you the opportunities or dreams that you are quick to bury or put aside as not possible or achievable. This Moon is one of those yearly moons that is sitting in a position to hold a fire to your intentions and with Mercury moving out of retrograde ~ or moreso in his stop before starting his move direct ~ it brings us more clarity of thought and word on how to communicate and work towards these fire-powered dreams. Sprouts require watering and so New Moons are a time of watering ~ taking time to give them the nourishment they need to come to life. And remember Moon Sisters & Brothers, this may take months of nourishment at times so stay the course and be kind to your dreams as they are waiting for you to bring them to life.

    This Moon is also a Cazimi Moon, meaning that its center is within 17 minutes of arch with the center of the Sun in celestial longitude. This position is said to create a very powerful, yet gentle and loving period starting 30 minutes before the Moon is in her full darkness and running 30 minutes after. This is a time to really align with your hearts desires.

    Aries is a masculine, cardinal, fire sign. It is ruled by mars and rules the head. That is why this is such a powerful time to get your heart and head to connect and move them in the same direction.  Use this fire awaken your dreams and take on that Aries confidence, strength and passion and put it to go use. 

    The Celtic Tree for this New Moon Cycle is Willow. The Willow tree seeks out water and like no other tree is associated with the Moon in all her phases.  She encourages expresseion of deeply buried feelings and teaches us to surrender completely to the watery world of emotions and the subconcious so that we can move into a deeper understanding of your inner-most feelings, toward a better appreciation of our hidden motives and secret fears and desires.  She allows us to realize that within every loss is a seed of potential for something new! The magic of the willow carries creativity, inspiration and female rights of passage. Follow the labyrinth trail, connect with the power of wisdom and the rhythm of your soul and return to your ordinary world strengthened. Your will find that your awareness of your purpose is stronger and your intentions cannot be broken by the spell of someone else'e desire.  Remember your fertile inner strength is like that of the Willow. You have the flexibility to bend around obstacles ~ your desires can be woven into the shape. Tell your wishes to the willow.  This is a wonderful time to 

    Use the New Moon in Aries to write out your intentions and deepen your movement forward. A ritual for this new moon ~

    Map it out! Lets try something new for this New Moon by mapping out our intention for the next two weeks. If you want to do a larger mapping save it for another time. Lets keep this one simple.

      1. First quiet yourself. Take a few minutes to light candles, create an altar or place items on your altar to bring in this new Moon.  A few suggestions are placing gemstones on your altar that work well with this moon energy such as fire opal, bloodstone, or moonstone. Colors are red and yellow. Rosemary is a wonderful essential oil to calm your body and keep you from feeling the fight or flight sensation and helping you to focus.
      2. Intentions are best set once you take the time to move into a place of feeling contentment as opposed to a place of lack or need. So if you like do a short breathing meditation to calm the mind and connect it with your heart.
      3. Get a piece of paper and write out your intention and then sit with it for a few minutes allowing yourself to go into the dream state of how you would feel if you had accomplished or completed your intention.  What do you feel? How do you look? How will you move forward from this journey to the next?
      4. Now, get out your colored pencils and larger paper for drawing out your map. Create the steps to getting there by drawing or writing words and mix it up with dates and arrows! Add anything else that you want like maybe ~ flowers, gemstones for energy or even essential oils for smells to bring you back to your intention as the weeks pass. Be sure to create steps that you can accomplish ~ this is important ~ and yet don't hold back on the outcome. If there are only three steps from this New Moon to the next that is perfect! It is more important to accomplish the step and continue at the Full Moon or next New Moon.
      5. Place your map/drawing on your altar and use the gemstones or essential oils to guide you as the weeks pass. Another thought is to wear red and eat red foods over the next week to help you to connect to your steps and intention!

    This Moon has a special energy, because it is the New Moon in Aries 2018. It is unique. Remember Moon Family, what you are seeking to become is actually by nature what you already are ~ this is a time to become conscious of your essence and bring it into form and express it in a creative way. Today is a new day ~ everyday.

    New Moon Wishes,
    Moon Mama

    March 19, 2019


    Virgo Full Moon Magic

    Tonight I am writing this blog as I sit in the high desert in the Las Padres National Forest ~ and as I get ready to send this out she comes rising over the hills to remind me that I must share her beauty here! Tomorrow, March 1st, we have the first of two full moons in March ~ another magical month. She reaches her fullness in Virgo tomorrow at 4:51 pm PST (7:51 pm EST`).  Native Americans called this Moon the Worm Moon as this is the time of the year when the earth begins to soften and the earthworms begin to make their way to the surface.

    Full Moons are a time for releasing , letting go and recalibrating and joining this Virgo Full Moon we have a Venus-Jupiter trine that also adds a joy and optimism that can boost your confidence and faith ~ take notice your day tomorrow!

    Under her fullness Grandmother Moon is sitting in the first house and so it is a good time to be present to the way you enter a room and to what you leave behind when you leave the room.  It is also a good time to take a look at things from different directions to shift your perspective. Remember even small shifts can lead to big awakenings and healing. 

    Virgo Moons can open up our energy around our life paths and encourage us to bring our radiance out into the world to support healing for ourselves and others. This is a wonderful time to work with your Throat Chakra. Clearing the Throat Chakra helps you to have good, clear communication enabling you to express yourself authentically. 

    Full Moon Ceremony

    Taking the time to create and share in ceremony/rituals under the Full Moon can be food for your soul. This is a time of the month when many women ovulate, symbolizing Purna energy, a time of fullness, expansiveness and productivity. Rituals/ceremonies deeply nourish our spirit and soul and afterwards you will find that you are more clear and connected to your center.

    Here is a simple chakra ceremony that you can use under this Virgo Moon ~


    • Start your day with a blueberry and coconut water smoothie ~ healing and energizing for your throat chakra with the healing blue color and cooling liquid.
      • Blend together blueberries, kefir, maca powder and a little cacao powder ~ top it off with your favorite toppings (roasted sunflower seeds, or bee pollen).


    • Prepare for your evening ceremony by gathering the following:

      • Music: I recommend downloading the Song: Dancing Through the Chakras by Terry Oldfield & Soraya Saraswati (you can find it online)
      • Pick out a Mandala Picture here & print it out on a heavy stock paper for coloring later;
      • Coloring pencils, water colors, markers or chalk for coloring your mandala;
      • Candles;
      • Sage
      • Gemstones (emerald, turquoise, aquamarine);
      • Lavender essential oil
      • Tea (Lavender tea is lovely!);
      • Blue or turquoise pajama’s or something colored to wear while you dance, color and sleep! 

    Your Ceremony ~ you can do this in the evening or in the morning during the Full Moon ~

    • Find your space where you will be able to hold your ceremony (preferably somewhere you can experience the light of Grandmother Moons fullness) and create a small alter using your gemstones, candles, tarot cards and a blue, green or earth tone colored cloth or pictures.
    • Lay out your mandala paper and materials for coloring on your table/floor.
    • Light your sage and cleanse the room, yourself and your altar.
    • Light your candles and use the lavender oil on yourself and around the room to lightly permeate your senses and surroundings.
    • If you use tarot cards, draw a card to work with during your ceremony. One card is good as it can speak to you more clearly when you ask a clear and concise question.
    • Light your candles and turn out the lights ~ if not candles turn your lights down low or off if you feel so inclined so that you tune into your body fully.
    • Start your music and follow the dance through all your Chakra’s paying special attention to the Throat Chakra. When you are done ~ stop and take a deep breath. Take a few minutes feel your body and energy. Where is the energy moving? How do you feel? Notice your throat chakra.
    • Move to your space to create and color your mandala… stay connected to your body and the energy from the dance. If you are drawn to write ~ do! This is a great time to listen to what your body wants to share with you.
    • Make your tea and sip on your tea and write in your journal before bed.

    Place your mandala somewhere that you will see if often during the next two weeks ~ for me this is an important part of the healing power of ceremony. To bring it forward is how we hold onto the power and healing we experienced during the ceremony.

    Here are a few questions to think about during your ceremony:

    • Have you every taken time to contemplate what it means to express yourself authentically?
    • Do you take time to listen to others and yourself daily?
    • What words do you choose daily to speak out to the world?

    Mother Earth is shifting into spring and we are shifting with her ~ feel the movement, be the movement. Catch her the Moonlight and follow the energy ~ and don't forget to put out your Moon Water gems ~

    Sending Moon Light Your Way,
    Moon Mama

    March 19, 2019


    March 19, 2019