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The Bee’s Knees of Candles

Beeswax Candles

When I want to relax I like to connect with the elements that call me. I might take a walk in the woods (Earth) and let the wind blow through my hair (Air), or I’ll unwind my tensions in a bath (Water) and light a candle (Fire).

In our modern way of living, candles safely provide the element of fire in every home. Candles are relaxing, and they certainly soften up an environment. Gazing into a fire can be meditative, and the flame itself casts a warm light that is easy on our eyes. But what if I told you that most candles were unhealthy? Not for the flame itself, but for the wax that is burned.

When you are not conscious about the type of candles you are purchasing, you could be damaging your health and environment. Most candles are made from paraffin wax.  Paraffin wax is a petroleum by-product, and, when burned, releases toxins like benzene and toluene (known carcinogens) into the air. Not only that, but the soot can also damage your house and appliances, which in turn causes continuous damage to your body. If you are using these types of candles you are unconsciously poisoning the environment you are trying to lighten.

Today we have alternative choices to select from that can actually be healthy and helpful for our bodies and our environment; I’m talking about beeswax.

Beeswax candles are an alternative to paraffin wax candles. They are natural and have so many benefits.

  • Air Purifier: Beeswax candles emit negative ions, so they neutralize the charge of pollutants in the air such as- pollen, dust and dirt.
  • Help with allergies and asthma: After the candles neutralize the space- the ions get sucked into the candle or fall onto the floor which cleans the air. For those with soy allergies, these are a beautiful alternative and some even claim they help those with cat fur allergies.
  • Natural scent: These candles naturally radiate a honey scent ~ a sweetness of the flower.
  • Long lasting: Although beeswax candles may cost more, they are cost effective- as they are a typically longer lasting wax and lack synthetic material that may cause candles to burn faster.

The next time you think about relaxing with the elements, try using beeswax candles and relax a little more knowing what you now know.

And for those of you who want to treat yourselves. Take our chakra quiz and try one of our Ceremonial Chakra BathsThe Ceremonial Chakra Baths were made with the intention to heal. Included are chakra aligned beeswax candles...bathe with the elements, relax … and truly heal.

With Sweetness,

April 10, 2017

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Full Moon in Libra


‘When your heart speaks, take good notes’ ~ Judith Campbell

We are coming into our Full Moon in Libra next week on Monday, April 10th at 11:08 pm PST and Tuesday, April 11th at 12:08 am MST, 1:08 am CST, 2:08 am EST and I wanted to share the wisdom this beautiful heart filled Libra Moon has to offer you now, so you have plenty of time to prepare for it’s energy!

Full Moons are in opposition to the Sun and as Beatrex Quntanna says, “this creates a tension between where you want to shine and how your feelings are flowing on a sensory level about the Sun’s directive. The two forces seem like they are working against each other, yet they are on the same team, displaying different techniques to obtain the same mission’.

A Moon in Libra will warm our hearts and heighten our aesthetics. Beauty and balance are at the core of Libra’s defining characteristics. You may find yourself uncomfortable with discord involving loved ones and sisters/brothers. If you are born under a Libra Moon you have the gift of seeing beauty everywhere, even in the unlikeliest of places and learning to shine in relationships of all types. 

Astrologically, Libra is ruled by the planet Venus, ahhh Venus, we love you so! The chakra associated with Venus and Libra is the Heart. This is a wonderful time to engage in working with your Heart Chakra to connect to Self-Love and Forgiveness. The Heart Chakra or Anahata is the fourth chakra and is located at the center of the chest near the heart, lungs and thymus gland. Working with the heart chakra will teach you how to give and receive love, and how to forgive yourself and others. Green or Pink is the color associated with this chakra and the element is Air. The heart chakra unites the three earth energy chakras below and the three spirit energy chakras above. Balancing this chakra will help you to grow in your spirituality, for it is at this center that you can heal both emotionally and physically.

When the Moon is in Libra we may find ourselves wanting to create, beautify, and find our core balance: within, and without. It is the best time to work magic around partnerships, unions, and spiritual or emotional balance.

This is also the time of Ostara, the Goddess of the Spring Equinox. She represents abundance, new growth and fertility. This moon is the harbinger of Spring, and Mother Nature is putting forth a spectacular show of spring blooms to celebrate her arrival!

Here are a few ways to celebrate this Full Moon in Libra:

  1. Work with Rose Quartz and/or Jade gemstones to harness the energy of their heart opening energy. Rose Quartz is a gemstone well known, and loved by all. It is a heart opening crystal with so much softness in its energetic field and color, even summoning it’s image to mind can pull me into the softness it holds. It is the stone of self-love, universal love, and unconditional love! Jade is a gemstone that is calming to the nerves and soothes the heart rhythm. It supports new love and promotes healing, cleansing and transformation. Use them in your bath, hold them during your morning meditation, or place them under your pillow on the night of the full moon.
  2. Take a Heart Chakra Ceremonial Bath. My bath rituals are a beautiful way to work with this Full Moon in Libra and the upcoming New Moon in Taurus. Connect with your body and work closely with your own healing energy. This self-love ceremony gift set has tools that will balance your heart energy center through a gentle bathing ritual. It connects you to your heart chakra through your five senses, with color, gemstones, essential oils and tea. This bath is a lovely choice for you if you are working with grief or jealousy, have a difficult time forgiving yourself and others, or have been feeling underappreciated of late. Use the coupon code ‘Heart’ to receive 15% off through April 10th.
  3. Rose Quartz Crème and Jade Crème are the crèmes I make that will help connect you to your heart chakra. The gem essences used in these crèmes are great for promoting heart centering, balance, and grounding. Use them on your face, lips (for speaking kindness to yourself and others) or on the area of the heart chakra to aide you in the difficult trials of forgiveness, and helping to create space for new love to enter your life.
  4. Do Ho’oponopono. This is a Hawaiian Huna ritual for forgiveness. You may find that a few days prior to the full moon the energies will activate what needs to be released in areas of guilt, or your need to justify or defend yourself. Notice how these old wounds may play themselves out in your response/reaction to certain situations and then practice this ritual to help you to release these negative patterns: look in the mirror and for each negative trait, tell yourself I am sorry, I forgive you, thank you for your awareness and I love you.

This is a time to bloom dear Moon Family ~ take time to bathe in the moonlight and smell the blossoms of spring on the fast-warming evening breezes of spring.

And don't forget to put your Full Moon Water out gems!

Wishing you the Moon & the Stars,
Moon Mama

April 04, 2017


Liquid Love


Last week, I watched as my newest team member gleefully spritzed and sprayed herself head to toe in my Gem Juice Hydrosol. Through a huge grin she said~ “Deb, I have no idea what a hydrosol is...but I think I’m in love.” That got me thinking - how many others are curious to know more about what a hydrosol is?  So I decided to share more about how they are beneficial to our skin and overall health.

Lets first talk about what they are ~ what distinguishes a hydrosol from other types of aromatherapy. Hydrosols come from the same distillation process that creates essential oils. To create a hydrosol, one can steam-distill plant leaves, fruit, flowers, and other plant material. Because hydrosols come from steam distillation of plant matter, it is very important to check that the company is using both organic plant material and filtered water to ensure highest quality product. The concentrated oils that come from the distillation process make up essential oils while hydrosols are the water based products. They have similar therapeutic properties to their essential oil counterparts, but are a lot less concentrated. This makes hydrosols gentle and great for sensitive skin.

Hydrosols have a small amount of the essential oil, but also contain water soluble healing compounds which are not present in the fully distilled essential oil. One of the water based compounds you find in hydrosols that aren’t found in essential oils are plant acids. Plant acids are wonderful toners that can both balance your skin’s pH and help heal and beautify the skin.

Now let’s explore a few of my favorite ways to use hydrosols. I love to use hydrosols as a facial toner, to uplift my mood, freshen the air or spray on my pillow before bed.  I have four of my favorites that I share on the website that are specific for each skin type. They each have different medicinal qualities, but I notice all of them have the capacity to ground me. They help me take a moment for a deep belly breathe and help remind me of the beauty of myself and the world around me.

If you aren’t already hooked let’s talk about the healing benefits of my four hydrosols ~

Organic Lavender (lavendula angustifolia): this type of lavender is most healing for the skin. It is anti-inflammatory, helps relieve headaches, and soothes irritated skin. It calms the nervous system and reduces anxiety.

Organic Clary Sage: made from the plant’s flowering tops. It balances hormonal skin, helps calm hot flashes, and can be used as an astringent. It is great for alleviating depression and uplifting one’s mood.

Organic Rose Otto: made from Bulgarian rose petals. It can help balance the endocrine system, moisturize dry skin, and is a natural aphrodisiac.

Organic Forest Alchemy: my own special blend of leaves and trimmings of sacred native trees. It is anti-septic, anti-inflammatory, and great for combination skin. It is both grounding and energizing.

And lastly ~ what makes my hydrosols so very special. I not only source my hydrosols from biodynamic farms that use all organic plant matter and the highest quality water in their creation, but I also charge them with gemstones and add crystals to each bottle. This is why I call my hydrosols “Gem Juice”. I believe the gems boost the medicinal properties of each plant and increase the healing potential for your skin. I use color-coded gemstones that match the hue of each plant to create a vibrational link between mineral & botanical worlds. I believe that hydrosols are not only for aromatherapy, but also for skin and whole body wellness. Hydrosols can help heal the skin, heal the soul, and calm the brain. They are my favorite beauty water and I hope now they will become yours too!

With So Much Love
Your Moon Mama

March 29, 2017


New Moon Garden Ceremony


I love this time of year ~ I am sure the feeling is mutual! With all the green sprouting energies of spring, warmer weather and fresh, earthy smells how can we not feel our bodies following suit.

So let’s bring this beautiful energy into ceremony and plant a Moon Garden dear sisters and brothers. Lets plant the seeds of flowers ~the seeds of our intentions ~ and watch them grow; internally and externally.

Following on the tail of the Spring Equinox tomorrow we move into the New Moon in Aries (7:57 pm PST) ~ a time of birthing, renewal and heightened energies. When the Sun & Moon are both in Aries we are inspired to harness the fiery, invigorating energy of spring. I feel the shift of energy in the morning air, the song of the birds, the pattern sunlight makes in my home; and even when I enter a restaurant or coffee shop that is full of people whose energy is greater ~ it is palpable!

A Moon Garden is something new for me and I am so excited to plant my own that I thought it would be a lovely ceremony to share with you under this New Moon in Aries. Many of you may already be aware that during the heightened energies of the New and Full Moons we experience our highest tides ~ but did you know that it is a time when the waters beneath the earth are also affected? The same gravitational pull that is placed on the waters of the ocean also pull the ground water upward bringing moisture to the soils at the surface, encouraging your seeds to swell and burst into sprouts!

We are made up of 60% water, so it is only natural that under the wane and waxing of the Moon we too feel her gravitational pull ~ also swelling, bursting and sprouting.

Planting a Moon Garden is a lovely way to connect to the energy, cycles and beauty of the Moon. And if you love to garden it is a way to nurture both you and mother earth. I find gardening a practice of meditation: I love placing my hands in the dirt, breaking up the clumps, smoothing out the surface and then planting the seeds. It is water for my soul.

Planting Your Moon Garden 

Design your Moon Garden. You can plant your flowers in a circle or a half moon shape so that when they bloom the shape of the Moon is revealed. Find space in your garden, start some seedlings indoors, or plan your garden for the next New Moon. Whatever you do, it will carry the energy and intentions of your heart ~ so don’t wait, start today <3.

Planting a garden of white and silvery flowers that bloom at night can add a radiant, shimmering energy to your evening rituals. Here are a few flowers I love.

These Flowers are Fragrant and if you can place them
close to your home you can enjoy their evening fragrance.

Evening Primrose (oenothera) ~ a night bloomer that attracts moths and nocturnal bee’s. The flowers are said to be from the ethereal realm of fairies and have a sweet fragrance that can be enjoyed during the moonlight hours. The symbolism of primrose flowers is patience, kindness and gentleness ~ connecting you to the solar plexus and heart chakra.
Moonflower (datura inoxia) ~ catching her unawares in the moonlight hours is magical, as you can be sure to experience the full glory of her blooms; the night air swirling with her rich, intoxicating scent. Glowing like the moon these blooms contain the mysteries of your intuition and connect you with the mystical movement of the stars and moon. This love is connected to the crown chakra. note: these flowers are cousins to morning glories so they will need a trellis or support to climb
Night Phlox (zaluzianskya capensis) ~ also known as midnight candy; the fragrance of the night blooms are reminiscent of honey or vanilla. Coming from the greek meaning “flame” these beauties are connected to the crown chakra will bring up courage and honesty to all that look upon them.
Night Gladiolus (gladiolus tristis)~ although night gladiolus are not a nocturnal plant ~ these creamy yellow, spicy scented flowers have the strongest scent at night. These flowers symbolize strength and moral integrity. 

Bring the Moon out during the day by planting these sweet plants

Dusty Miller (senecio cineraria) beautiful silvery, velvety soft plant that is wonderful for contrasting dark foliage and is also a great bed plant ~ represents happiness and delicacy. 
Mugwort (Artemisia vulgaris) this plant is not only connected to the Moon but is also known for enhancing your dreams.

A few other day plants for you to consider are Lambs Ears, Silver Thyme, and Silver Sage.

And I could not leave out this most auspicious herb!


Moonwort (lunaria annua) ~ in the language of flowers this plant represents money, sincerity & honesty. It has dried pods that are beautiful and can be used later in ceremony. However, please note that this is a biannual plant ~ meaning it lives two years and will flower in the second year. It's flowers will be followed by a dollar coin sized flat pod that changes from green to brown and then as the seed drops, to the beautiful silver color… so planting these for the first two years will ensure flowering each year.

Ways that you can use your flowers after they have blossomed under the energy of the moon are many! You can cut and dry the flowers to use in creating mandalas or art work; add them to your sage bundle; pluck the flowers at the height of their bloom and place them in a bath to catch their healing energy. Explore the myriad of possibilities in which their energy speaks to your creativity.

Pulling up the old weeds in the garden to make room for the new seedlings can hold the symbolism of letting go and bringing in the now. The beauty of flowers has been shared throughout time as a way to evoke feelings and thoughts that are sometimes difficult to find words for ~ enjoy your garden and please share your experiences, I would love to hear what heart openings your garden has to offer you.

Sending New Moon Wishes Your Way,

March 26, 2017


Whole Body Health


In our last blog on the digestive tract we discussed how important our gut health is in relationship to our skin. So lets take it a step further and discuss a few steps to creating an environment for good gut bacteria to flourish by giving our digestive tract the ammunition is needs to defend itself ~ supporting us internally as well as externally.  

Gut health is systemic to whole body health because we all know that our body systems all work together as one mean machine. A great example is we can eat good, healthy foods, but if our digestive tract is not working properly or is lacking in health, we are not assimilating the nutrients from our foods and therefore not getting much from our efforts to eat well. 

Here are 5-steps to encourage good gut bacteria so that your body can absorb those important nutrients from the foods you eat.

  1. Increase You Intake of High Alkaline Foods
    • Up Your Intake of Fresh Green Vegetables…kale, spinach, swiss chard and turnip greens are packed full of vitamins, minerals, phytochemicals, antioxidants, and fiber. All of which improve your digestive tract and is why your body loves you back when you eat them! Toting a pH of 9 ~ you don’t want to miss out on adding them to your salads, smoothies or juices.
    • Drink alkaline or filtered water…chlorine is hard on intestinal health and can disrupt the micro biome. Alkaline water is a great way to support the gut in reaching a non-acidic state and keeping inflammation down. Also, please, let go of drinking out of plastic bottles, choose reusable bottles made from glass or stainless steel.
    • Eat more Lemons ~ although lemons are acidic, because of their low sugar content once they are processed by your body they become extremely alkaline. With a pH of 9 a slice of lemon added to a glass of water is a great boost and cleansing to your kidneys too! Or squeeze this beauty over your leafy greens or throw them into your smoothie. Lemon heaven.
    • Avocado Daily ~ did you know that the Avocado is technically a fruit? And this high alkaline fruit is packed with much more than good fat. It has a serious amount nutrients that contain anti-inflammatory and anti cancer benefits. Incorporating this little dynamo into your daily diet is a win-win and so delicious.
    • Cucumbers ~ hydrating beauties…these are one of my favorite snacks and vegetables to juice. I love the variety of antioxidants they contain not to mention the minerals: calcium, iron, phosphorus, potassium, magnesium, selenium, copper, manganese, iron and zinc! These juicy treats will keep you hydrated with their 95% water content.

    1. Probiotics are live bacteria and yeast that can fuel healthy gut bacteria. Here are my two favorite probiotic rich foods to incorporate in my diet:
      • Kimchi ~ today you can find so many varieties of these beautiful fermented vegetables. I love to add them to a meal as a side dish or with rice wrapped in seaweed.
      • Sauerkraut ~ I love sauerkraut with my salad, as a side dish or in a sandwich. Be sure to get the real thing and not sauerkraut soaked in vinegar!).
      • Pickles ~ did you know this is one of the most basic and beloved probiotics! Many of us grew up with pickles in our diet, but to get the real benefits remember to choose brined pickles that have been refrigerated. If you are adventurous making your own sauerkraut or kimchi is a great way to add the ingredients you love!

      1. Prebiotic's are also fuel for the beneficial bacteria that live in your gut and are known to enhance mineral absorption. You can find probiotics in raw garlic, leeks, jicama and raw onions. I love a combination of freshly made cashew butter, raw garlic, squeeze of lemon juice and a sprinkle of Tamari or Braggs. A great dip for cucumbers!
      2. Breathe like a baby breathes Contrary to what many people do the best way to breathe is to make your belly bigger on the inhale and pull your stomach in on the exhale. Many people pull the belly in when inhaling and this confuses your vagus nerve (the nerve that plays walkie talkie with the brain), which is responsible for calming anxiety and regulating gut health. A good example of good breathing is to watch how a baby breathes.  Here is a video you can watch.
      3. Up your Glutathione levels ~ great for your digestive tract, immune system and nervous system. A few ways to increase your levels are by incorporating Milk Thistle and Turmeric (curcumin) in your diet.
        • Milk thistle seed powder is a great addition to your smoothie. Milk thistle is wonderful for the skin and liver as well by removing toxins and free radicals.

        • Tumeric, in my opinion, is good in just about everything! Add it to your stir-fry, breakfast eggs, salad dressings, nut milk and so much more. The best way to get the benefits of this power packed spice is to be sure to use it with black pepper so that you enhance the bioavailability of the curcumin. 

        I am loving my gut right now and hope you are too. I will be sharing more on cleansing the gut in the coming weeks as we move through spring and into summer. 

        xx Debra

        March 16, 2017

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        Healthy Gut, Healthy Skin

        Do you know how important your gut health is in relationship to your skin?  This is a short but potent blog on how to maintain a healthy gut. We will follow up with a short series of steps to take and some fun recipes!

        So let’s start with why and how your inner Ecosystem is connected to the health of your skin.  Gut bacteria.  Gut bacteria is crucial in maintaining healthy skin and for the overall health of your body. Your body is composed of trillions of bacteria, some good and some bad. Our guts contain 100 trillion microorganisms, a number that is hard to imagine for such a small area in our bodies! We are made up of about 80% good bacteria and 20% bad bacteria- keeping this in balance is important for our skin and overall health.  The good bacteria help to digest nutrients, convert starches into useful energy, and keep candida in check.

        When your gut is filled with too much bad bacteria and yeast, the pores in the your digestive tract widen. This widening allows toxins to leak into your bloodstream, which creates leaky gut syndrome. Your body detects these large protein molecules as ‘foreign protein molecules’ and moves into attack mode.  This will lead to negative  outward symptoms, the first of which is inflammation. There are lots of symptoms and issues that are connected to inflammation. We are familiar with fevers, arthritis and joint pain, but did you know that inflammation is one of the culprits of rosacea, eczema, psoriasis, and acne?

        Another common issue of the intestinal tract is small intestine bacterial overgrowth (SIBO). This is when the bacteria that belong in our large intestine move into our small intestine.  Now what you need to know is that our small intestine is sterile for the most part and contains a very limited number of bacteria. So when these bacteria migrate from the large intestine into the small intestine ~ we get gas, lots of gas, and bloating.  Why?  Because these little rascals break down your food before it gets to the large intestine (where it is actually supposed to be broken down).  Then there is low stomach acid, which creates a vicious cycle of poor digestion, chronic gut inflammation, microbial overgrowth, leaky gut, elevated stress hormones, and lowered nutrient absorption.  And guess what one of the main causes of low stomach acid is? Stress. It is hard to say which comes first- low stomach acid or SIBO, but what is known is that they are connected and both need to be addressed.

        Lastly, not only is gut bacteria crucial to maintaining healthy skin, but also the bacteria living on our skin is important as well.  When we treat our skin disorders with antibiotics the microorganisms on our skin are killed off. These micoorganisms protect us from the outside world and without them we become susceptible to anything in our environment.  Most times when we take antibiotics, they behave as a temporary band-aid and because they also mess with our gut bacteria it can end up as a double whammy of trouble.

        How do we maintain a healthy gut?  The goal is to reduce systemic inflammation by healing the gut wall and increasing the ‘good guys’!  So here are a few initial steps to restore your gut flora:

        • Eat plenty of fermentable fibers (starches like garlic, , chicory root, ,dandelion greens, and yams, to name a few) they have a beneficial effect on the proliferation of good bacteria in the lower colon;
        • Eat fermented foods like yogurt, sauerkraut, kimchi and tempeh, these are foods that natural bacteria feed on the sugar and starch in the food creating lactic acid to preserve the food and creating beneficial enzymes and more.
        • Take high-quality, multi -species probiotics, essential for optimal digestion of food and absorption of nutrients and minerals
        • Drink bone broth ~bone broth is high in compounds such as collagen, glycine and glutamine that can transform your health. It is a gut and skin healing superfood.
        • Seek treatment  yearly or bi-yearly for pathogens, such as parasites, that may be present (watch for our upcoming blog on parasites)
        • Take steps to manage your stress: get enough sleep, eat a healthy, balanced diet, and exercise regularly.

        Healing your gut may not magically clear up your complexion ~ however, the importance of a healthy gut plays a significant role in the health of your skin.  

        Love, love,


        Stay tuned for more information on restoring your gut flora in upcoming blogs <3


        March 02, 2017

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        I wholeheartedly believe that the art of rituals, setting aside a few moments in the day to be still with our body, mind and being, is sacrosanct for our sanity. And that in today’s fast paced world, self-care rituals are needed now more than ever. Our lives have become so busy. We’ve become prisoners of time. So caught up in our ‘doing’ that we’ve disconnected from our ‘being’.  With our digital devices, growing to-do lists, and #followme targets that we perceive as a measure of worthiness, it’s no wonder so many of us are drowning in a sea of discontent behind that happy smile. Looking for likes in all the wrong places. What if we looked for ‘likes’ within ourself? 

        From my point-of-view the most important target to strive towards is self-acceptance and self-love. Because when we make peace with the reflection in the mirror, free from judgments, free from comparisons, and accepting ourself for who we are, whilst also desiring to be the best version of ourself, our days are filled with more love, peace, and compassion. And that love radiates out to all we come in contact with. It’s infectious. 

        So often we focus our attention on caring for others. And yes, it’s a beautiful quality to have. But when that plane is going down, there’s a very good reason why they say to place that oxygen mask on your own face before helping another. If we can’t care for ourself, how can we possibly care for someone else? Everything starts with ourself. And what I’ve found, is that when I am nurturing and nourishing and looking after my physical, emotional and spiritual self, then everything in my life gets exponentially better.

        One of my favourite ways to nurture my body, mind and spirit is by creating a space in the comfort of my own home. Shutting the bathroom door for a 20 minute moment of me-time. So, as you can imagine, when lovely Debra from Gemstone Organic created her Ceremonial Chakra Bath Sets, I was jumping out of my skin to try one, as they contain all the tools in one not-so-little box to create a personal ritual, with a ‘how-to’ guide if you’re new to this style of self-care. Naturally, the Gemstone Ritual was, for me, a truly beautiful nurturing and personally nourishing experience. And just what I needed at a time where I was burning the candle at both ends, entering in to our busiest time for work and moving home and office at the same time. It could have been all too easy to say “ I don’t have the time.” But if not now, when? We all know that tomorrow never comes. And we all know that the entire world will not come crashing down if we press the pause button for 20 minutes.

        Reconnecting with your body, mind and being, by setting aside a window of time in your diary just for you with one of the Gemstone Chakra Bath Sets is one of the most beautiful gifts you can give to you. To be present with yourself so that you can let go of any stuck emotions that aren’t bringing you joy; or soothe any physical aches and pains; or heal the relationship that you have with yourself letting go of the judgments; or to recharge your energy battery by gifting you back to you. Or any other intention that you would like to focus on.  I wonder what seeds of happiness, love and joy we could plant if we became a little more loving? Starting with ourselves.

        Written by Our Moon Sister Samantha Sargent

         Samantha Sargent is the founder of Be Naturally You, an Australian  online shop that  bridges the gap between natural and luxury.  She  carries products with integrity that work.  Samantha is an advocate  for natural beauty,  health and wellbeing.  She shares her 16+  years  of industry experience by offering  common sense beauty tips to help  encourage  women (and men) to fall in love with  themselves (and  their bodies) again.
         We are  proud to share that Be Naturally You carries  Gemstone Organic  Products, including our Ceremonial Chakra Baths, which are onsale  now for our Australian Moon Sisters & Brothers!
        February 23, 2017

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        Step Up Your Detox With Gemstones


        We are entering that time of year where a dose of pampering is just what the winter blues are calling for! Detoxing is a great way to increase our energy and support our bodies in removing unwanted toxins. Working with gemstones can step up your detox in a gentle yet effective way!

        Here are a few easy detox steps using gemstones to cleanse, rejuvenate and radiate!

        Gemstone Herbal Facial Steams ~ facial steams area great for deep pore cleansing and the herbs add nutrients to nourish and tone. Adding the gemstones to the water creates a second level of cleansing and nourishing. Two of my favorite crystals for detoxing that are safe for water and skin are:

        • Rose Quartz, lovely for releasing impurities, to clear the skin and give you a soft completion while also working with your heart chakra to stimulate the true life force ~ LOVE
        • Moonstone: works to assist in the elimination of toxins and increase the assimilation of nutrients while also working with your energy body to cleanse your chakra’s of negativity and enhance your intuitive nature

        For steps on how to use and prepare the gemstones for your facial see my article in MindBodyGreen.  Remember, not all gemstones are able to handle the boiling method and will be damaged.

        1. Gemstone Mineral Masque: Using a masque created with gemstone powders is a powerful way to detoxify and cleanse the skin. Our Mineral Masque is made with Black Tourmaline and Amethyst ~ both gemstones contain electric charges and emit negative ions and far-infrared rays. Infrared rays are able to penetrate all layers of your skin to gently soothe, stimulate and detoxify the body and mind. The negative ions attract the toxic particles to help draw them out of the body. Both gemstones are also known to improve circulation, inhibit bacterial growth and support cell regeneration. Your face will love you for it!

        2. Gemstone Baths: Adding gemstones to your salt or clay baths will increase the detoxifying affects and give you additional benefits. Again, some of our favorite gemstones to add are Amethyst and Black Tourmaline but here are few other combinations that you may enjoy for the skin and soul: Adding agate or clear quartz with your Amethyst will add extra cleansing and healing to the skin; or for a little added stress relief add smoky quartz or turquoise with your black tourmaline! Step it up again and add essential oils such as lavender or peppermint ~ adding them to the salts or clay prior to placing in the water is best. Or better yet, take a Ceremonial Chakra Bath and move those energy center blocks!

        3. Gemstone Essence: creating high vibrational waters are a great way to increase your internal detox. You can create a gentle elixir by placing clean, polished gemstones into a glass of water and leaving it over night (place the water under the moon light for extra energy benefits) or place it in the sun for 2-3 hours and then remove the gemstones. You can add a few drops to your lemon water, tea or shakes as needed or drink it gradually throughout the day. As with all of the above methods the benefits of creating waters with the Amethyst or Black Tourmaline will give your waters the extra boost they need to help give you a beautiful cleanse internally and externally. Read more on how to create gem essences here.

        Gemstones are uplifting when held, looked at or worn ~ using them to support us in cleansing is a natural step.  Try any or all of the above and you will radiate!

        We are offering 10% off all orders on the Facial Kits, Chakra Baths and Mineral Masques until the end of January ~ use the coupon code RADIATE at checkout.


        ** REMEMBER to energetically cleanse & clear any gemstones that you will be using.


        January 23, 2017


        Honor Yourself: Your Creativity, Your Sensuality, and Your Passions this Year

        orange sacral chakra

        Emotion always has its roots in the unconscious and manifests itself in the body. ~ Irene Claremont de Castillejo

        Dearest Moon Family,

        It is with deep gratitude that we thank you for being a part of our journey thus far and in 2016, especially. It has been quite a ride for us as I am sure it has been for you. The final New Moon of the year in Capricorn served us up a deep and reflective mood. As we begin the new year, grateful for what has happened, contemplating what we have and have not done, and what lies ahead of us, we encourage you to tap into your passions; the vigor and fierceness that is inside of you. It is time for all of us, individually and collectively, to live in the here and now and transform our thoughts into action.

        We ask you to use your inner guidance and burning desires to bring to the surface all that you are, all that you’ve worked to become, and all that you wish to be. This is why we chose to write about the Sacral Chakra for our first blog of 2017. The Sacral Chakra or Svadhisthana, is known as the dwelling place of the self. We like to call it your passion center. This is the second of the seven major energy centers and is where we connect with our emotional body.  Working on blockages in our Sacral Chakra helps us to boost our self esteem, get our creative juices flowing, reconnect with our desires and tap into our sensuality and passions.

        Through this Chakra we are able to feel the world moving in us and around us. This makes movement an important part of the healing process for the Sacral Chakra. Associated with the element of water, it mirrors our ability to move and flow with our emotions and thoughts. When our Sacral Chakra is in balance we are open to intimacy, pleasure and joy, feel confident in ourselves and do what is necessary to live in our truth.  Opening this energy center supports you in handling all that life throws your way and guides you to feel and hold your desires so that you can live life to the fullest.

        We can work on balancing our Sacral Chakra in many ways. One way is the Sacral Chakra Ceremonial Bath to support you in honoring your body by being present to your creativity, sensuality and passions. 

        Below is a list of other ways to work with the Sacral Chakra to feel joy in yourself and flow from you.

        Element: Water. Connect to water in the ways that feel right for you, take a bath, go to the ocean, sit by a water stream or simply listen to a tape with water flowing to move energy.

        Organs/Glands Governed by the Sacral Chakra: Adrenal glands; regulate the immune system and metabolism. Ovaries, testicles, womb, genitals, kidney, bladder, and stomach.

        Color: Orange. To enhance this energy center you can light orange candles, buy orange flowers, wear orange clothing, watch the sunset, create an orange mandala painting, take a Chakra bath with colored water or bring this color into your life in whatever way feels right to you.

        Meditation: Visualizing orange in your meditation is a great way to open the Sacral Chakra. Or use a photo or picture you create yourself with different oranges and use it as a focus point in a meditation to bring in the energy of orange for your chakra.

        Dance: moving the body is a wonderful way to connect and move energy through the Sacral Chakra. Use your raw sensual energy to move your body, feel your body and connect to the divine pleasures life has to offer through you!  Put on your favorite music, close the door and dance, dance dance!

        Affirmations: I am free to express my passions and creativity. I am a sensory being full of creativity.  Passion moves through me. My senses are alive, aware, and connected. I feel and listen to my body. Write these affirmations and place them around the house where you can read them daily.  A great way to start the day is to place them at the end of your bed so that when you awaken one or all of them are what you see and say first! 

        Gemstone Therapy: Orange Calcite: this beauty cleanses and energizes the sacral chakra; promotes creative energy; is good for moving stuck energy; helpful in new beginnings and life changes; and promotes a strong sense of purpose. Carnelian: is a wonderful gemstone for stimulating creativity for new pursuits; rekindling passions; healing low back issues; and anchoring in the present.Sunstone: this little gem promotes joy, leadership and strength; reflects qualities of light, warmth, openness and mental clarity; and nurtures self-freedom and personal power! Citrine: is a warm and comforting gemstone and is great for awakening creativity and imagination and attracting love and happiness. Leopardskin Jasper: is nurturing, evokes passion, and is good for protection. Gemstones are a great way to work with Chakra Centers. You can wear them as jewelry, place them in your pockets, sleep with them or place them near you in meditations or during work to boost your energy centers and mood.

          Nutrition: Rich sources of healthy fats (Oranges, tangerines, carrots, mandarin, mangoes, apricots, peaches, sweet potatoes, honey, bananas, figs, chocolate, nuts and hemp, pumpkin, and sesame seeds. With water being the element for this chakra center drinking pure, high alkaline water is very nurturing for this energy center.

          Essential Oils: Ylang Ylang, Cardamom, Neroli, Jasmine, Orange, and Sandalwood. Use as aromatherapy on your sheets at night or in a aroma diffuser.

          Sound Therapy: The sacral vibrates in harmony to “D” Note.

          Yoga Poses: Hero Pose, Hip Circles, Low Lunge, Goddess Pose, Wide-Legged Forward Bend, Frog Pose, Dancer’s Pose, Child’s Pose, and Twisting Triangle.

          Skincare: An herbal gemstone steam to cleanse and improve blood flow. Detox and supercharge your complexion with our Mineral Face Masque to remove free radicals and draw toxins from the skin. The Organic Forest Alchemy Gem Juice Hydrosol is made from ancient trees, earthy, grounding and incredibly healing to the skin. Our Organic Ruby Face Créme is very moisturizing and good for increasing blood flow to the surface of the skin to help with detoxing. Ruby's gem essence is full of fire and passion to assist in stimulating your Sacral Chakra to increase vitality and chi.

          Working with your Sacral Chakra is a way to honor your creativity and passions. 

          Now that you have read all the ways to heal and balance your Sacral Chakra get out there and express your most divine self, share it with everyone you meet, and bask in life’s greatest pleasures. You deserve it.

          Wishing you the Moon & Stars for 2017 & Beyond, 

          ✨ Debra

           Svadhisthana sacral chakra healing new year


          December 30, 2016

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          Gemstone Facial Steam for Inner Shine + Outer Glow

          Gemstone Facial Spa

          We all love herbal facial steams ~ when we take the time to treat ourselves we wonder why we don’t do it more often.  So we are upping the ante for you ~ giving you another reason to step into the kitchen and under the towel to treat yourself ~ inside and out!  

          Adding gemstones to your herbal facial creates a steam bath for your face that not only creates healing on the outside, but the inside too. So why is this steam so good for you? The steam is wonderful for your skin and pores and the essential oil is great for your lungs and blood ~ adding the gemstones to the water creates a water that is highly charged with the properties of the gemstone ~ giving your skin and lungs and blood a boost along with your energy body. Water is a beautiful conduit for energy and this is a great way to boost the healing properties of the herbs and oils along with getting the healing properties of the gemstones. Did you know that once you boil water it looses its memory? So adding crystals to the water allows the water to take on their healing properties as it cools to give your skin extra love and healing.  

          We love to use Amethyst, Rose Quartz and Moonstone for our gemstone facial steam kits and add essential oils to boost the healing properties of the herbs and oils.  Lets start simple and work with Rose Quartz first. Rose Quartz is great for creating soft, velvety skin and opening your heart to give and receive love ~ we can all use a little more love in life ~ always.

          Geranium Essential oil is what we use for the Heart Chakra.  It improves blood circulation; minimizes inflammation; balances hormones; benefits the health of your skin; supports detoxification; and balances the love of self and others.

          Herbs we love to gather comfrey, calendula, rose petals, lavender buds and a little chamomile for this steam.

          Gather a few tumbled Rose Quartz gemstones ~ one or two will be plenty when using the boiling method.  Note, the more the better does not apply here!  You are out to create a gentle not intense gemstone water to blend with your herbs and flower oils.

          Below, I have written the steps to glowing, highly vibrational skin:

          1. Cleanse your Rose Quartz gemstones ~ this is a simple yet important step!  First wash them with a clean soap like Dr. Bronners Tea Tree or use an organic Tea Tree or Rosemary Essential oil with water to remove dirt and bacteria. Next, rub them under cold running water until you feel them squeak with joy and they let you know they are cleaned and ready for your pot.
          2. Find your quiet spot where you want to experience your facial. Put on some light music and grab your towel and your essential oil, we love to use Geranium or Eucalyptus at this time of year with our Rose Quartz .
          3. Grab your pan and place the gemstones inside ~ add reverse osmosis or distilled water to the pan ~ best to use a water that is clean and empty of all chemicals.  Give your gemstones a little kiss and a small prayer of gratitude placing your intention in the water for your face, skin and soul . Bring the water to a low boil (you don’t need to bring it to a high boil, but it is okay if you do.  Be aware that some gemstones may break if they have any fissures or cracks due to the heat).  Once the water comes to a boil add the herbs and stir gently, cover the pot and remove from the heat ~ and Voila! My favorite trifecta is here once again Gemstones + Water + Minerals.
          4. Place the pan on a towel on the table or pour the water into a bowl ~
          5. Sit down and place the towel over your head and breathe in the love and healing properties of the gemstones.  Listen to them, they may share some words of wisdom with you ~ and trust what ever comes to you gems ~ they are voices not to be taken lightly when they share.
          6. Stay under the towel for at least 5 minutes and no more than 12 minutes.
          7. Towel dry your face and then spray with Gem Juice to bring your skin back into its proper pH and then use your favorite Gemstone Crème ~ this is a gemstone facial steam after all!

          You will now be in the glow.  Find your bliss this New Year with a gemstone facial steam

          Glow on,


          Note: some crystals can be toxic ~ so please understand and do the research if you choose to use crystals not mentioned above.

          December 27, 2016


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