Third Eye Chakra Ceremonial Bath

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  • Connect to Your Hopes and Dreams 

    Open your Third Eye Chakra if you are experiencing a lack of imagination, have difficulty seeing things clearly, suffer from headaches or an overactive mind, lack empathy, do not remember your dreams or need to better follow your intuition.

    This ceremonial bath is for those of you who want to bring your dreams to fruition, listen and trust your intuition, see your life with more clarity; enhance your telepathy, connect to your dreamtime, and see yourself as the creator of your life.

    When your Third Eye Chakra is in balance your imagination is expanded, you truly understand that you are the creator in your reality, you think clearly and see solutions easily, and you are connected to your inner guide ~ your intuition.

    Your Third Eye Bath Healing Tools Include: ~ Dead Sea Salts Infused with Organic Lavender & Organic Butterfly Pea Powder & Organic Clary Sage Essential Oil ~ Three Healing Gemstones ~ Two Cobalt Blue Beeswax Candles ~ Sweetgrass Chakra Wheel with Intentional Bath Circle ~ Third Eye Chakra Mandala ~ Organic Mint Tea ~ Sage Bundle ~ Mini Colored Pencil ~ Third Eye Bath Ceremony

  • The Third Eye Chakra or Ajna is the sixth chakra and is located at the brow between the eyebrows, near the pituitary gland, eyes and nose.  This is the energy center of intuition and perception.  Indigo is the color associated with this chakra and the element is Electric/Light.  It is here that we experience our sixth sense, the seat of inner knowledge and the place that encircles all the elements. This is where we hold our hopes, dreams and visions and balance the physical and spiritual world within and around us. This chakra teaches to expand our imaginations, access deeper truths and see both the inner and outer worlds.

    ~ This intentional ceremonial chakra bath combines Water+Gemstones+Plants,
    a magical trio, along with the corresponding chakra color to
    connect to your hopes and dreams, clearly see your path & trust your intuition ~

  • Healing Gemstones

    Celestite: facilitates clear, calm decision-making; teaches one to be receptive; good for mental activities; opening and clearing the third-eye; assists in dreamtime and recall.

    Blue Kyanite: stone of connection and self expression; cuts through fears and blockages; promotes ability to speak with clarity; heals the throat/larynx; broadens perception.

    Moonstone: reveals your feminine power and your connection to the goddess; facilitates calmness together with awareness; encourages you to pay attention to the cycles of your life.

    Lapis Lazuli: helps one to discover hidden strengths and bring them to the surface; balances your inner self with outer self.

    Please Note:  each chakra bath will be gifted with three beautiful gemstones specific to the Third Eye Chakra. Gemstones will vary in size, color and type from order to order! Each gift set will receive the gemstones that speak to me and I will listen to their call for you.  

    Healing Bath Salts

    Dead Sea Salts: these beautiful salts replenish your skin with the minerals of magnesium, wonderful for combating stress, slowing skin aging and calming the nervous system; calcium, to increase circulation; potassium, to balance skin moisture; bromides, to relax muscles; and sodium, to balance lymphatic fluids.

    Organic Clary Sage Essential Oil: clearing eye problems, relieves headaches; aphrodisiac.

    Organic Butterfly Pea Powder: keeps skin healthy; boosts body immunity; improves vitality; powerful antioxidant high in vitamin E; fights against free radicals.

    Organic Lavender Powder: the fragrance is calming and relaxing to the senses; soothing o the skin, wounds, burns, rashes; reduces anxiety; improves sleep; healing for eczema and psoriasis.

    Healing Tea

    Organic Mint Tea: reduces body and mind; fights aches and pains; relieves coughs and colds; boosts immunity. 

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